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A new World Court e-mail address

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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    ... From: Jim Nash To: Jim Nash Cc: Jane and Mike Pugh ; Dove Sent: Friday, October 03, 2003 5:45 PM Subject: A new World Court e-mail address Good Afternoon
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 3, 2003
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      From: Jim Nash
      Sent: Friday, October 03, 2003 5:45 PM
      Subject: A new World Court e-mail address

      Good Afternoon NESARA Take Action Team,
      Many of you are realizing that you are getting returned e-mails from World Court.  The e-mail address of mail@...  is either full or purposely turned off.  We have found a new e-mail address of information@... which needs to be used at this time.  I am asking all Team members to use this new e-mail address and blitz the World Court again with your e-mails!  Dove has said that we specifically need to have the words, "To World Court Judges" in the subject line.  You can even include the word, "NESARA" in the subject line as well.  The White Knights are needing 50,000 worldwide e-mails as proof that the people of this planet want NESARA and we want it NOW!  I am asking that our Canadian members specifically send many e-mails as they are wanting to see a worldwide turnout of messages and not just that of the United States.  We ALL need to send as many e-mails as we possibly can.  The new address for the World Court again is information@....  This is a CRUCIAL task that we are asking and we are confident that all of you will get this job done!
      Let's go Team!  Time to take action!
      Jim and Yvonne Nash

    • nachi
      I m afraid to let down my wall and Love with an Open Heart Our heart is amazing. It s capacity to love is endless. Our heart knows no bounds, no limitations,
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 5, 2003
        I'm afraid to let down my wall and
        Love with an Open Heart

         Our heart is amazing. It's capacity to love is endless. Our
        heart knows no bounds, no limitations, except the ones we place
        on it. What is also amazing, is the extent with which we protect
        our heart; the lengths we go to try to close it so that it cannot
        be hurt. We often put walls around our heart, thinking that would
        keep the pain out. What we fail to recognize is that our heart
        is bigger than any pain, any hurt, and in fact, any difficulty we
        face. We forget just how big and how loving our heart really is.

         We have believed that our heart could be broken. This is not the
        case. The real pain is when we have chosen to contain our heart, to
        keep it small and enclosed. What really hurts us is not allowing
        our heart to be as limitless and as all encompassing as it really

        Our heart always responds to invitation. If we were to check our heart
        this moment to see its size, and then invite it to grow and expand to
        include our body and the area around us, we'd be amazed at the response.
        The moment we invite our heart to expand to include the space around
        us, the area around us, the people around us, our heart instantly
        responds by growing and radiating its presence.

         Our heart is pure love. When we invite our heart to encompass any
        difficulty, any pain we are feeling, the love in our heart
        dissolves the pain, dissolves the fear we are experiencing. When
        we invite our heart to encompass any wall that we have built, our
        heart is big enough and strong enough to dissolve any walls that
        have been built to contain it.

         Our heart's capacity to love is infinite. Our heart feels like it is
        broken when we attempt to hold back its capacity, when we attempt
        to block its healing power. It hurts when we try to hold back love
        from a situation, from a person, from loving whole - heartedly.

         When we feel we have been hurt, we tend to pull our heart in, to
        withhold its love. This is what really hurts us, for if we were to
        invite our heart to expand and encompass the pain, we would see there
        is no pain bigger than our heart, bigger than who we really are.

         You cannot force your heart to do anything. It only responds to
        invitation. Don't worry about manipulating your heart; it will not
        listen to any manipulation or force. The function of the heart is
        very simple - its function is to love. If you wish an open heart,
        invite your heart to expand and encompass any fear you have about
        this. If invited to, the heart will expand to dissolve any wall,
        any fear, we have built.

         We remind you that your heart is limitless. We remind you that all
        your heart needs is an invitation to open and expand to include
        everyone and everything in your life. Ask your heart: "Is there
        room for this person in my life?" and listen to your heart's answer.
        And as your heart is opening, ask your heart how big it really
        is and it will always respond, "I am infinite."

        For your consideration,

        -- The Guides
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