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Sun - Mercury Alignment

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Dear Lovingpurelove members, The Sun-Mercury alignment makes us aware that we are the creative impulse of Divine Manifestation. The Moon-Jupiter aspect
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2001
      Dear Lovingpurelove members,

      "The Sun-Mercury alignment makes us aware that we are the creative
      impulse of Divine Manifestation."

      "The Moon-Jupiter aspect combines the Second and Fourth Rays
      and helps support the fusion and blending of heart and mind.

      refer to Astrology Report for 3 December, 2001.

      This brings me to ask each of you if you have gathered a listing of
      your angel guides through the planetary positions of your astrology
      report. If you have, I am wondering if you are feeling a deep
      affinity with their reason and virtue, and recognize yourself
      aligned with their wisdom and desire.

      I am hoping that the members here will begin uploading files of
      their personal angel guides so we can explore their functions with
      more intensity, either individually, or through group endeavor.

      Perhaps we could begin by sending around a list showing our
      Sun-Mercury angels and our Moon-Jupiter angels. It could prove to
      be very insightful in seeing how these work together. We can make
      our study here more joyful and useful by consciously exploring the
      uniqueness of our designated services to humanity and build a
      growing awareness of the divine urges inherent in each being.

      Here are my angel guides of Sun, Mercury, Moon, and Jupiter.

      Sun: S-E-M-E-Ch-L-E : Angels of Natural Medicine, 25 Scorpio

      Mercury: E-R-I-M-I-T-E-S : Angels of Peace on Earth, 4 Sagittarius

      Moon: C-O-B-E-L : Angels of Fragrance, Aromatherapy, 19 Virgo

      Jupiter: S-A-G-A-R-A : Angels of Miracles, 12 Scorpio

      If someone will return this to me with their angels included, I will
      keep the list growing by sending out to another, and so on. It will
      be a good exercise in exploring how others are designed to work for
      the Divine Experience.

      Love, Polly
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