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  • Polly & Robert Menendez
    Dear Patricia, Your request is not within the scope of abilities for list moderators. This is done by list members on the Edit my membership link. You can
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2001
      Dear Patricia,

      Your request is not within the scope of abilities for list
      This is done by list members on the "Edit my membership" link.

      You can try adding a third email into your list of email addresses.
      I've tried this before, and it never seemed to recognize the third
      one I set up.

      The first two are the one you currently are using and the other is
      the yahoo email they give you when you set up a userid for yahoo
      groups. Since they have just gone through an upgrade, perhaps the
      drop down box will show the third one now. You need to click the
      link that says "add a new email address" on the Edit my Membership
      page. Then you will need to click the drop down box to select the
      new email address as default.

      The other possibility is to unsubscribe from your membership, and
      sign on with a new membership.
      Whichever way you works for you, remember that you will want all of
      the other yahoo groups you may belong to done the same way so that
      they all show up on your "Mygroups" link.

      This link takes you directly to the Edit my Membership.

      If you have any difficulties, here is my personal email address:

      Sincerely, Polly

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      Please change my email address to: patgn@...

      Thank you
      Patricia Guzman

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