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Paddling today

Brad Dunning and I headed over to Rockfish Creek today but realized on the way we had only one truck between us, so we could get down the river but not back
Mary Lavoie
Jul 30, 2016

Cape Fear River plan

There is a public input session this Thursday at Riverside Steak House 1130 Person St from 4-7 pm regarding the Cape Fear River Plan. Our club members might
Mary Lavoie
Jan 24, 2016

Veterans Day

Happy Day to all of you! I appreciate you Mary Ellen Sent from my iPhone
Mary Lavoie
Nov 23, 2015

LRCC Christmas Party and Paddle

I posted 15 pictures in the album called "2008 LRCC Christmas Party and Paddle" of yesterday's event. Should have been there it was nice.
Dec 14, 2008

River Map

Hello all. I'm a n00b to the site, obviously. Man I'll tell ya', there's a club for EVERYthing. lol I'm considering taking a overnighter on the Lumber (1-2
Sep 19, 2008

Lumber River Camping

I am guiding 14 people from Palmetto Paddlers Club (Columbia, SC) this Sept.20-21 weekend . We are to put-in at Fair Bluff , take-out at Nichols . I am
Sep 16, 2008

Lumber River

Anyone going on the Lumber River (Wagram area) on 9 June AM to do any floating? Newbies here looking to learn.
May 30, 2007

We took advantage of a beautiful Sunday and paddled the Deep River

We took advantage of a beautiful Sunday and paddled the Deep River from Ramseur to Coleridge. (We did set the VCR to record the Heels vs Wofpack. See, some
Robert Cates
Mar 11, 2007

Re: Help!!

We are going to paddle tomorrow with another new member. We will do the Lumber River, starting at US 74 (south of Lumberton) and paddle down to the Lumber
Mar 2, 2007

Re: new member - Lumber River level?

-Six feet is a v ery gbood level for B olardm an . From Boardm an to Princess Ann is usujally an easy passage except ikn times of extreem douight. Marshall
Marshall Thompson
Mar 2, 2007


I am new to the area and my wife and I have just started kayaking. We ran into a man today whilst out on Lake Rim that told us about this canoe club. We would
Mar 2, 2007

Re: new member - Lumber River level?

-If you want to do a section of the Lumber on Saturday I'll be glad to go with you ,weather permitting. I don't plat to go up to the Black. Marshall-- In
Marshall Thompson
Mar 1, 2007

new member - Lumber River level?

Greetings, I recently moved to the Triangle with my wife and four year old son (who's been canoeing since he about 2 months old). We've lived in the panhandle
Mar 1, 2007

Articles, stories and how to's

Just joined the group and wanted to extend an offer to any other members to submit any articles, stories or how to's to my online magazine about North Carolina
Dec 26, 2006


Look in the Gum Swamp album for pictures of Frank and Omer shooting the dam spillway at xway pond.
Marshall Thompson
Oct 10, 2005
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