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47InConJunction and Sparks and Shadows

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  • Lucy
    Jul 4, 2007
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      Hi everyone,

      I hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July holiday! Gary and I
      went to a lovely barbecue at a friend's herb farm yesterday, and
      tomorrow we'll be at a gathering of folks from Everything2
      (www.everything2.com) in the Hocking Hills. This coming
      weekend, we'll be at InConJunction in Indianapolis:


      If you're at the convention, be sure to drop by our table and say hello!

      My sincerest thanks go out to all of you who've ordered SPARKS AND
      SHADOWS. I know that for some people, $19 for a book is pretty
      steep; if you're on a limited budget, I am completely sympathetic.

      However, there's something you can do to help support the book
      (and the nice folks at HW Press) besides buying it yourself. It's
      free and relatively easy.

      "What oh what is this easy, free thing I can do?" I hear you cry.

      Please contact your local library and ask that they purchase the book.
      Many libraries have online forms you can fill out; old-fashioned
      libraries usually have an onsite suggestion box. The book has
      a listing in Worldcat, which makes it a bit easier for librarians
      to look up:


      People or libraries who wish to send a check or money order to
      purchase the book should email HW Press' owner Nanci Kalanta
      at nancik@... for further details. I've got most online
      stores that stock the book listed on my website at:


      Happy reading,