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Re: AW: [LSDj!] CHIP MUSIC IS DEAD . Manifesto

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  • Greg Schroeder
    Just shut up. Please. Greg Schroeder gmschroeder@gmail.com http://gmschroeder.wordpress.com On Aug 31, 2007, at 11:29 PM, Ignatz wrote: I dont want to be a bug
    Message 1 of 96 , Aug 31, 2007
      Just shut up. Please.

      Greg Schroeder

      On Aug 31, 2007, at 11:29 PM, Ignatz wrote:

      I dont want to be a bug and that was just a manifesto.

      It would become a movement of destroyers/saviours of the chiptune /
      As someone said on the micromusic texts: kill 8-bit music at least.
      I guess every movement have a cycle that icludes its dead. Maybe it
      would reborn in the
      future as Disco did. but I accept as a FACT that chip music is

      That who want to be part of something would try to redefine and give
      new strenght to the
      corpse we has been given.

      Or just cry and give our condolences each other.
      Well, I guess it is more important than that to actually try to kill
      and pervert our
      music style befor media and mainstream absolutely destroy and pervert
      our beloved music.

      Lets Blend it, talk shit about it, destroy all credibility on
      chiptune and chip music.
      Say it is nervous and freaking out music. Say it is chip, lame and
      stupid, it is already
      sellout, and music for childs (from the 80s ans 90s) with no soul on
      this music.
      No content. Mayke people disbeilef of it !

      Thats the only way that Little Mermaid VI will not feature some cheap
      chip imitation,
      with candy coloured melodies on it. Otherwise les be like sheeps and
      see how mainstream
      destroy all that you have been loving. And it will be transformed
      into grotesque!

      Please react.

      Next Ministry of Sound Compilations will be for sure featuring plenty
      of chip sound HOUSE
      Y imitators. Thats the new ElectroHouse, as they did with
      electroclash and acid before.

      Remember what happened with acid house once.

      And rave. I have to tell in this point, that I agree that many house
      music, and specially
      Techno Hardcore Rave have been evolved from certain tracked and
      demosceene music.

      Well, no much to say, as I told in that clumsy manifesto, If someone
      can hear, Lets
      destroy pervert and make our beloved music the ugliest clown and shame.

      Before others do, and feed the system with that. You will not want to
      see that ravers and
      neo gothic clowns with pixels on them shirts and heads. fluerescent
      pixels of hair as the
      new hip hop trend.

      Lets destroy and put in shame our music before it be too late...

      Many of us have been making this so fine btw.

      Please make music that mainstream could not eat. And stop explaining
      how to make it,
      giving step by step explanations for fools!

      Otherwise we can make it foolish than fools can accept, hahaha...

      Long life to the VENGA-GAMEBOYS :P

      Long life to the new breed. Chip Music is dead.

      R.I.P. 31-8-07

      --- Niklas S <salkin_niklas@...> escribió:

      > dogmatech, sam: well put!
      > chipmusic will not die. i dont think that any music genre can
      > actually die.
      > every music genre will allways have its followers and offsprings.
      > Just look at the metalscene, how many times have it not been copied
      > and mutilated by pop-culture?
      > But the guys in the metalscene dont care about the pop-shit they just
      > keep doing there thing and getting better at it all the time.
      > i think that at the same time as a genre/style gets copied and
      > mutilated by
      > some ppl it will also be more purifyed by others.
      > thus creating a broad spectrum of music for ppl to listen to and
      > evolving the music.
      > wich is a good thing right?
      > i wouldnt worry about hiphoppers using arpeggios or raw waveforms or
      > whatever.
      > if they want to mix musical styles, sure. its ok.
      > its ok to mix polka with grindcore and sing with a robotic voice or
      > whatever.
      > you can mix anything as long as you dont steal anybodys material.
      > thats just plain wrong. (timbaland..)
      > just choose the music you want to listen to and let people exeriment
      > their little hearts out!
      > peace
      > /salkin
      >> From: "DOGMATECH" <dogmatech@...>
      >> Reply-To: lsdj@yahoogroups.com
      >> To: <lsdj@yahoogroups.com>
      >> Subject: AW: [LSDj!] CHIP MUSIC IS DEAD . Manifesto
      >> Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 09:41:24 +0200
      >> Yep, sam is right. And don`t forget that a lot of the house music,
      >> techno
      >> and especially hardcore have its roots in chiptunes (apart from those
      >> Roland
      >> monsters raveolution =D).
      >> Shure, there is some kind of sellout. But as advice to you Ignatz:
      >> seeing a
      >> scene dying really isn`t the deal. The first time it is a shock,
      >> but than
      >> don`t stress your self and search The new pure thing. Just sit
      >> yourself
      >> between the chairs and enjoy all influences. That`s the way people
      >> start
      >> making chiprock and glitch house- an open mind. And: chiptune
      >> underground
      >> will never die ;P
      >> my two cents
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      >> von Sam
      >> Albaniensson
      >> Gesendet: Freitag, 31. August 2007 04:28
      >> An: lsdj@yahoogroups.com
      >> Betreff: Re: [LSDj!] CHIP MUSIC IS DEAD . Manifesto
      >> On 31/08/2007, Ignatz <quiebre@yahoo. <mailto:quiebre%40yahoo.com>
      >> com>
      >> wrote:
      >>> We reached the point that some of us had to be fearing of
      >>> VSTi and difussion started to become our enemies,
      >>> cloning of ideals started mutation and blending
      >> I see the conflict between purism/elitism and ease of
      >> availability/cloning. I'm not really a fan of VST chip sound
      >> emulation, but who are you (Or anyone else) to play the role of a
      >> representative for the chip scene and say that only the pure chip
      >> sounds are correct. Who are you to say that it is morally wrong to
      >> try
      >> to emulate chip sounds?
      >> (I'm actually more of a purist myself, but open-minded. But with the
      >> sentence above I played the devil's advocate)
      >>> house and pop music slowly started to leech our sounds,
      >>> ass well as rock music did. Mainstream is in the end of the
      >>> tunnel...
      >> It's a common phenomenon that contemporary artists of different kinds
      >> (Eg musicians, designers etc) look back 15-30 years and look for
      >> inspiration. It has happened before, it will happen again. The
      >> leeching from chip music is not unique in this aspect. (Just about)
      >> Every musical style is a progression from another, and everything
      >> blends together in a ocmplex way. Everything either hits mainstream
      >> sooner or later or dies in an obscure corner.
      >>> the end seem to be at sight.
      >>> so, I want to conclude my short words saying:
      >>> BEFORE MAINSTREAM START TO CLON US and replace our beings with pre-
      >>> programmed clowns.
      >> No! Te best way to fight it is by doing something else yourself.
      >> Destroying yourself by stopping your own creation in order to stop
      >> the
      >> clones is just counter productive. Do you think for example that
      >> hiphop producers will feel less of an appeal to chip sounds and other
      >> raw synth sounds if we stop doing our thing.
      >> No. Spread your own music and styles to counterfeit the mainstream.
      >>> TONGUE IN CHEEK, LAME AND STUPID. It is noisy and nervous.
      >>> It's a commercial fake! It's just nintendo and big companies
      >>> propaganda!
      >> I see a conflict bewteen "noisy and nervous.", "SUCKS", "LAME AND
      >> STUPID" and "commercial fake". I think that the "commercially cloned"
      >> music is actually softer and less noisy and nervous.
      >>> the end is comming. we are doomed. Media will eat us and
      >>> transform into
      >> SHIT.
      >> If nobody ever said it before, I say it now: "A scene does not truly
      >> start to live until it is declared dead by its members". Just look at
      >> the demoscene. It's alive and kicking, although its been declared
      >> dead
      >> several times, and although it's different from what it was 10 or 20
      >> years ago.
      >> movh /Sam Albaniensson Falsum
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    • Ignatz
      Hey I would not regret my bizarre manifesto anymore! I became adicted to the great Bud Melvin s song! I played that great track last night in the second pure
      Message 96 of 96 , Oct 5, 2007

        I would not regret my bizarre manifesto anymore!
        I became adicted to the great Bud Melvin's song!

        I played that great track last night in the second pure chiptune party (AD) we organized
        here called GOTO START Level 2 . Also, receptors, n-.-m, role model, covox,
        raeuberhoehle, tb, tobiah, nitro2k, dr blowfins, neotericz and a lot more sounded in my
        dj set.

        I'll post some pictures soon.

        love. ignat.

        --- budmelvin <budmelvin@...> escribió:

        This provoked some interesting thoughts and inspired me to start my
        new album. The first song is here:
        (or) http://tinyurl.com/2zert7
        Thanks, Ignat.

        Sé un Mejor Amante del Cine
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