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beta bodega coalition's needle @ subtropics 2002 tonight

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      Subject: beta bodega coalition-needle-subtropics 2002 tonight
      Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2002 10:53:55 -0500

      Subject: subtropics2002


      Saturday, March 2, 2002
      [8:00 p.m. - midnight] $5 donation
      PS 742, 1165 S.W. 6 Street
      Little Havana
      Co-presented with Artemis

      The 2002 Subtropics opens with the 14th edition of its Subtropics Marathon,
      the yearly showcase of Florida experimentalists.� Over three hours of
      indoor/outdoor music performances and sound video works featuring the work
      of artists Shahreyar Ataie, Randall Beaver, Kristine Burns, Russell
      Frehling, David Manson, Needle, Humberto Ramirez, Armando Rodriguez, Dinorah
      Rodriguez, Alfredo Triff, and guest artist Lou Mallozzi from Chicago, and

      The Subtropics Marathon is a celebration of experimental home-grown
      activity.� This year1s takes place in three different spaces at the same
      location.� Chamber and electronic music performances are scheduled at
      street-level storefront PS 742 theatre space.� The upstairs Lab6 loft
      gallery has been turned into an intimate screening room for viewing of sound
      videos throughout the evening.� Outside, the rear patio has been set up with
      food and drinks, plus some more of that usually unusual otic elixir South
      Floridian1s have grown to expect and enjoy from 14 years of Subtropics
      offerings.� Numbered copies of the recently released Subtropics Vol. 1:
      Breath will be available among other items at Elegua Records1 table.

      Sound Videos Marathon:

      � 1997 & 1998 Russell Frehling
      3I work mainly doing installations and my work tends to sit in a strange
      niche between music and sculpture. I work with sound, but with the key
      musical elements of time and linear organization minified or removed. My
      conceptual concerns are fundamentally sculptural, but I work with an
      invisible, massless material. Here sound is given an unaccustomed context in
      which its physicality becomes the essential issue: where shape, texture,
      density and arrangement in space become the objects of reflection.2 -Russell
      Frehling.� [note: this statement seems to apply to he1s video work too. -GM]

      L1ANATONIE DU D�SIR - Film/Video, RT: 05:25 � 2001 Dinorah de Jes�s
      Rodriguez & Gustavo Matamoros
      3This assemblage of erotic images, found and damaged footage, and
      hand-crafted 16mm film was originally projected onto the torso of Butoh
      artist Helena Thevenot as part of the one-hour piece The Anatomy of Desire,
      praised by The Miami Herald as one of the ten best performance pieces of the
      year in 2000. A tribute to biophysical impulses, the video version
      synchronizes the film to its original score by Gustavo Matamoros.2 -Dinorah
      de Jesus Rodriguez

      HEAVY METAL � Kristine Burns
      3Heavy Metal is an abstract distillate of a symbiotic relationship between
      metallic sounds (both synthesized and sampled) and largely monochromatic
      synthesized video. The music and video were realized by the composer at the
      Music Technology Center, Florida International University in 2000.2
      -Kristine Burns

      POOL � Humberto Ramirez
      3Pool is a short video that explores the intersection of culture, memory and
      values. Through a simple first person voice a story develops that relates
      cross-cultural experiences. The racial obstacles encountered in American
      Society are viewed within the context of difference and empowerment. A
      closely miked vocal narrative is superimposed on a track of Nat King Cole1s
      music establishing an intimate setting where sound acts as a catalyst for
      memory and reflection.2 -Humberto Ramirez

      HATE � Humberto Ramirez
      3Hate is a video in which the cultural dynamics of the city are implied
      through a series of talking heads and monologues. The video seeks to
      denaturalize a condition in which the potential solidarity amongst
      minorities is subverted by notions of nationalism, race, gender, class etc.
      By problematizing what seems to remain hidden or at least unspoken this work
      intends to produce, if not solutions, at least discourse.2

      HOLLYWOOD BLVD � Sandra Banion
      This video is a day and night traversal of the Walk of Fame.� It is a video
      built out of intersecting and parallel streams: day footage alternating with
      night shots; still images intercut with motion; two parallel voices that
      simultaneously recite the list of memorialized stars and the rows of fast
      food stands, porn shops, and empty lots that line the boulevard. These frame
      the video's primary parallel: interviews with John Peterson, who attentively
      polishes the bronze stars each day, and an unnamed woman who runs down the
      boulevard at night, oblivious to the pedestrians, traffic, and ghosts that
      populate the street.� -Sandra Binion

      � GEISHIA � Shahreyar Ataie
      � A new work by Randall Beaver

      Performances Marathon Highlights:

      �� Needle (beta bodega coalition)- A 15-25 min. transmission with sounds
      manipulated through an
      array of the bbc's signal intelligence division's encryption engines.

      �� Lou Mallozzi1s Re-Power Down - a rather quiet structured improvisation
      that incorporates text, pre-recorded materials, and live music.� The piece
      is structured as a series of modules with internal cues.� Some of the
      materials are predetermined, but combinations and juxtapositions remain
      unstable.� It is a variation on a live radio piece called "Power Down,"
      presented on WNUR-FM, Chicago, in 2001. The piece featuresperformance and
      media artist Sandra Binion.

      �� David Manson - Streams - An 8 minute piece for trombone and PC in which
      speech fragments and trombone are processed real time in an exploration of
      resonance, articulation and inflection.

      �� Alfredo Triff - Untitled - a piece for violin and pre-amp

      �� Armando Rodriguez - Untitled - a performance for Galician Bag Pipes

      �� Eduardo Kusnir - Snow White - a 15 minute long electro-acoustic
      composition in three parts with narration spoken by Francis Schwartz.� The
      parts include:

      ���� - In the Palace
      ���� - In the Forest
      ���� - Here come the Dwarfs

      � improvisations

      � A survey of early electronic music and other goodies crtesy of Andrew
      Yeomanson A.K.A. DJ Le Spam

      sony mao

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