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RICHARD CHARTIER > 08.05 > news/event/release update... RE'POST'POSTFABRICATED 2xCD out now!

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  • richard chartier / LINE
    hello welcome to the slow (yet busy ) summer i hope no one is melting from the heat outside. some new cds available... new performance dates / exhibits... and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2005
      welcome to the slow (yet busy ) summer
      i hope no one is melting from the heat outside.

      some new cds available...
      new performance dates / exhibits...

      and don't forget to download two exclusive free remixes from the newly
      released RE'POST'POSTFABRICATED double cd
      by Taylor Deupree and Goem not on the cd that will be available on the
      DSP website which you can download now! http://www.dsprecs.com/

      i have been hard at work updating LINE's packaging and direction...
      expect some surprises in the near future!



      INFO: 1 color reverse printing on translucent vellum stock in plastic
      sleeve. This first release in a series of limited edition works is made
      with site recordings utilized for a performance at SculptureCenter in
      New York on March 6, 2004. Where as most of my past work has been
      intended for isolated headphone listening this 16:36 piece is intended
      for listening with environmental/incidental noise to create endless
      possible overlays and experiences. ONLY 4 REMAIN AVAILABLE!!

      OUT NOW > 2CD . Re'post'post-fabricated [ DSP Recordings, Italy ]
      This 2CD project will have the reformed/remastered Post-Fabricated CD
      (originally issued on CDR on Dutch label Microwave in 1999 as an
      edition of 222). I was never happy with the sound quality of the final
      master due to the engineer and my analog recording limitations at the
      time. This is an odd recording for me, which you could say is my most
      "pop" release in its quirky rhythmic elements. The second CD is
      remixes/reworkings from the original files by Frank Bretschneider, COH,
      Taylor Deupree, Freiband, Goem, Alva Noto, Byetone, Sogar, Asmus
      Tietchens, Vend, Matmos, Steve Roden, and myself (getting dubby).

      OUT NOW! CD . 35 Mutant Seconds: based on Rafael Toral´s Creamy
      Burst. [ Grain of Sound, Portugal ] features reworks using a Toral
      guitar piece from 1991 as source material. My piece was selected from a
      series of 3 improvisations. other artists include: Pita, Fonica,
      Sawako, John Kannenberg, Stapletape and Allto and more. i hope these
      will be here by the end of the week, you may pre-order on the
      3particles site.

      a limited number of these & other releases are available via the ONLINE
      STORE http://www.3particles.com/paypal
      also there are only 4 copies of OVERVIEW available! after that,,, they
      are gone.

      - - RECENT + CURRENT STUFF - -

      OUT NOW > CD . "Tempt (live ending, Transmediale 2003 Berlin)" on
      MUTEK compilation [ Mutek_Rec, Canada ] This 2CD compilation of all of
      the artists from the upcoming MUTEK festival will have a very loud,
      very aggressive 8 minute live piece which was the end of my performance
      at Transmediale 2003 in Berlin which took many people by surprise.
      well... i was drunk and had to compete with Akufen in the main room....
      wouldn't you get noisey? enjoy... this work was also recently
      reworked/performed in part at the DECIBEL festival last year in
      Seattle. JUNE 1, 2005

      OUT NOW > LINE TSHIRT . LINE 5 Years Tshirt. edition of 100.
      (LINE_ED03). silkscreened grey ink on white 100% cotton Fine Jersey
      TShirt by American Apparel. based on the ink specification colors for
      each of the LINE editions since 2000 and the site menu design. design:
      Richard Chartier. sizes: S, M, L.

      EXHIBIT. Leeraum group sound installation @ PROGR-Zentrum für
      Kulturproduktion ( 5.1 surround sound installation ) [ Bern,
      Switzerland ] August 2005 http://www.progr.ch


      > LP + CD . Retrieval 1-2 + Retrieval 1-5 [ ERS, The Netherlands ].
      This will be two works that were created at my artist residency at the
      Music Research Centre @ York University, UK. based on soundfiles and
      loops of mine from 1990-1993. the CD will include an extended
      reworking of "Retrieval 3" + 2 additional retrieval pieces.
      http://radiantslab.com/ers DELAYED Summer 2005.

      > BOOK . "On the surface of silence: reticence in the music of Richard
      Chartier" by Will Montgomery in BLOCKS OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE
      UNBROKEN CONTINUUM. a really great indepth study of my work. Publisher:
      Sound 323. Editors: Brian Marley+Mark Wastell. DELAYED SUMMER 2005.

      > LIVE . RASTER-NOTON'S ELECTRIC CAMPFIRE [ Chemnitz, Germany ] August
      19, 2005 http://www.electric-campfire.de

      > LIVE . La Batie EDITION 2005 [ Geneva Switzerland ] Sept 2005

      > EXHIBIT + LIVE . Of Surfaces2 @ PROGR-Zentrum für Kulturproduktion
      ( 5.1 surround sound installation ) [ Bern, Switzerland ] September
      2005 http://www.progr.ch

      > EXHIBIT . Opening Cocyxx @ die Schachtel ( 5.1 sound and
      chemi-luminescent installation with Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand)
      [ Milan, Italy ] October 2005

      > LIVE . CHESSMACHINE @ DIS-PATCH [ Belgrade, Serbia ] October 6, 2005

      > LIVE . CHESSMACHINE @ OBSERVATORI [ Valencia, Spain ] October 8,

      > EXHIBIT . Early Fabricated @ Peloton Gallery [ Sydney, Australia ]
      ( Photography group show ) Oct 13-29, 2005

      > LIVE . CHESSMACHINE @ CIMATICS [ Brussels, Belgium ] November 3-13
      2005  http://www.cimatics.com

      > LIVE . CHESSMACHINE @ CYNET [ Dresden, Germany ] November 24-27,

      > CD . Incidence [ Raster-Noton. Germany ] Fall 2005

      > CD . TBA [ NVO. Austria ] Fall 2005

      > CD . Mort Aux Vaches with Taylor Deupree [ VPRO, Amsterdam ]

      > CD . Placode [ n160, Japan ] This elaborately aluminum packaged cd
      compilation curated by Nibo [ LINE/Raster-Noton] will contain the piece
      "retrieval#3(for placodes). artists on this compilation: Carsten
      Nicolai, Christophe Charles, Frank Bretschneider, Nibo, Byetone,
      Richard Chartier, Sachiko.M, Sogar, Steve Roden, Taylor Deupree, and
      Otomo Yoshihide. http://www.n160.com DELAYED 2005


      > AUGUST 1 . still not paid for my performance at YULE Festival in the
      amsterdam, NL from late december 2004 even though i have a signed
      contract. endless emails. endless run around. calls never returned.
      changing stories... dont you just love that. ARTISTS BEWARE!!
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