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Fw: 12 Sagittarius The Angels of High Magic

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    12 degrees Sagittarius The Angels of High Magic Also known as The Angels of ‘Ugali’ Beloved, ‘We initiate only those who are very advanced on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2001


      12 degrees Sagittarius

      The Angels of High Magic

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Ugali’


      ‘We initiate only those who are very advanced on the spiritual path to perfection. We initiate people into high magic, the abilitiy to perform the greatest miracles, and this in turn leads to the highest wisdom.

      Only a virtually enlightened person will succeed in getting into direct contact with us. If, however, you have even once succeeded in this , we are the best initiators into the highest magic, especially spheric magic. It is we who can initiate you into the most secret sciences that reveal to you the highest wisdom’.

      Spheric magic activates the transformational processes and the heavenly hosts of all the planets and spheres in the solar system. Angels of the Sun work with the Masculine Force, Electricity, and Will. Angels of the moon sphere work with the Feminine Force, Magnetism, and Feeling . Angels of Venus work with receptive love. Angels of Mars work with creative love. Angels of Mercury work with receptive wisdom. Jupiter angels are creative wisdom. Saturn angels deal with receptive will. Earth is creative will. Uranus is the secondary Sun of Highest Will, Neptune is the secondary Sun of Highest Wisdom, and Pluto is the secondary Sun of Highest Love.

      At this time Divine Providence has provided for ever increasing numbers of people to advance to such a high degree of consciousness that the highest miracles are accomplished by them. This is the part of the Divine Plan that Christ referred to this when he said,"All that I do ye shall do and more".

      It is actually part of the Divine Plan of Heaven on Earth, and preferable, for everyone to mature to this level of consciousness. This is possible if they so desire and if they dedicate themselves to the task. This journey to enlightenment is the Hero’s journey of myths and legends, and it is the truth of every soul to fulfill, it is in the blueprint of every soul that is born.

      "It is not the Father’s will that any be lost."

      Therefore, if you so desire our help, be assured that we will send our helpers to you in this regard. If you follow the inspiration of these that we send, eventually you will reach that point of perfection that will allow you to receive our direct help and access the Highest Mysteries.

      The letters of our name, ‘Ugali’, point you in the direction of the light that we represent.


      ’The sound of this letter is the divine virtue in which the essence of consciousness-that-penetrates-all [Akasha-principle ] becomes understandable from the point of view of the creative act.

      It is at the point of meditating on this virtue that karma is understood. The original source of everything that exists, in all its forms, is revealed so that you fully comprehend it and have it close at hand in consciousness. This evokes the highest form of intuition and inspiration in the mental body. The ability to transfer your consciousness wherever you want or evoke states of trance is available to you’




      ’The sound of this letter is the divine virtue of Grace and Mercy. The profundity of Divine Grace and Mercy in all aspects in the akasha principle is experienced. Divine peace of the spirit and the ability to give true divine blessing is attained. Happiness in feelings, satisfaction, and the ability to have success and wealth in the material world manifests’.



      ’This divine virtue is the attainment in the akasha principle of the highest wisdom and the highest illumination that may ever be lavished on a human being. This brings about an enlightened mind with all it’s fundamental features of reasoning, the cognition of the most profound truths, highest knowledge, and high intelligence. On the feeling level, all talents such as musical ability, eloquence, and poetic talent are made available. Also clairvoyance, clairaudience, the art of levitation and the control of the air element and it’s beings are attained. The mastery of languages is also given. On the material level the control of air spirits, storms, and the abiltiy to heal any diseases of the lungs is mastered’.



      ’In the akasha principle this letter represents the highest divine virtues that may be described by words. The Divine Majesty and Greatness of God in the form of the purest virtues can be understood when comtemplating the meaning of this letter. On a mental level, the faculty of comprehending true morality from a mystical point of view is attained. On a feeling level, you can become one with Divine Virtues. On a material level you gain perfect health, beauty, harmony, and become the master of vitality.’



      In the akasha principle this letter refers to fate, that is to the karma law, which is the law of cause and effect. All doings and all actions, all life, come under this law. The law of evolution is expressed by it. On the mental level this is analogous to memory, remembrance and conscience. On the feeling level , the astral matrix, the connecting link between the material body and the soul, or feelings, corresponds to the principle and laws of cause and effect. On the material level the laws of analogy between the microcosm and the macrocosm is understood’.

      The key is to follow the meditations given in previous messages on each of these letters especially, and all of the letters in general. Expect to spend enough time, with enough repetitions, with each part of the meditation of the divine qualities of each letter for it to be second nature, easy and spontaneous. This allows the Virtues to penetrate your consciousness to the level of pure being, so that your identity merges with these same virtues that were always a part of your spirit in truth. Thus you begin to outpicture the truth in your own being of the ancient saying that man is created in the image and likeness of God.



      It is also helpful to allow the light of the sun’s rays to safely and directly enter your optic nerve through your eyes. Light encoded ‘software’ from higher consciousness, corresponding to the degree of the zodiac that the sun is in, downloads into your pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus in this way. The sun is a step down transformer of Divine Consciousness in the physical realm.

      At present the Sun is emitting frequent and powerful mass coronal ejections which are the physical manifestation of rapture and bliss that the Divine Consciousness is feeling, thinking, and willing on higher levels.

      At the time of this writing, our consciousness is carried on the rays of the sun. Anyone who allows direct Sun’s rays into their eyes during the next 24-48 hours will get direct access to this consciousness on rays of light. We say 48 hours because tomorrow’s sun is emitting similar coded messages from the Angels of ‘Elason’, who also work with High Magic.

      We reveal everything to those who have reached a high degree of perfection.

      Remember the last time that you gazed into the eyes of an infant?

      Do you remember the feeling?

      We ask you, "When was the last time that you gazed into the eyes of such perfection?"

      Close your eyes and remember. Do so now.

      Now we ask you, "Was it not your Master’s wisdom that told you that except you become as little children, you shall in no wise enter the kingdom of Heaven?"

      Know that it is not only those who are small in body who are infants.

      The aspect of the Divine Infant, ever young, ever beautiful, ever perfect, dwells within each child of God in immortality.

      The brainwave state of Delta, 0 to 4 oscillations per second, is naturally strong during the first four years of life.

      This brainwave state corresponds to Pure Being, the level that precedes deep inward thought. It is the brainwave state that corresponds to spirit, to will, to intention, and is the beginning of the continuum of energy that manifests next through your mind, then your emotions, and finally your body.

      At any age it is possible to DWELL continuously and consciously within this Delta state, this state of pure being. You are meant to stay within the consciousness of your spirit, to be the Divine Infant that you always are, in this state of Pure Being. It is when you already are identifying yourself with Pure Being, at the same time that you are aware in thought, feeling, and form, that you experience the kingdom of heaven within you and outside of you in the wholebrain manner that was always intended in the divine plan.

      This Infant Self within you is the perfection that is necessary for you to solve the mysteries of life, for it is the part of you that is one with Divine Consciousness-penetrating–all. This consciousness never harms anything, for it experiences itself as one with all life and is in love with all.

      The gift of High Magic is your inheritance as children of the Most High God. When you claim and dwell in this state of pure being, nothing is impossible for you.




      The following message is one of 28 original angel messages that were received in the month prior to 23 comets hitting Jupiter in the summer of 1994. They are being repeated, one each day, during this lunar cycle.


      Day 19

      19th Angel Message

      Dearly beloved,

      Angel hosts are gathered about you at this time.

      There are multitudes in ever widening circles of power, consciousness, and beauty.

      Again, there is the STILLNESS, again, THE AWARENESS.

      It is at this point in consciousness that the state of PURE BEING comes.

      There is no activity except that of JUST BEING TOGETHER.

      WE ARE THE MANY in appearance who are yet the ONE in CONSCIOUSNESS.

      This is a very powerful experience, and it is from this point of NO ACTIVITY, of complete STOPPING AND BEING, that all else will come.

      This stillness, called by the Buddhists of your planet, THE VOID,

      called by the others THE PRESENCE,

      yet by others the CENTER,

      is a larger octave of what your bible referred to as "the still small voice".(1 Kings 19:12-13) At this stage it is not small, nor is it only a voice,

      it is the CENTER OF THE BEING OF GOD;

      it is a greater octave of the experience of the I AM.

      Ho! And, yes it is good.

      This is the center of Being!

      Welcome home, all ye Beings and CREATURES of God!

      Welcome to that which IS

      the foundation and TRUTH OF BEING!

      This experience will be yet greater,

      yet deeper and more centered at the 28th level.

      However, it is at this point, the 19th level, that the physical TEMPLE is flooded with the neuropeptides

      (internally secreted chemical essences)

      that create a certain luminosity or a feeling of THE SUBLIME

      that will never completely go away.

      It is there for the duration, and even though storms again come and go in the sea of consciousness, this awareness is finally and firmly rooted in the deepest parts of peace and trust.

      This 19th level is the state of "Delta Brain Waves",

      0 to 4 oscillations per second of brain electrical activity.

      This is the state of pure being without doing.



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