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13May update

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  • Lucy A. Snyder
    May 22, 2002
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      Hi all,

      I just received my copies of the new issue of SNOW MONKEY, which contains my
      poem "Modernism". For more info about SnoMo, visit

      The new anthology WHAT WALKS ALONE, a tribute to Shirley Jackson's THE
      HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, contains work by myself as well as writers such as
      P.D. Cacek, Jack Ketchum, and Ramsey Campbell. WHAT WALKS ALONE is
      published by Succubus Press; for more information, email

      In other news, Gary A. Braunbeck and I will be leading the Context XV
      writing workshop; the science fiction convention will be held October 11-13,
      2002 at the Clarion Hotel in north Columbus, OH. For more information,
      visit the Context website at http://www.contextcon.com/con15.htm.