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  • Polly
    OCTOBER ASTROLOGY REPORT © September 2003 Roxana Muise October holds 18 dynamic aspects: one conjunction, one opposition, one shadow point, four squares,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2003
      © September 2003  Roxana Muise

      October holds 18 dynamic aspects: one conjunction, one opposition,
      one shadow point, four squares, four ingresses, three occultations,
      one retrograde station, one direct station, one full Moon and one new
      Moon. Vibrant, forceful, stimulative waves govern this months shared
      energy patterns, all vying for attention. People will respond to
      confident leadership, however it is up to each person to discern
      truth. A more cooperative mood arises by October 9th, and throughout
      the rest of the month a more supportive atmosphere is possible. Both
      at the month's beginning and ending we will see a cooperative spirit
      between nurturance and security issues.

      10/4          Mercury ESP (Ending Shadow Point) 26:19 Virgo, 1:10 PM.
      The past month and a half has provided an arena for scrutinizing
      health and service pursuits. In trying out different patterns in
      these areas, you have gained experience that has revealed new options
      for living. Now you may implement these options to help you to map
      out a more satisfying life direction.

      10/6          Sun squares Saturn 12:53 Libra/Cancer, 6:40 AM.  People
      hunger and thirst for responsible and reliable leaders to show them
      how to repair difficulties in their life patterns. Talk is cheap, but
      those who provide living examples can win their trust. Be among those
      who address principles instead of details they are the real problem

                    Moon occults Mars 0:42 Pisces, 8:38 AM. Honesty will be
      supported, and dishonesty will be revealed. Inner processes may
      suddenly become public, and outer behavior may be intensified by
      inner turmoil, as emotional patterns may become disconnected. Watch
      over and show consideration to those who appear vulnerable. If you
      feel exposed to distractive or disruptive influences, delay action
      until you can center yourself.

                    Mercury enters Libra 6:28 PM.  Communicate your
      creative ideas and work with others on team activities. Apply
      yourself in coordinating goals of fairness, and recognize individual
      excellence even if it requires you to adjust your previous opinions
      and observations. Cooperative mediation can result in success.

      10/9          Venus enters Scorpio 11:56 AM.  Strong, deep feelings
      arise. Instead of irrational or precipitous actions, take the time to
      apply patience. Issues of self-control may drain your energy. Find a
      trusted friend or professional to consult with one who can suggest
      constructive options without judging you.

      10/10           Full Moon 16:35 Aries/Libra west coast 12:27 AM; 3:27
      AM.  Bringing projects to fruition may be troubled with setbacks.
      These delays may be blessings in disguise. Overlooked or forgotten
      components in the projects that may weaken your position can become
      apparent. West coast environments center on the interaction between
      foundation or groundwork and their effects on public image. East
      coast issues deal with individual values and their effects on
      companions or associates. Here again, patience and diligence are
      needed to keep the processes flowing and open to more effective

      10/14          Mercury squares Saturn 13:07 Libra/Cancer, 7:49 AM. 
      Challenge meets every communication and all commerce. A shakeout
      period accompanies projects concerned with intellectual properties or
      collaborations between peers. Many projects will fail unless created
      with care and built on sound principles. This is a good time to build
      trust, and to enlist in educational courses. Reciprocal agreements
      can create powerful relationships.

      10/17          Venus squares Neptune Rx 10:24 Scorpio/Aquarius, 8:30
      PM.  Spiritual projects may attract mature or conscious people,
      presenting opportunities for the growth and development for all.
      Intuitive views of future prospects open now. Choose carefully where
      you put your trust value only that which brings the greatest hope for
      future achievement. Moderation is imperative.

      10/22          Neptune turns direct 10:24 Aquarius, 6:55 PM.  This is
      a magical time, where one step in a new direction can lead to either
      optimism and expansion, or self-control and new responsibilities.
      Small adjustments can make the difference between clear vision and

      10/23          Sun enters Scorpio 1:09 PM.  Shining light in dark
      places makes it difficult to keep secrets and to hide from the truth.
      Introversion and extroversion may surprisingly switch places in a
      smooth conversion. Creative imagination can be identified and

      10/24          Mercury enters Scorpio, and Chiron (13:14 Capricorn)
      opposes Saturn (13:14 Cancer), 4:20 AM.  Another shift in perspective
      is possible. Approach your goals with new perspectives. Connectivity
      is not easily accomplished, however. You may feel alone on your path,
      with no more than wise vision from the past to guide you. Avoid
      getting caught up in negative thought patterns. Use this time to
      become aware of your weaknesses and build your inner strength.  

      10/25          Sun conjoins (superior), and occults Mercury 1:34
      Scorpio, 2:58 AM.  Practical, linear thinking and common sense may be
      suspended briefly, but long enough for new patterns to insert
      themselves. A flow of uncommon and exceptional ideas may become
      apparent that can lead to transformation and the beginning of a new

                    New Moon 1:41 Scorpio, west coast 5:50 AM; east coast
      8:50 AM.  Begin anew, with open minds and hearts. This begins a
      period of potential rebirth, through developing the ability to think
      outside of recognized parameters. To those aspected, nothing will
      respond in the same patterns to the old ways of thinking. This can
      lead to frustration for those unwilling to change, and glorious
      liberation for those willing to embrace extraordinary possibilities.
      On the west coast, open communication and creative options support
      personal processes. The east coast environment favors behind the
      scenes processes supported by transformed talents and values, and
      transcended principles and honorable action.

                    Saturn turns retrograde 13:14 Cancer, 4:43 PM.  The
      opportunity to develop and enhance structural projects concerned with
      domestic issues depends on successfully cleaning up programs that
      failed to satisfy needs. Some problems cannot be solved using old,
      outdated methodologies. This retrograde period can be used to
      investigate new constructive approaches.

      10/26          Moon occults Venus 21:12 Scorpio, 11:53 AM. An
      interruption in the internalized energy flow allows you to identify
      and make modifications in your desires. Needs attempt to supersede
      wishes, cravings and longings just long enough to instill a bit of
      guilt. The trick here is to avoid getting caught up in emotional
      games. Compare your necessities against your passions. Necessities
      tend to win, unless they can be delayed or placed on temporary hold.
      Often things that excite passion make life worth living.

      10/30          Mercury squares Neptune Rx 10:25 Scorpio/Aquarius,
      11:35 AM.  Use your intuition and sensitivity to satisfy a deep
      curiosity regarding the nature of mind. Spiritual awareness and
      critical perception merge to address issues of consciousness and
      reality. Make believe you are successful, and you are
      literally "making a belief real." Use your ingenuity to support that
      belief. An intense need to better oneself motivates people to
      persevere, when they might be tempted to give up.

      2003 October Symbology
      © September 2003 Roxana Muise

      October was named for the eighth month of the old Roman calendar.
      October is associated with the altruistic Athena, Greek wisdom
      goddess, and guardian of heroes. October is also sacred to the Roman
      goddess Astraea. Daughter of Zeus and Themis, Astraea is honored as
      the goddess of purity, justice and discipline. Astraea brought
      patience and hope to the world of mortals, as they progressed into
      ever more violent times. May we now invoke her benevolent energies?
      October is also sacred to the great goddess, Hathor, whose joyful
      religion lasted for over 3,000 years, embodies all the feminine
      possibilities. Goddess of sensual pleasures, and the special guardian
      spirit of all women and all female animals, Hathor is also identified
      with the Greek Aphrodite, the spirit of guile and sexuality and the
      Roman Venus, the spirit of charm and beauty, who governs the sign

      The gemstones linked with October are the opal and the tourmaline.
      The fire opal, Octobers most spectacular gemstone, may be worn as a
      talisman of hope, for it embodies the colors of all precious stones.
      The opal is said to avert painful times and misfortune when worn by
      those born under the Sun sign of Libra (September 23 to October 23).
      For the Scorpio part of October, the tourmaline balances the polarity
      of its wearer and deflects negativity, especially when worn on the
      forehead at the third eye or at the throat chakra. Tourmaline wands
      are used in massage and in healing rituals.

      October 2 is Mahatma Ghandis birthday. Born in Western India in 1869,
      he developed a creed of passive resistance against injustice:
      satyagraha, meaning truth force.

      On October 4th, we celebrate the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi.
      St. Francis had an affinity for animals and for all the elements of
      creation he was a patron of natural conservation, and he understood
      the natural cycles of Earth, as you will see in the selection below.

      October 5 is Lailat al Miraj, the ascension of the prophet Muhammad.
      Founder of Islam, he was born in Makkah, present-day Saudi Arabia
      around 570 C.E.

      In Judaism, this October is filled with celebrations of endings. Yom
      Kippur, on October 5/6 means "Day of Atonement". It is the annual day
      set aside for repentance. October 11 begins the 9-day festival of
      Sukkoth (festival of the Tabernacle), which commemorates the booths
      or shelters that God provided for the Children of Israel during their
      time in the wilderness. Simhath Torah (October 19), which
      means "Rejoicing of the Law", observes the turning of the yearly
      cycle of the daily reading of the Torah, the Jewish holy Book of The
      Law. October 19 marks the end of the Jewish High Holy Day season and
      thanksgiving festival.

      (Note: Please forgive my error: Sukkoth was mistakenly included in
      September's Report, which was the date of Sukkoth in 2002.)

      Watch the skies surrounding the night of October 21 for the gift of
      Light and inspiration from the annual Orionids Meteor Shower.

      October is also the gateway to the darker part of the year, and many
      cultures celebrated the end of October in honor of those who have
      died. The ancient Persians celebrated Mordad, dedicated to appeasing
      the Angel of Death. The Hindus celebrate a festival of the dead
      called Durga. The ancient Egyptians celebrated the Day of the Dead in
      November, and the Mexicans and Peruvians commune with deceased
      relatives during the "Days of the Dead" that span the end of October
      and the first day of November. On October 31, Kali, the terrible
      goddess is invoked to slay the demons within. Hallowe'en (Holy
      Evening, or All Hallows Eve), called the Day of the Dead in Latin
      cultures in the Americas, and All Souls Day in western Christian
      cultures is when prayers for those loved ones who have left this
      plane of existence are evoked. Their accomplishments and/or their
      misdeeds are acknowledged, and their souls are remembered in prayer.
      This sets the stage for All Saints Day, November first, when
      Christian heroes and heroines are recognized and petitioned to assist
      us mortals in their quest for a more blessed existence for our souls
      after death.

      October 31 is also the Eve of Samhain (pronounced Sow-wan), the
      Celtic New Year's Eve, which celebrates the peak of the cycle of
      rebirth. It is a magical time of shape shifting, when the veil
      between the seen and the unseen is very thin, and mysteries are
      revealed to the faithful. It is similar to its yearly opposite,
      Beltane, with its occurrences elemental mischief and uncanny

      This is also the season of the Scandinavian goddess, Skuld, the third
      and last of the Fates, who ruled the processes of life. Skuld honors
      the Crone, or the final wisdom path of the goddess, also known as
      Cailleach. Cailleach is the Crone Aspect of the Great Goddess,
      Creator of Storms, and Goddess of Sovereignty. The Cailleach Beara is
      one of the oldest living mythological beings associated with Ireland,
      and is born old at Samhain (Nov 1st) but grows ever younger over time
      until she is a beautiful maiden at Beltane.  Z. Budapest describes
      Skuld as the Fate that allows transit to the other side of life.

      Currently, there are more than 1728 different religions on Earth,
      most of which have common doctrines, similar histories and
      allegorical components of ancient beliefs. It is interesting to share
      the parallels rather than to point out the differences. And most have
      components that are timeless and valid in today's world.

      Excerpt from St. Francis'Canticle of the Sun:

           "...Be praised, my Lord, through all your creatures, especially
      through my lord Brother Sun, who brings the day; and you give light
      through him. And he is beautiful and radiant in all his splendor! Of
      you, Most High, he bears the likeness.
           Be praised, my Lord, through Sister Moon and the stars; in the
      heavens you have made them, precious and beautiful.
           Be praised, my Lord, through Brothers Wind and Air, and clouds
      and storms, and all the weather, through which you give your
      creatures sustenance.
           Be praised, my Lord, through Sister Water; she is very useful,
      and humble, and precious, and pure.
           Be praised, my Lord, through Brother Fire, through whom you
      brighten the night. He is beautiful and cheerful, and powerful and
           Be praised, my Lord, through our sister Mother Earth, who feeds
      us and rules us, and produces various fruits with colored flowers and

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