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Audio Screening @ SoundFjord | Hybernation (Stuart Bowditch) | TOMORROW!

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  • Helen Frosi
    Audio Screening @ SoundFjord Stuart Bowditch (Hybernation) / Damien Robinson TOMORROW - 02 April 2011 | Doors 5:30 | 6-8pm £2 | wegottickets.com/event/11284
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      Audio Screening @ SoundFjord 
      Stuart Bowditch (Hybernation) / Damien Robinson
      TOMORROW - 02 April 2011 | Doors 5:30 | 6-8pm 

      Stuart began working collaboratively in 2006 with Damien Robinson. Damien's background is visual arts; initially a printmaker, she moved into print-based 3D work. New media and sound work followed, initiated by curiosity, but driven by being informed that deaf people “can't do that”, whilst computers didn't comment about it. Her work has been shown in venues as diverse as phone boxes and the National Art Library. From 1998 she increasingly used digital techniques that allowed her to work with this previously inaccessible medium, developing the “feelsound” techniques that emphasise the tactile aspects of sound. Enhanced by the use of technologies, 'feelsound' has developed in multiple directions through collaborative practice with Stuart.

      Much of their collaborative work explores the relationships and tensions between ‘old’ and ‘new’; contemporary sounds and archive recordings, discarded technology and recent gadgets, between what was valued and what is now overlooked. As hearing and Deaf artists respectively, their focus around sound and location also involves examining how they interpret these things differently as individuals, which mirrors their differing backgrounds, life experiences and education. Both artists also aim to draw fresh connections from these tensions, using a range of technologies to allow access and exploration of all things. They are interested and attracted to the extraordinary in the everyday, amazing things that initially appear mundane, and believe the public can connect with this, given the opportunity.

      stuartbowditch.co.uk | damienrobinson.co.uk 
      soundcloud.com/stuartbowditch | soundcloud.com/damienrobinson 

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