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Fw: 8 Sagittarius The Angels of the Moon

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    8 degrees Sagittarius The Angels of the Moon Also known as The Angels of Ramage Beloved, We work with the influences of the 28 days of each moon cycle on
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2001


      8 degrees Sagittarius

      The Angels of the Moon

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Ramage’


      We work with the influences of the 28 days of each moon cycle on the earth.

      We are the angels who can give you the best information on rhythm and periodicity.

      We are prepared to reveal to you the secrets of the 28 moon stations and their influences on human life in the physical, emotional and mental aspects and to show you how to make practical use of this knowledge’.

      Divine Providence has ordained that the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, come together at this time.

      In the beginning times we inspired, through intuition and instinct, an emotional attunement of the 28 moon stations on the affairs of mankind. The planting of various crops at different times, the best time to hunt, to gather, to dream, to build, to conceive, to celebrate, to rest, to begin and to end; all of the various activities of life were performed according to the natural magnetic emotional influences of the moon on all life.

      Then came times when mankind forgot the lessons of periodicity and rhythm, and the magnetic powers of emotion. The left hemisphere of the brain became dominant. Words and logic began to rule and the moon was seen only as a celestial light in the night sky. Some vague awareness was still retained by some, such as sailors, hunters, and midwives, whose livelihood depended on this knowledge, but much of the use of the emotional rhythm and power of the 28 moon stations was lost for all practical purposes.

      We are introducing ourselves to you now that we may inspire you again with this knowledge. In these times, when the left and the right brain join together for whole brain awareness, we help you find the teachers and teachings of the moon cycles while on an intuitive and feeling level we awaken within you the  sense of the unique emotional blessings and qualities of each of the 28 days of the moon cycle. We also teach you the unique character and quality of the different moons of the year.

      As you ask us to bless you in this way, the wonders and magnificence of THE EMOTIONAL MAGNETIC UNITY of the sea of life is astounding. You learn how to swim with the current instead of against it.

      By emotionally attuning to the different stations of the moon and performing the activities appropriate to each one, a magical success, ease, and lack of effort accommodates everything you do.

      Crops are healthier, life is simpler, and the power of the moon’s energies carry you forward like the wind carries the wings of the eagle.

      Flowing with the powers of the moon, a mystical sense of enchantment, unity, and support from the Divine Feminine is your daily companion.






      Day 15

      15th Angel Message

      WE ARE ONE!

      As God-man and God-woman proceed on their path as TEACHERS,

      an amazing development happens!

      First of all, other TEACHERS respond to their vibratory rate and begin to show up as new acquaintances and friends.

      Because of their mutual awareness of UNITY, a group "essence" or group mind/heart is formed

      , thereby creating a circle of power known as "a group entity." This is the formation of what you might call A SPIRITUAL FAMILY.

      The ripple-effect of this family is so powerful in it's effect on awakening others that it is likened by us to turning on a powerful light in the darkness of a sleeping person or persons, thereby greatly increasing the likelihood of their awakening.

      As this family grows in LOVE and INTENSITY, still other TEACHERS are attracted until the effect is like a mighty TRUMPET!

      Try sleeping through that!

      The GROUP MIND/HEART that is formed is one of experiencing knowing, being and love. Even though words are used sometimes, the real essence of consciousness is more profound than mere thoughts or mere feelings; it goes much deeper.

      This level of consciousness is spiritual and it merges with thoughts, feelings, and the physical temples.

      This causes a mutation of thoughts, feelings and bodies.

      This mutation is called the transfiguration.

      This is similar to an organ being formed in a physical body.

      The Spiritual Family becomes a functioning organ within the BODY OF THE ALL or as you t have said in one of your religions - WITHIN THE BODY OF THE CHRIST.









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