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New Utterings of Minimality from GMBYRecs

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  • mike shiflet
    I am pleased to announce the three newest titles ripe from Ichinomiya s hardest working CD burners. Packaged in a variety of Japanese papers/prints, these are
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
      I am pleased to announce the three newest titles ripe from Ichinomiya's
      hardest working CD burners. Packaged in a variety of Japanese
      papers/prints, these are the first new titles available for direct
      individual ordering from the site. But they can also be purchased
      together as a group. Prices are $8.50 each, $20.00 for the batch.
      Postage paid worldwide of course.

      Links to five minute audio files have been provided for your sampling
      pleasure. If you want more info, links to each disc's individual pages
      are there for you as well. If you want to get straight to ordering,
      make way to http://www.gmby.net/cat.html

      GB91. Vertonen. Facing Leinth. CDR.
      Bleak is the new harsh. It's also an anagram for Blake. Here Mr. Blake
      Edwards presents 8 of his newest works (without track breaks) in just
      under an hour. More minimal, refined and (ever-so-slightly) industrial
      than the usual junk noise approach to representing the Midwest,
      Vertonen's work here perfectly summons long nights in the warehouse
      district, the smell of the factory farms, the polluted lake shores
      without glorifying them. We all face Leinth and sometimes she's the
      only escape.
      Info: http://www.gmby.net/releases/gb91.html
      Audio: http://www.gmby.net/audio/gb91-vertonen-sample.mp3
      Classic: "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair

      GB92. Raglani. Of Sirens Born. CDR.
      Like many musicians the past few years, Joeseph Raglani has shifted his
      focus to the modular synthesizer. Unlike most his peers though, he
      isn't using it to create creeping smokescapes or an analog noise feast.
      In fact I think it safe to say that this is the most genuinely
      beautiful, melodic music GMBY has ever released. Five gorgeous
      arrangements with the synthesizer and various other
      instruments/electronics combine to complete a narrative,
      maritime-themed concept album.
      Info: http://www.gmby.net/releases/gb92.html
      Audio: http://www.gmby.net/audio/gb92-raglani-sample.mp3
      Classic: "The Odyssey" by Homer

      GB94. Scenic Railroads. Airports and Apartments, Volume One. CDR.
      Laptops, wave generators, etc. Breaking from the tradition of inside
      jokes as titles, "Airports and Apartments" actually presents one
      recording made in each. The first session was recorded at Dulles
      International Airport during a layover as the pope lie on his deathbed
      and the onslaught of hysterical CNN reports demanded attention be
      placed elsewhere. The second was produced under much fairer conditions
      and is the last recording - live or studio - made before the group was
      put on temporary 'continental separation' hiatus.
      Info: http://www.gmby.net/releases/gb94.html
      Audio: http://www.gmby.net/audio/gb94-scenic-sample.mp3
      Classic: "The New Yorker Book of Cat Cartoons"

      There are some restocks of old material and some new distributed items
      as well. Thanks again for looking. Get in touch if you have any
      questions. More soon,
      Mike Shiflet
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