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IMPULSE RESPONSE PRESENTS: Michael Bullock + Vic Rawlings - bass, cello, electronics

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  • Scott Smallwood
    Join us for the LAST Impulse Response event of the season. This Thursday, we are happy to present upright bass virtuoso Mike Bullock and cellist
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2002
      Join us for the LAST Impulse Response event of the season. This Thursday,
      we are happy to present upright bass virtuoso Mike Bullock and cellist
      extraordinaire Vic Rawlings. Both Mike and Vic will be playing their
      acoustic instruments with cracked electronics and oscillators. Following
      the event, there will also be a screening of video works by MFA students of
      the iEAR program at RPI.


      Thursday, May 2, 2002
      8:00 PM, $5/3

      Mike Bullock - bass, electronics + Vic Rawlings - cello, electronics

      The Arts Center
      265 River St.

      Bassist Mike Bullock and Cello/Electronics wizard Vic Rawlings will perform
      in an evening of solos and duos.

      Mike Bullock is an outstanding and increasingly sought after bass player
      who is finishing his MFA at the New England Conservatory of Music, where he
      has studied with such New Music pioneers as Joe Maneri and Ran Blake, among
      others. Mike's unique and unrestrained approach to the bass is featured on
      the Sublingual Records releases Jonathan LaMaster's Saturnalia and Boston
      Underbelly (with Saturnalia), and Mike is in the process of releasing the
      debut CD by his own group. In addition to Saturnalia and the Saturnalia
      String Trio, he is also a member of the group Fetish (with saxophonist Dave
      Gross and Saturnalia drummer Tatsuya Nakatani), and has performed with
      Daniel Carter (Other Dimensions in Music, Test, etc.), Roger Miller (The
      Binary System, Mission of Burma, etc.), Masashi Harrada, Peter Warren, and
      many others.

      Vic Rawlings (cello, serangi) is a musician and instrument builder from
      Boston who has been eaking out some of the most interesting sounds from his
      instruments, many of which he has built or "improved" himself. His cello
      has been adapted to include an array of sympathetic strings running under
      the bridge and neck of the instrument, and he sometimes clamps a strip of
      metal onto the bridge as well which can be bowed or tapped. These
      adaptations, combined with his tasteful use of electronics, have yielded
      fascinating results on his recordings with Saturnalia (both on their debut
      Sublingual CD as well as Sublingual's Boston Underbelly compilation) and
      his own avante-rock group Mile Wide ("Millions in Transport" b/w "Culture
      Spot" 7" Unlikely 001, released April 1994, "Mile Wide" full-length CD,
      Unlikely 002, Released January 1996, "Nigh" compilation, Castle von Buhler
      Records, released October 1997, and Boston Underbelly, Sublingual SLR001,
      released June 1998) as well as in collaboration with The Laurence Cook
      Disaster Unit 2000, Bhob Rainey, Dan DeChellis, Greg Kelley, The Gold
      Sparkle Band, and many others. Recently, Vic started the country band
      Ville, in which he plays lead guitar and Banjo.

      Scott Smallwood - iEAR Studios Technical Director
      Clinical Assistant Professor of Computer Music
      Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Troy, NY.
      518.276.2511 (vox)
      518.276.4780 (fax)

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