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  • Ronald cogan
    ... head. actually it fits everyone who wants to believe it. Awsome! I will come back here and read it off and on. My wife likes it also.-- RON
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 9, 2000
      --- In lovingpurelove@egroups.com, Karen Pennington <kpenn2000@y...>
      > Yes, I believe in synchronicity. I was going through
      > my emails and look what I came upon as my horoscope
      > reading for today.
      > Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23)
      > Saturday December 9, 2000
      > Libra Quote of the Day: "When I eventually met `Mr
      > Right' I had no idea that his first name was
      > 'Always.'" - Rita Rudner.
      > ====================================================
      > Libra, the Spirit of the New Millennium is described
      > by the opposite Signs of Aquarius and Leo. These two
      > Signs represent the CREATIVE, HI-TECH and HOLISTIC,
      > "All For One and One For All" approach to life. During
      > the Aquarian Age (2001-4000 C.E.), a high value will
      > be placed upon GLOBAL consciousness, GROUP action, and
      > INSTANT communication. Aquarius and Leo stand for
      > Equality, Personhood, Freedom From Enslavement.
      > CREATIVE ENERGY effortlessly flows forth from you when
      > you're having FUN and feeling GOOD with people who are
      > your EQUALS.
      > If you're ready for a QUANTUM leap and want to make a
      > HUGE contribution to the whole human race, be willing
      > to raise your level of vibration. It's entirely a
      > matter of CHOICE. When you raise your vibrational
      > level, SHIFT HAPPENS. Your old PERCEPTION of your Self
      > disappears. The whole world conforms to your new image
      > of your Self.
      > Libra, in the Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment,
      > author Thaddeus Golas suggests that "the way to raise
      > your vibration level is to FEEL MORE LOVE. Just
      > changing the content of your mind does nothing to
      > change your vibration level. Start by LOVING your
      > negative feelings, your own boredom, dullness and
      > despair... It is not arbitrary nor an accident that
      > you are where you are. You might as well get your
      > attitude about this straight. Otherwise, you might
      > find yourself chasing all over creation looking for
      > the right place, and not even the Sea of Infinite
      > Bliss will feel right to you...
      > "If you can't FEEL MORE LOVE right where you're
      > standing, where do you expect to wander in search of
      > it? You can only find love among your equals. LOVE
      > your Self. Love means "being in the same space with
      > others." When you love your Self, you are, in truth,
      > expanding in love into many other beings. And, the
      > more loving you are, the more loving the beings within
      > and around you. On all levels, we are mutually
      > dependent vibrations. Play a happy tune and happy
      > dancers will join your trip...
      > "Loving your Self will dissolve your ego: you will
      > feel no need to prove you are superior."
      > - Nolan Myers
      > Ok Karen I know that this was for me and it hits the nail on the
      head. actually it fits everyone who wants to believe it. Awsome! I
      will come back here and read it off and on. My wife likes it also.--
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