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  • CradleOfLight@aol.com
    What a wonderful message of beauty and transformation! I ve seen so many bumperstickers that say I brake for butterflies , and while I don t sport one, I
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 3, 2003
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      What a wonderful message of beauty and transformation! I've seen so many bumperstickers that say "I brake for butterflies", and while I don't sport one, I realize that I do! I AM gratitude to receive this sharing of honoring Source through all manifestations (especially today, when the first snow started falling!)

      Many Blessings,

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      How beautiful.  I love Butterflies.  I don't put pesticides in my yard, but I am in the desert so perhaps due to that we have limited numbers of them.  Still, we live on an acre, and my backyard is a meadow.  I planted it that way and let the grass grow tall and unruly, and the wildflower are all over the place.  I think everyone should have a meadow in their yard instead of a manicured lawn.  In the summertime I never shut my back patio.  I leave it open to the breeze.  We put up a tent out back, and it is like stepping out into our own wilderness area.  We don't have to go on the highway and clog up the freeways and waste gas to fight overcrowding in a campsite, because our backyard is a campsite.  The eye luxuriates in the uneven textures of an unkempt meadow.  I have a picture of a Zebra Swallowtail I took in the crab apple tree in my backyard posted on my SophiasRealm group site.

      Peace, Love and Poetic License,

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      On Saturday morning, my daughter-in-law came over to collect some yard equipment.

      To let Kat out the back gate we walked to the often unvisited side yard and were suddenly surrounded by hundreds of Monarch Butterflies.

      I have created a bit of a wildlife haven on my 3/4 acre as I try to avoid pesticides, unlike my neighbors who have trucks with giant hoses pull up once a month, and I also allow a lot of vegetation to grow naturally. (What one friend referrs to as Judith's Sacred Weeds.)

      To be in a swirling cloud of these gorgeous little beings was such a thrill.

      In the Medicine Cards 


      Judith Marie

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