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January Newsletter... and a giveaway

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  • Lucinda Betts
    Hi Everyone, I meant to send this newsletter out earlier, but I got caught up in my next book. It s called SCARLET NIGHTS and it s a sequel to THE SUPPLICANT.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29 10:05 AM
      Hi Everyone,

      I meant to send this newsletter out earlier, but I got caught up in my
      next book. It's called SCARLET NIGHTS and it's a sequel to THE SUPPLICANT.

      My next book on the shelves is called WHAT SHE WANTS. It's coming out
      in June and it's available for preorder. This is what it says on the back:

      Detective Kai Atlanta is not just a good-looking and hard-working cop.
      He is Chiron, a shape-shifting centaur, whose beloved Akantha was
      killed by renegades desperate to uncover her secret to immortality.
      He believes they are now after another woman, a smart and sensual
      scientist whose boldness arouses him, and he will do everything in his
      power to keep her safe until it's time to release the animal within him…

      Dr. Ann Fallon is ready to accept her boyfriend's proposal of
      marriage. That is, until his girlfriend turns up. Ann runs into the
      night, right into the arms of a dark brooding stranger and his
      flame-haired lover. Ann senses danger, but she craves erotic
      excitement even more, and she's determined to get exactly what she wants…

      You can buy it at a discount if you preorder. The other nice thing
      about pre ordering is that you don't have to see the cover! It's
      hideous! She is sinking her fingers into the flesh of his pects like
      he'd made of breaddough or something. Eww! But don't let that stop
      you. It really is a good book. Really.

      Here's the link:

      And now to the giveaway. To celebrate the fact that I'm working on the
      sequel to THE SUPPLICANT, I'll give a copy of that away. I'll also
      give away a copy of DREAM CHASER by Sherrilyn Kenyon to a different

      If you'd like a chance to win, just hit the reply button to this
      e-mail. Include in the text your name and address. Don't worry, I
      don't do anything with the addresses (although once I gave the address
      of my arch enemy to the Adult Bed Wetting company, but I was in high
      school, and really, that was years ago). It just saves me from having
      to track the winners down. I'll pick a winner on Sunday.

      Wishing each of you a warm winter,
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