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[Acrylnimbus] update: 6-1

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    Hiho dear readers, some subtle changes in the world of Acrylnimbus I d like to share: i. live ii. comp appearance *******************************************
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003
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      Hiho dear readers,

      some subtle changes in the world of Acrylnimbus I\'d like to share:

      i. live
      ii. comp appearance



      June 8 (9pm cet) at Radio X, Frankfurt/Germany:
      Suspicion Breeds Confidence

      frequencies: fm: 101.4; cable: 99.85
      homepage: http://www.radiox.de

      The july spot will be given to Schweiz: http://www.entworldet.org/schweiz

      Additional information about the show: http://www.acrylnimbus.de/acrylnimbus/php/index.php?sub=17


      The sbc track \'Kernsatztorso\' has been released on a comp by cpm.

      New release from Crunch Pod Media -

      Crunch Pod Media is proud to announce the official release of the last
      installment in the Dark Pathways compilation series \"Eclipse\". The
      compilation features 14 tracks with a more experimental and abstract
      approach when compared with the rhythmic natured first volume. Included are
      tracks from Wilt, Cruelty Campaign, Sleeping with the Earth, Chaos as
      Shelter, Bloodflowers and more! Once again, mastering was done by Metarc
      for a clear and powerful sound! Currently available exclusively via Crunch
      Pod Media ... and available soon via Ad Noiseam\'s mail order.
      $10 from CPM @ http://www.crunchpodmedia.com/order.html

      More info. and mp3 samples available at:

      Additional information about compilation appearances: http://www.acrylnimbus.de/acrylnimbus/php/index.php?sub=8


      As always thank you very much for your attention as little as it might have been
      : Acrylnimbus + Suspicion Breeds Confidence + Mischstab .
      : --+ http://www.acrylnimbus.de .
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