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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello Jaguar: Thanks so very much for sharing this wonderful information on crystals with all of us. I found the information very enlightening as well as
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2003
      Hello Jaguar:
      Thanks so very much for sharing this wonderful information on crystals with all of us.  I found the information very enlightening as well as informative.
      Peace, love and light,
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      Date: Saturday, November 01, 2003 09:53:20 PM
      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> Crystals and transition

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      Sunday November 2, 2003

      Crystals and transition


      WE live in very interesting times and today we have a new Prime Minister. As a nation we are in a period of transition. Some things will stay the same, but some things have to and will change. 

      My Dreamspell Calendar for today tells me: I organise in order to explore. Balancing wakefulness, I seal the output of space, with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled. 

      In our sharing and our study of crystals and their meaning, we see that crystals have an impact in every part of our lives and assist us in all of life’s situations. 

      If there is one lesson we learn as we become more in touch with the natural energies available to us from this earth, we learn that every situation that occurs does so at the right time and the right place for the right reason. 

      As our Nation welcomes a new leader and we find new ways of achieving our national vision, we must search ourselves and see how we now have an opportunity to change. 

      We are able to change ourselves at any time by first accepting the reality of who we are and the situation we are in. Reality is reality and the more we fight against it, the more strength and energy we give to it. This applies to ill health and any situation we find ourselves in. The more we focus on anything, the more we expand it and ensure it continues and magnifies. 

      The second lesson we can learn is forgiveness. We have learnt that every situation we find ourselves in is the result of our own thinking and actions, or of allowing someone else to control our thoughts and actions. Once we realise this we may start to be angry with ourselves for allowing ourselves to get in the situation we are in. So we must forgive ourselves and anyone or anything that has led us to the situation we find ourselves in. 

      Once we have accepted and forgiven, we will heal and grow. 

      This is how we achieve change or transition and move on to new opportunities. 

      Interestingly, I have just had to move my office so I have to embrace change as well. I have just had the pleasure of speaking to a group of executives and staff at an organisation undergoing forced change. (Some people call it restructuring, a word I greatly disapprove of – I prefer we think of it as revitalising.) 

      One benefit of my moving office is that I now have a room I can dedicate to healing and counseling. God willing, in 2004, I plan one Sunday a month for free counseling for readers and others who have indicated a desire to meet me personally. More on this in a future issue. 

      For this week, I have researched and selected three crystals that help us as we engage in and experience times of change and transition. 


      This crystal provides for increase in personal power and spirituality. It synthesises the energy of the third chakra with the energy of the seventh chakra, providing for utilisation of the intellect in our endeavours. 

      It helps to both open and activate the crown chakra and brings the energy of astuteness to play in furthering spirituality. 

      It is a “stone of immortality”, assisting us to both overcome difficulties and to progress toward excellence. It elevates ones sense of self-worth and helps us to understand and to actualise the intrinsic state of perfection, which is available. 

      Chrysoberyl increases generosity and “charitability”. It allows us to forgive family members or associates who may have performed an injustice. It brings peace of mind to the user and promotes understanding of interactive relationships. 


      It is recognised as a “stone of transition”, helping us through situations of variability in this life and assisting in the revitalising and reorganisation of old patterns. It further serves to gently induce change and to allow for smooth passage during the change. 

      Lepidolite can also help us with transitions from one life to another, assists in birth and re-birthing. 

      The energy of lepidolite is refreshing and almost sentimental. It assists in the transformation of the energies of lesser spiritual ideals to the energies of universal light, hope, and acceptance. 

      It can enhance the generation of the life-sustaining negative ions in our environment, activating the instinct of self-preservation and enhancing the awareness of well-being. 

      It is an excellent stone for business pursuits, combining the energy of diplomacy with direction and unimpeded communication. 

      It assists us in openness and honesty, furthering the openness and honesty of those in proximity. 

      This crystal is also very useful as a calming agent – it has been used to grid classrooms, shopping centres, conference rooms, concert halls, etc. It has also been used in gridding disorderly areas of the Earth, helping to bring stability to the structure of the key lines and tectonic plates. 


      It is said to represent the “temple of the stars”, assisting us in sustaining and maintaining, while providing for the understanding of the destiny we has chosen. It brings the light of the other planetary beings to the soul of the user. 

      The energy of labradorite facilitates the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought such that one can implement the instructions provided. It assists us to traverse changes, attracting strength and perseverance. It has been known as the matriarch of the subconscious mind, providing instructive sessions to the user concerning the implementation of inner messages and the utilisation of it in the physical domain. It can help to provide clarity to the inner sight, instilling passionless peace and imperturbability via the annihilation of disturbing thoughts. 

      It unites the personal self with the understanding required to both realise and achieve ones destiny in this life, relieving insecurity and apprehension, while enhancing faith and reliance in oneself and the absolute purity of the universal harmony. 

      It assists us in eliminating aspects of familiarity which obscures thought and blurs instinct, helping one with originality and precision, and bringing uniqueness without judgment to our contemplative patterns. 

      It helps us to reflect and to facilitate transformations, which are beneficial. It also enhances patience and an inner knowing of “the right time”. 

      It is interesting that, as I write this, this message should appear in my e-mail inbox: “When will transformation begin? It starts at the moment you decide to change. That’s why it’s so vital for you to stop for a moment and come face to face with one aspect of your life that needs drastic action immediately.” – Neil Eskelin 

      We are in a time of change and transformation. What are you going to do as a result of this opportunity to change? What are you going to do to make yourself better – heal yourself of any illness? Heal any relationship that is holding you back? Heal any situation that is preventing you from achieving your true potential? 

      A leadership-change signals that we should be looking at more leadership changes. Not necessarily in the physical sense but in the sense of those things that lead our lives. 

      Meditating with the crystals we have looked at this week will help us identify those areas of our life that we need to change, be it in business or our personal lives. 

      (Businesses can benefit by having these crystals in their board rooms: I have seen board rooms in Malaysia with crystals in them.) 

      Whatever we do or decide to do, remember as you sit in your crystal circle that “We are all one. When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all are healed. Therefore, in the name of who I am, and I am one with all, I ask that only that which is the highest good of all concerned happen through all dimensions, time and space in the way that is for the highest good. I give thanks that this is done!” 

      Be one with our new Prime Minister, be one with our nation, be one with the organisation you are part of and be one with every Malaysian. 



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