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  • lasse marhaug
    Hello all, Jazzkammer will be touring Denmark, Netherlands and Germany in october. On our dutch dates we will be joined by nervousvision
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2000
      Hello all,

      Jazzkammer will be touring Denmark, Netherlands and Germany in october. On
      our dutch dates we will be joined by nervousvision (www.nervousvision.com).
      Come see us if you can.

      03: 1000 Fryd/Club DNA, Aalborg, Denmark.
      04: Musikcaféen, Aarhus, Danmark.
      05: TENT, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
      06: Extrapool, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
      07: Academy O.T. 3:01, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
      08: (Bremen - yet to be confirmed.)
      09: Für Flössigkeiten und Schwingungen, Stuttgart, Germany.
      10: Inner Rythm Club, Stuttgart, Germany.
      11: MS Stubnitz, Rostock, Germany.
      12: Zakk, Bremen, Germany.
      13: AZ Conni, Dresden, Germany.

      Jazzkammer is John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug.

      "Jazzkammer's electronic music is in continous movement, the two are
      constantly pulling new layers of sound aside to display fresh new ideas.
      Jazzkammer works in a field of music where much has been tried, but they
      employ a skill of their own to make it work." -Arild R. Andersen,
      Aftenposten, Norway

      "Try to imagine Merzbow, Pan Sonic and maybe even Ikeda and Microstoria all
      mixed. A well done mix of noise, shock waves and electric atmospheric
      statics, this is Jazzkammer" -Gino Dal Soler, Blow Up Magazine, Italy

      "Marhaug and Hegre's MO seems to be taking samples of almost microscopic
      length, combining them at the highest speed possible, and overlaying the
      whole primordial culture soup with one-finger excursions on the cheapest
      Casio on the market." -Robert Beveridge, USA

      "Insane hillbilly techno cut up with kung-fu. Soft, loud, and everything in
      between. Flies, birds, creaks, slow dub beat, tortured speakers... I have
      never heard a shitty toy keyboard used so brilliantly. Autechre meets The
      Boredoms, retarded robots at a piano recital, Clive Barker in a japanese
      subway crash." -James A. Hanna, USA

      "A very good mix of noise, electronics and electracoustics." -Roel Meelkop,
      Vital Weekly, Holland

      "Both composers evidently finds pleasure in digital editing techniques and
      splices together field recordings, turntable fuck-ups, recordings of
      electric static etc., to entertaining effect. Varied and impressive" -Ronnie
      Sundin, Bonita, Sweden

      Jazzkammer: Timex CD Rune Grammfon
      Jazzkammer: Hot Action Sexy Karaoke CD Ground Fault Recordings
      Arm/Clop Neplat/Jazzkammer/KA: Good Music CD Jazzassin Records
      v/a: Le Jazz Non CD Smalltown Supersound

      Selected related releases:
      John Hegre/Lasse Marhaug/Helge Sten: The Comfort of Objects CD OHM Records
      Der Brief: Volum CD Jazzassin Records
      Lasse Marhaug: Science Fiction Room Service CD Jazzassin Records
      DEL: If You Got To Fight... Fight Dirty LP Apartment Records

      Jazzkammer white label 12" Smalltown Supersound
      Jazzkammer: Rolex CD Smalltown Supersound
      DEL "Projectionist Please Focus" CD Apartment/OHM Records
      Lasse Marhaug/Brutum Fulmen LP Gameboy Records

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