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diapason 8/4/01 (NYC)

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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001
      > Diapason presents:
      > A Mixt Event
      > Saturday, August 4
      > 8PM:
      > Installations
      > tba
      > 9PM:
      > Performances
      > featuring
      > Tim Barnes and Michael J. Schumacher
      > Richard Chartier
      > Taylor Deupree
      > Janek Schaefer
      > $10
      > Diapason
      > 1026 Avenue of the Americas @ 39th Street, 2nd floor
      > New York City
      > (212) 719-4393
      > http://www.diapasongallery.com
      > about the artists:
      > Tim Barnes
      > Tim Barnes (b.1967) makes noise for a living. He is a sound designer
      > and percussionist in NYC. His manipulations of sound have invaded
      > millions of American homes without anyone even knowing. As a
      > percussionist and performer for almost 20 years, he has collaborated
      > with a diverse range of artists, including Jim O'Rourke, Tony Conrad,
      > Neil Hagerty, avant-folk group Tower Recordings, Ikue Mori,
      > Dean Roberts, Nagisa Ni te, Ira Cohen and Charles Curtis. Over the
      > past three years, Tim has released for the first time the lost
      > recordings of pioneering percussionist Angus MacLise through his
      > label Quakebasket (see www.quakebasket.com for more details). His
      > drum duo record with Chicago percussionist Glenn Kotche, "domoodomo",
      > topped many critics' list for 2000. Most recently, Barnes has
      > recorded his first solo percussion record, entitled "All Acoustics".
      > His solo and duo performances prior to this recording have been
      > primarily electro-acoustic based, but through his performances with
      > both Oren Ambarchi and Michael Schumacher last month, Barnes has
      > begun revisiting the space of acoustic sound generators.
      > Richard Chartier
      > Richard Chartier, minimal sound artist/composer, painter and graphic
      > designer, has recorded critically acclaimed solo recordings for
      > Trente Oiseaux (Germany), LINE (USA), Meme (Japan), Fallt (Ireland),
      > Microwave (The Netherlands) and Intransitive Recordings (USA) as well
      > collaborative works with Nosei Sakata (*0) and Taylor Deupree on 12k
      > (USA). For his cd Series, Chartier was awarded one of twelve
      > Honorable Mentions in the category of Digital Music by the
      > prestigious PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA, 2001 (Linz, Austria).
      > His work has been featured on a number of international compilations
      > including this year's Clicks & Cuts 2 (Mille Plateaux, Germany) and
      > in Computer Music Journal in conjunction with the essay "The
      > Aesthetics of Failure: Post-Digital Tendencies in Contemporary
      > Computer Music" by Kim Cascone (MIT Press, USA). His work explores
      > the relationship between sound, silence and the art of listening.
      > Both his visual and sound works have been exhibited in many galleries
      > and artspaces including the Corcoran Gallery of Art (Washington, DC)
      > and Washington Project for the Arts Projectspace. Over the past
      > several years, he has been invited to perform his sound work at live
      > events in the United States, Canada, and the UK including such noted
      > international electronic music festivals as MUTEK (Montreal),
      > Lovebytes (Sheffield) and Transmissions (Chicago). With Taylor
      > Deupree, he founded the recording label LINE, as a subdivision of 12k
      > focusing new, digital, conceptual, minimalist sound art.
      > http://www.3particles.com
      > chartier@...
      > Taylor Deupree
      > Taylor Deupree, composer and head of New York's 12k label, has
      > prepared a unique sound set exclusively for his performance at the
      > Diapason Gallery on August 4th. Utilizing a powerbook and a surface
      > controller, Taylor will be mixing a series of 8 second loops to
      > create an improvised 40 minute piece. The majority of the loops are
      > separated freqency ranges from one base file. Mixed together they
      > form the complete file where the freqencies fade in and out over time.
      > The source of the loop comes from a noise hiss treated with granular
      > synthesis algorithms. The result is a light, sibiliant wash of
      > tickling static. Because the sounds have been isolated into 8 second
      > loops, the careful listener will be able to discern patterns and
      > repetitions within the subtle clicks and nuances of the static, thus
      > creating a rhythmic, hypnotic and relaxing soundfield.
      > This piece, as yet untitled, is part of an extended project for
      > installations in an anechoic chamber.
      > Janek Schaefer
      > Janek Schaefer was born in England to Polish and Canadian parents
      > in 1970 and graduated in architecture at the Royal College of Art in
      > 1996. As a sound artist and musician his most notable work has been
      > the invention of the ‘Tri-Phonic1 and ‘Twin1 turntables, alongside
      > the exploration of new experimental ‘Eccentric1 and ‘Fragmented1
      > vinyl cutting techniques. His ‘Recorded Delivery1 project sent a
      > sound activated dictaphone through the post for an installation
      > organised in a self storage centre in London. He has released CD1s
      > and records for Fat Cat [UK], K-raa-K3 [Belgium], Hot Air [UK], and
      > Diskono [Scotland] and is currently working on a new solo album for
      > Sub Rosa [Belgium]. He also formed a duo with Robert Hampson in 1999
      > called ‘Comae1 whose debut release is due out on Rhiz records
      > [Vienna] this year. Schaefer has toured widely performing live
      > ‘Foundsoundscapes1 composed from the evocative, emotive and dynamic
      > layering of abstracted textures and tones culled from ancient vinyl
      > and manipulated field recordings. Janek was selected as 'Sound
      > Designer of the Year' by Creative Review Magazine [UK] in 1999 and
      > was awarded an 'Honorary Mention' at the Ars Electronica Festival
      > [Austria] in 2001 for his album 'Above Buildings'. He works and
      > lives in London.
      > Michael J. Schumacher
      > is a composer of electronic sound installations using 2 - 16
      > speakers, computer-controlled random structures; of acoustic music
      > realizing advanced formal schemes; of taped and live music (also
      > improvised) for prepared electric guitar, synthesizer, etc. He has
      > composed two piano sonatas, numerous shorter works for piano solo,
      > chamber music, songs, and orchestral music. He studied music at
      > Indiana University and the Juillard School of Music. Born in
      > Washington, D.C., he has lived in New York City since 1983.
      > Schumacher's works have been performed in the United States, Europe
      > and Asia. He has presented sound installations at The Kitchen,
      > Experimental Intermedia, at the Technical University in Berlin, and
      > at La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela's Dream House, among other
      > places. He has received grants from the New Jersey Council on the
      > Arts, Meet the Composer, and Harvestworks. He has performed and
      > recorded with the cellist Charles Curtis, guitarist Donald Miller,
      > and with Stephen Tunney on Shimmy Disc Records. In 1996 he founded,
      > with Ursula Scherrer, Studio Five Beekman, a multi-media art gallery
      > which has presented installations by David Behrman, David First,
      > Alvin Lucier, Phill Niblock, Matt Rogalsky, and others. He is the
      > founder, with Liz Gerring, of Diapason.
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