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AudioKino: Sound Aspects of Material Element by John Grzinich | TONIGHT 8pm Apiary Studios

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  • Helen Frosi
    Glorious afternoon to you, We thought you might be interested in what SoundFjord has on it s the sonic menu tonight: We have AudioKino at Apiary Hackney, from
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2011
      Glorious afternoon to you, 

      We thought you might be interested in what SoundFjord has on it's the sonic menu tonight: 

      We have AudioKino at Apiary Hackney, from 8pm: for your aural and ocular delight, John Grzinich 
      with present his film, Sound Aspects of Material Elements. An hour long meditation on sound, 
      sound collection and place; a document of his sonic perambulations and interactions with the 
      natural world and other sonic artists. 

      John will be present during the screening and will be available for Q&A afterwards.

      We have old Polish cinema seats and bean bags to snuggle into. BYOB!

      We will be accepting donations on the door to help fund other AudioKino events.

      With regards,

      The SoundFjord Team


      Unit 3b - Studio 28 | 
      28 Lawrence Road | 
      LONDON | N15 4ER
      +44 20 8800 3024 | 
      +44 7973 153 366
      SoundFjord.Static (Exhibitions)
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