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Re: mammograms

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  • crystalpyramid@snafu.de
    Dear Susan and all, above all, do not worry! Everyone gets some (natural) nuclear radiation every day, and a single mammogram or two isn t a good cause for
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2003
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      Dear Susan and all,
      above all, do not worry! Everyone gets some (natural) nuclear radiation
      every day, and a single mammogram or two isn't a good cause for worry (nor
      is anything, for that matter :-) If you have a healthy lifestyle you should
      generally be fine (personally I would never dream of "examining my breasts"
      but rather strive to implement an optimum health-promoting lifestyle: the
      body IS continually self-healing if properly cared for)...
      I'll reply in more detail a bit later (will upload some stuff which can be
      If you are curious right now, go to www.mercola.com which has a great
      number of articles on the mammography question (the bulk of the info I have
      is made up of their articles)...
      ...fluttering off again... :-) (thanks for your lovely remark, am working
      at polishing off those black spots on my halo ;-)

      P.S. Actually, here is a number of links on www.mercola.com on the question
      (there are dozens more):

      Mammography Enters the Depths of Deceit 5/16/01
      ... Barry Lynes. The great deceit began in the early 1970s. ... mammography
      gives no benefit..." (P4). But nothing happened. ...

      More on the Dangers of Mammography 2/23/02
      ... Recent confirmation by Danish researchers of longstanding evidence on
      the ineffectiveness of screening mammography has been ...

      Can Professional Breast Exams Replace Mammography? 1/7/01
      ... The recent flood of criticisms of mammography is continuing unabated. A
      recent ...

      New Federal Guidelines Ignore Dangers of Mammography 3/6/02
      ... By Dr. Samuel Epstein. The updated Federal guidelines, announced by
      Health and Human Services Secretary ...

      Women in the US Not Properly Informed About Mammography 12/10/00
      ... Age-specific chance of a false-positive result. Chance that mammography
      may miss cancer. ...

      Medicine Mum on Mammography: Do the Math 10/29/00
      ... --Think Thermography. October 23, 2000 from AlternativeMedicine.com. In
      September, a large ...

      Women Misinformed About Mammography 6/10/00
      ... Debate. The results of a recent study indicate that celiac disease (CD)
      is twice as common in patients with dyspepsia ...

      Mammograms Worthless Over Breast Exam Alone 10/1/00
      ... Interestingly, although mammography does leads to the discovery of
      smaller, earlier stage tumors, it still does not improve breast cancer
      survival rates over ...

      Should You Get a Mammogram? 10/31/01
      ... of their controversial study of a year ago confirms their original
      conclusions --
      that there is no evidence that breast-cancer screening with mammography
      saves ...
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