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Fw: 14 Sagittarius The Angels of Trade and Money

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Aurora Borealis Stationery by Lady Isis 14 degrees Sagittarius The Angels of Trade and Money Also known as The Angels of ‘Giria’ Beloved, ‘We are
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      Aurora Borealis Stationery by Lady Isis

      14 degrees Sagittarius

      The Angels of Trade and Money

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Giria’


      ‘We are assigned by Divine Providence to control trade and monetary matters of earth.

      From the earliest beginnings, all trade and the making of coins from all types of metals, fell under the range of our competence.

      We have helped mankind develop in this respect in accordance with his grade of maturity and the scheduled time’.

      To the extent that the Highest Ethics and Morality is present in each transaction, to that extent the Kingdom of Heaven manifests in the affairs of mankind, and prosperity and security are assured for everyone.

      When goods or services are exchanged with love, integrity, generosity, value, and compassion, the result is goodwill, security, understanding, satisfaction, affection, loyalty, trust, gratitude, optimism, and inspiration.

      These considerations are priceless. As any business person knows, these qualities create good reputation, loyal customer base, best public relations and advertising, good credit, mutual co-operation, respect, satisfaction, happiness, optimism, high vision, heartfelt assistance and productivity.

      In the plan for heaven on earth, the glorious path of the spirit and soul are part of the path of business and trade. Spiritual use of money, services, and trade is the way that Divine Consciousnes has provided for plenty and abundance to be enjoyed by all.

      All life is destined to sing praises of joy.

      The connection between eggs and bacon on the breakfast table and the presence of darkness and confusion in society is clear. "Pork bellies", "factory farming", and "wood chip" facilities chewing up sacred forests is suicidal. Harmlessness and love is the most important ethical consideration in all trade and monetary systems.

      In the web of life, all is sacred. All is connected. What affects the smallest part has repercussions on the whole. As even the smallest creature or piece of land is protected as sacred, the entire unified field of energy vibrates with harmony and joy in all dimensions.


      Look at the letters in our name, ‘Giria’:


      This is the profundity of Divine Grace and Mercy in all its infinite expressions. The virtue of divine peace of the mind and the ability to give true divine blessing is attained by meditating on this virtue. In the emotions there is the feeling of complete happiness and satisfaction. In the material world, this virtue represents all phases of riches and wealth, of happiness and satisfaction.

      Musical tone F. Deep grass green color. A feeling of chill. Enlivens the left eye.



      This is the law of cause and effect. All doings, all life come under this law. This is the tenth letter and represents the one in its highest form. Meditating on this virtue brings about perfect memory, remembrance, and conscience in the mind. You master the understanding of feelings, and learn how to heal your own or another’s emotions by the use of cause and effect. In the physical you understand the laws of analogy between the micro and the macrocosm.

      Musical note G. Light opal color. Earth element—sense with a feeling of weight. Enlivens the left kidney.



      This is the virtue of freedom and independence. Meditating on this virtue gives you an eminent mind and perfect attunement to Divine Providence and at-one-ment with all Divine Laws so that you never misuse free will in any way. In the feelings this awakens ingenuity. In the physical this virtue causes a rational widening of your intellect.

      Musical note C. Golden light. Enlivens the left side of the nose.



      Cause and Effect. Mastering this virtue gives the ability to perform miracles with everything that has number, weight, measure, and shape.



      This is the attainment of the highest wisdom and the highest illumination that may ever be lavished on a human being.

      Meditating on this virtue brings about an enlightened mind with all its fundamental features of reasoning, the cognition of the most profound truths, highest knowledge, and high intelligence.

      On the feeling level, all talents such as musical ability, eloquence, and poetic talent are accessable. You also experience clairvoyance, clairaudience, the mastery of languages, the art of levitation and the control of the air element.

      On the material level the control of air spirits, storms, and the abiltiy to heal any diseases of the lungs are available through merging in consciousness with the virtue of enlightenment. This is a soft A, such as in ah or Allah.

      Visualize it as light blue with a sense of ease, filling all space, inwardly and outwardly. The sound of A is the musical note G.




      When you handle money and trade in harmlessness and love, we, the Angels of ‘Giria’, inspire and protect you, and along with other groups of angels, heap blessing upon blessing upon blessing upon you and your affairs.

      Those who use trade and money according to the highest good of all concerned are the stewards of the Most High and bring heaven to earth.


      "By their fruits ye shall know them."




      The following message is one of 28 original angel messages that were received in the month prior to 23 comets hitting Jupiter in the summer of 1994. They are being repeated, one each day, during this lunar cycle.


      Day 21

      21st Angel Message

      As the nurturing Mother principle of the ALL THAT IS allows the light to grow,

      more Beings experience growth in consciousness.

      This allows the cycle to begin again.

      Beings become conscious of ALL THAT IS,

      of BEING ONE with ALL THAT IS,

      shinning the LIGHT of THEIR AWARENESS.

      This causes other BEINGS TO SEE THE LIGHT and become AWARE ALSO!

      How Beautiful!

      This is how the Mother Principle causes the Father principle ,

      which in turn causes the Mother Principle and on and on

      This is the meaning of YIN turning into YANG,

      which turns again into yin,

      over and over,


      It's happening constantly in all levels of being from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. HALLELUYAH, this is the SOURCE of what you know as PRAISE!

      So we return again to our message.

      When you ASK for something and we help it to manifest,

      be it on the spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical planes

      or all four,

      then changes happen which create a never ending chain of events that stretch out into all eternity. This is the source of AWE!

      This is also POWER.


      Do you wonder why your Bible and Torah state that man is created in the IMAGE OF GOD?




      WE ARE ONE!





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