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Special message, emails to World Court have reached goal

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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    Dear Family of Light, I have received word that we have met our goal of 51,000 emails being received by the Word Court demanding immediate announcement of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2003


      Dear Family of Light,

      I have received word that we have met our goal of 51,000 emails being received by the Word Court demanding immediate announcement of NESARA! Good work, my friends.

      We are asked to stop sending emails now, as I requested in the footnote of today's angel message, as the goal the White Knights set has been met.

      It is anticipated that we will see a new window for the announcement opened by the world court by the middle of this coming week. And, with a totally new and committed White Knights Decision Team really to roll, it is possible that we will  see NESARA on our TV screens before mid month!

      Lets keep on handing out flyers as the occasion permits. Since we are all connected to the Universal Mind, the more people that are aware of NESARA and expecting it to be announced, the more powerful the energy becomes for this to happen! 
        I have been involved with some situations concerning Nesara for many years, and therefore I have been blessed with personal confirmation of its validity.
      As you know, Nesara is the name of an already passed law that restores our country to Constitutional Law.  Most of the laws passed in the past fifty years or more have been unconstitutional, so many people now in prison are there fraudulantly.  This act corrects many injustices that citizens of the USA have endured, and returns us to a sound economic system.
      Some people worry that Nesara is not real. I understand why some people have been caught in a double bind of not knowing if it is true or not.  There are private interests fighting the announcement of Nesara, and  the media is largely owned and controlled by these interests.
      The following report details why it is so difficult to find official confirmation.  This is one of the daily reports that I receive from a sister of Light and Love called Dove.
       'White Knights' is the term  used for those brave military men and women who are upholding their oaths to protect the Constitution of the united states of America.
      Gratitude and Love

      Cynthia Rose

      "NESARA Gag Order: Why it is Important; 

      About four years ago, I began writing Reports on prosperity programs
      related to NESARA.  In June 2000, I learned by telephone from a White
      Knight contact about the secret NESARA law and the White Knights.  For
      years, I often spent 18 hours a day calling numerous people and taking
      calls from many people as we exchanged information about what was
      with the prosperity programs and NESARA. 

      Over months and years, I created a telephone network of many contacts and
      often participated in conference calls with additional contacts.  These
      were all live telephone conversations between those of us who were
      networking to find out the current status of NESARA and the prosperity
      programs each day.  Via the telephone network, which consisted of people
      inside and outside the U.S., I was able to build a large base of
      information about the prosperity programs and the true NESARA law.

      My information came from many sources including U.S. Senators, U.S.
      Treasury Department personnel and officials, highly placed bankers both in
      the U.S. and in Europe, Federal Reserve Regional Directors who support
      NESARA and work inside the Fed to help bring NESARA to fruition,
      high-powered attorneys in New York and D.C., financial advisors, bankers
      the European Central Bank, senior stockbrokers, people in the Farm Claims
      program, wealthy White Knight corporate executives, Trustees of
      programs and related large Trusts, French government official, high level
      personnel in the White House, personal associates of U.S. Supreme Court
      Judges, a Federal Judge, agents of the National Security Agency, and U.S.
      Naval Intelligence, to name a few key sources. 

      We learned from the high-powered attorneys in D.C. when the red manuals
      containing NESARA guidelines were delivered to the heads of departments of
      the U.S. government during the last days of August 2001.  The "private"
      buzz in D.C. was all about these red manuals which had been distributed to
      give the heads of federal government departments a chance to become
      familiar with NESARA and how it impacted their departments.  We heard
      how the officials at IRS headquarters near D.C. locked the
      doors of the IRS building and refused to accept delivery of the NESARA red
      manual which was accompanied by a court order and was being delivered by
      U.S. Marshals.  We heard how the IRS held out for several hours and was
      surrounded by White Knight military troops before the IRS officials
      caved in and accepted the court order and NESARA red manual which informed
      the IRS that it was going to be abolished by NESARA's announcement.  (Some
      IRS personnel will be absorbed by the U.S. Treasury department in charge
      collecting the NESARA sales tax on new, non-essential only items.)

      My eighteen hour days of talking to people via telephone about NESARA and
      the prosperity programs enabled me to gain valuable in-depth knowledge of
      these subjects and a strong understanding of the many factors related to
      NESARA's announcement.  In the last 18 months, I've been blessed with
      additional information sources who have provided divine perspectives about
      NESARA and the prosperity programs. 

      What I have learned from all the people who have official positions that
      require them to know about NESARA is that the gag order on NESARA is
      extremely strict.  Both the World Court and the U.S. Supreme Court have
      issued extremely strict gag orders on all government, banking, military,
      intelligence, Congressional, business, and other personnel and officials
      who have had to be informed about NESARA due to their professional duties.

      The reason WHY the gag orders on NESARA are so strict is that if an
      "official" person were to give out information about NESARA publicly, this
      could cause massive economic problems around the world.  NESARA has so
      economic impacts that will ripple across the world, that if some official
      were to leak some of the details of NESARA BEFORE the announcement, this
      could cause major problems in the stock markets and commodity markets.
      Unless you have an understanding of the in-depth, worldwide  economic
      impacts of NESARA, you might not realize just how serious a LEAK from an
      "official" person could be if it came BEFORE the official announcement of

      These extremely strict gag orders state that if the person under the gag
      order gives any information about NESARA in a public way, this person will
      be immediately arrested and put into prison without possibility of bail.
      This means the person would lose their professional position and
      consequently their ability to earn money, would face very serious legal
      charges including Treason which is punishable by death, and would
      have their entire lives blow up and totally ruined simply for speaking in
      PUBLIC about NESARA. 

      There are right now 27 people in the U.S. who are in prison because they
      broke the gag order on NESARA.  In addition, unfortunately, two people
      committed Treason against the United States when they broke the NESARA gag
      order and were EXECUTED for these crimes!

      A few weeks ago when a U.S. Senator was asked during a private phone call
      how serious the gag order is, the Senator said, ". it's very serious and
      I said anything I would not be here tomorrow".

      I hope this helps us all to begin to understand that the gag orders on
      NESARA are very serious and anyone under the gag orders who gives PUBLIC
      information about NESARA could actually face being tried and executed for
      Treason.  This is why people under gag order will NOT speak about NESARA
      public; they know what the consequences would be.

      The gag orders also cover the activities which have been used to hide the
      1993 U.S. Supreme Court case and ruling which provides the foundation of
      NESARA.  The docket number case information has been revised to reflect a
      different matter.  The same thing has been done in the World Court docket
      system.  The same thing has been done in Congress's tracking system of
      bills and laws.  All these public information systems have been put under
      the gag orders in order for the preparations of NESARA's announcement and
      implementation to be done in secrecy.

      There have been EXTENSIVE arrangements made so that when NESARA is
      announced, there will be minimal economic problems.  The stock markets,
      commodity markets, and currency markets will be CLOSED immediately after
      minutes before NESARA is announced as part of AVOIDING causing economic
      problems.  MANY arrangements have been made to ensure that when NESARA is
      announced, the results are IMPROVED prosperity for most people.  This is
      why it is so critical that the gag orders must be followed.

      As part of educating people while the stock markets, commodities markets,
      and currency markets are closed, Greenspan has compiled 30 hours of
      education on video tape about the new economy based on precious metals
      backed currency.  We will have these 30 hours of education broadcast in
      U.S. beginning right after the NESARA announcement.  Applicable portions
      the 30 hours of education will be broadcast in other countries where these
      portions of the education will be useful.  We will have much to learn
      the new worldwide economy which will be based on several currencies which
      are backed by precious metals.  Once we have been educated about the new
      economy, then we will make wise decisions that will not cause problems in
      the stock markets, commodity markets, and currency markets and the markets
      will be reopened under new rules and new concepts of wise investing. 

      I am able to give information about NESARA because I am not under any
      official gag order.  I feel it is important that we get the news out about
      NESARA as part of helping to energize NESARA's announcement which has been
      fought by special interest groups in positions of power.  There are DOZENS
      of confirmations by people from around the world who have CONFIRMED NESARA
      for themselves with personal friends and associates.  You can read these
      confirmations: go to http://www.nesara.us and click on "Confirmations".
      You will see that many people do know about NESARA although none of them
      will speak about NESARA in "public".

      I do suggest that when you learn about NESARA, you continue to make wise
      and responsible financial decisions regarding your credit cards and other
      bank related loans.  It's important that while the awareness of NESARA
      gives us hope, we still have to conduct our lives in a responsible manner
      prior to NESARA's announcement."

      To subscribe to the Dove Reports, please send an email to:
      dovelist@... with the Subject:  "SUBSCRIBE" and I will manually add
      you to the Dove egroup.

      If you miss receiving the DAILY Dove Report, you may read it at the
      following websites:

      http://www.white-knights911.com  The Dove Report is very easy to read on
      this site.

      http://www.nesara.us  Click on "Daily Reports"


      courtesy,  www.panhala.net
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