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Re: [lowercase-sound] Books and Web sites about Sound Art

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  • Bernhard Gal
    Dear Janek, I did some research on this topic a few years ago, when planning to write my PhD about sound installation art (which I never did due lack of time/
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 1, 2003
      Dear Janek,

      I did some research on this topic a few years ago,
      when planning to write my PhD about sound
      installation art (which I never did due lack of time/
      more important things to do..)

      Anyway, in 1999 I visited Columbia and Northwestern
      University to take a closer look at literature on
      sound art, especially sound installation - with rather
      disappointing results. (yes, I found the stuff by
      David Toop, Douglas Kahn, etc but nothing really
      getting into details..)
      - so imho there are more interesting (and more specific)
      publications available in German than in English.

      but maybe I am wrong..

      anyway, there is a whole lot of books on sound art
      published by Kehrer Verlag (including books on Robin Minard,
      Terry Fox, Akio Suzuki, Hans-Peter Kuhn, Rolf Julius,
      Christina Kubisch, ..)
      and of course, there is the great catalogue "Klangkunst"
      of the Sonambiente festival, and a thick compendium
      entitled "Klangkunst : tönende Objekte und klingende Räume",
      ed. by Helga de la Motte, etc etc.

      already mentioned by somebody:
      Brandon Labelle's Errant Bodies: http://www.errantbodies.org/

      In terms of web links, take a look at:


      (compiled by German sound artist artist Tilman Küntzel, also
      including an extensive list of sound art related links, not sure if
      Tillman is still updating this site)

      touching on the historic aspects of things,
      I really like Ubu Web:


      for field recording-related stuff, check out the young
      and growing community of the phonography mailing list:


      last/least, my personal website:


      just my 2 (euro)cents,


      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Bernhard Gal

      Wielandstrasse 18
      D-12159 Berlin


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      > I am trying to put together a resource/list all about great old and new
      > Sound Art and interesting historical music.....
      > Can anybody recommend :::
      > *web sites that collect and reference this kind of info
      > *web sites about specific Sound Art people and activities

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    • Christof Migone
      ___________some sites_________________________ http://www.ubu.com/ http://www.swr2.de/hoerspiel/audiohyperspace/index.html
      Message 2 of 4 , Nov 2, 2003
        ___________some sites_________________________

        ___________some books_________________________
        Adriaanses, Alex, et al. (eds). Book for the Unstable Media. The Hague: V2,
        Archer, Michael and Greg Hilty (curators). Voice Over: Sound and Vision in
        Current Art. London: Hayward gallery, 1998.
        Augaitis, Daina and Dan Lander (eds.). Radio Rethink: Art, Sound &
        Transmission. Banff: Walter Phillips Gallery, 1994.

        Barras, Vincent et Nicholas Zurbrugg (eds.). Poésies Sonores. Genève:
        Contrechamps, 1992.
        Battcock, Gregory (ed.). Breaking the Sound Barrier: A Critical Anthology of
        the New Music. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1981.
        Block, Ursula and Michael Glasmeier (eds.). Broken Music: Artists¹
        Recordworks. Berlin: DAAD, 1989.

        Castellin, Philippe (ed). Doc(k)s Son Série 3, 1998.

        Ehrlich, Ken & Brandon LaBelle (eds.). Surface Tension : Problematics of
        Site. Los Angeles: Errant Bodies Press, 2003.

        Franck, Philippe (ed.). Musiques Nouvelles : Sons en mutation. Bruxelles: La
        lettre volée, 2003.

        Grundmann, Heidi (ed.). Sound Drifting. Vienna: Triton Verlag, 2000.
        Grundmann, Heidi (ed.). Zeitgleich. Vienna: Triton, 1994.

        Hatanaka, Minoru and Takeo Nozaki (curators). Sound Art‹Sound as Media.
        Tokyo: NTT, 2000.
        Hess, Felix. Light as Air. Heidelberg: Kehrer, 2001.

        Kahn, Douglas. Noise Water Meat: A History of Sound in the Arts. MIT Press,
        Kahn, Douglas and Gregory Whitehead (eds.). Wireless Imagination: Sound,
        Radio, and the Avant-Garde. MIT, 1992.
        Kittler, Friedrich A. Gramophone, Film, Typewriter. Trans. Geoggrey
        Winthrop-Young and Michael Wutz. Stanford University Press, 1999 [1986].
        Kostelanetz, Richard (ed.). TEXT-SOUND TEXTS. New York: William Morrow,
        Kruth, Patricia and Henry Stobart (eds.). Sound. Cambridge University Press,

        LaBelle, Brandon & Steve Roden (eds.). Site of Sound: Of Architecture and
        the Ear. Los Angeles: Errant Bodies Press, 1999.
        LaBelle, Brandon & Christof Migone (eds.). Writing Aloud: The Sonics of
        Language. Los Angeles: Errant Bodies Press, 2001.
        Lander, Dan and Micah Lexier. Sound by Artists. Toronto: Art Metroploe,
        Lucier, Alvin. Reflections. Köln: MusikTexte, 1995.

        Marchetti, Lionel. La musique concrète de Michel Chion. Metamkine, 1998.
        Marchetti, Walter. Walter Marchetti. Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery
        University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 1999.
        Morris, Adalaide, ed. States: Innovative Poetics and Acoustical
        Technologies. University of North Carolina Press, 1997.

        Neuhaus, Max. drawings: sound works vol. II. Cantz Verlag, 1994.
        Neuhaus, Max. place: sound works vol. III. Cantz Verlag, 1994.
        Newman, Hayley. Performancemania. London: Matt¹s Gallery, 2001.
        Nyman, Michael. Experimental Music: Cage and Beyond. Cambridge University
        Press, 1999 [1974].

        Pagé, Suzanne et al. (curators). Écouter par les yeux: objets et
        environments sonores. Musée d¹Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 1980.
        Phillips, Christopher (curator). Voices Voces Voix. Le Fresnoy, 2000.

        Snow, Michael. Music/Sound. Art Gallery of Ontario/The Power Plant.
        Strauss, Neil, ed. Radiotext(e). New York: Semiotext(e), 1993.

        van Assche, Christine, ed. Sonic Process: une nouvelle géographie des sons.
        Éditions du Centre Pompidou, 2002.
        van Peer, René. Interviews with Sound Artists. Eindhoven: Het
        Appollohuis, 1993.

        Weiss, Allen S. Breathless : Sound Recording, Disembodiment, and The
        Transformation of Lyrical Nostalgia. Wesleyan, 2002.
        Weiss, Allen (ed.). Experimental Sound & Radio. NYU & MIT, 2001. (previously
        published as issue of The Drama Review TDR Fall 1996 T151).
        Weiss, Allen. Phantasmic Radio. Duke University Press, 1995.
        Williamson, Aaron. Hearing things. London: Book Works, 2001.

        Xenakis, Iannis. Musique Architecture. Casterman, 1976.
        Xenakis, Iannis. Les polytopes. Balland, 1975.


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