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35New column at Horror World; new sale to Strange Horizons and Escape Pod

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  • Lucy
    Feb 1, 2006
      Hello everyone,

      I'm one of the new columnists for Horror World; my column is called
      "Lucy's Laboratory: Science and Technology For Writers Who Work in the
      Darkness", and it will appear every few months. My first entry is now
      online at:


      I recently sold my new humor piece "Faery Cats: The Cutest Killers" to
      both Strange Horizons and Escape Pod; it should appear first at SH in
      a month or two.

      In other Strange Horizons news, they're running their annual online
      readers' poll to determine the favorite pieces of 2005.

      So, if you enjoyed "Your Corporate Network and the Forces of
      Darkness", your vote of course would be appreciated. And if you didn't
      like it, they published loads of very cool stuff on the site, so go
      read and vote!



      Happy reading,