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Re: [lovingpurelove] Re RON to Pattii

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  • Karen Pennington
    Ron, I don t mean to butt in (but, that s never stopped me from putting in my $.02 before). I m just going through my e-mails and I ve seen this one from you
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 8, 2000
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      Ron, I don't mean to butt in (but, that's never
      stopped me from putting in my $.02 before). I'm just
      going through my e-mails and I've seen this one from
      you to Patti. She may have already answered you; but I
      felt compelled to add my thoughts. Communicating is
      one of the hardest things we humans try to do. Have
      you ever been in a situation where you're speaking
      English and the other person is speaking English; but
      you still can't seem to understand what point the
      other is trying to make? Communication works easier in
      person because you get the added benefit of voice
      inflections, hand gestures, eye rolls, and all those
      other little body language things we read and
      understand without realizing it. I've always heard the
      Golden Rule is one of the best measures against which
      to weigh and measure your thoughts and intentions.
      Trusting your inner voice of right and wrong also
      helps. If something feels good and is the way you
      would want to be treated yourself, generally speaking
      we all would like to have our share of hugs and kisses
      and supportive verbiage, giving and receiving
      validation works well most of the time. I am 50 years
      old, have been married 18, have 2 teenage sons and I
      still have trouble some days with my own definition of
      love or if I really know what it is at all. I think
      it's a work in progress. I do have those moments
      though when my soul fills up with warmth and a feeling
      of safety and someone needing me as much as I need
      them. I guess love's definition is different for
      everyone. I hope I've not been on my soap box for too
      long. But, no never stop trying to explain love to
      yourself or those around you. Who knows, with everyone
      searching, maybe one day we will all help each other
      to truly know. Love & Hugs, Karen
      --- Ronald cogan <coganra@...> wrote:
      > Hello, I just read your post and all the things that
      > you are saying
      > is great if you grew up listening to that type of
      > thinking, but what
      > if you grew up with the negitive type of thinking
      > and want to
      > change. You don't always know how to do that, and
      > It takes practice
      > to be who I really am. I tend to think the way
      > that my life was but
      > I don't like that type of thinking, so I am in the
      > process of
      > changing that thinking, but I could use some study
      > time on how to
      > look at the world from a loving point of view. I
      > might not be
      > explaining this the right way. During the war, I
      > ran into many
      > people who grew up with there life was a mess, and
      > so was there
      > thinking. When along came this bonehead american
      > and explained that
      > life was full of love and they had trouble
      > understanding, untill I
      > told them how to forgive and care for someone else
      > and that is what
      > life is all about. After that they started loving
      > others all around
      > them and came to me to ask if what they were doing
      > was what love is.
      > I hope this explains what I am asking. boy these
      > words are the pits,
      > to communitate. You know I know one thing, the love
      > that I want to
      > express here, I can't put into words. Does that
      > mean that I should
      > not try to explain? ---RON

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    • pattimaris1675@aol.com
      Ron, It doesn t matter if you grew up thinking that way or not. Love is inside us all. Even those that have never experienced it before, doesn t matter, it
      Message 2 of 3 , Dec 8, 2000
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        Ron, It doesn't matter if you grew up thinking that way or not. Love is
        inside us all. Even those that have never experienced it before, doesn't
        matter, it is still there to feel. There is no pattern, there no way - love
        is there, here. Close your eyes and feel it.
        Go to it. Ask for it. Love is pure and will come.
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