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Fw: 7 Sagittarius The Angels of Picture-Making

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    7 degrees Sagittarius The Angels of Picture-Making Also known as The Angels of Asoreg Beloved, The art of making pictoral impressions in a manifold manner,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2001
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      7 degrees Sagittarius

      The Angels of Picture-Making

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Asoreg’


      The art of making pictoral impressions in a manifold manner, whether by engraving, inscribing, sewing, drawing, or painting has been given to the people of earth by The Angels of Asoreg’.

      ‘We are the angels who are in charge of all photography, cinema and film. Television, video, and all other technologies involved in picture imagining are under our range of competence, and everyone involved with these are protected and guided by us’


      Divine Providence has ordained that Wisdom and Knowledge of Divine Virtues and Divine Truth are available to all. Whether the focus is on the levels of will, mind, emotion, or form, divine wisdom must be expressed. Truth can manifest on all levels of brainwave activity, including Delta-pure being, Theta-deep inward thought, Alpha-feeling and emotion, or Beta-the five senses.

      For the many people who operate primarily in the Beta brainwave state of the five outward senses, memory and logic or linear thinking, picture imaging is one of the most important ways that Divine Providence has to communicate higher wisdom and ideals. The Beta brainwave is of the left hemisphere of the brain, and is masculine in essence. Pictures stimulate the right hemisphere and bring in the feminine balance.

      There is an ancient saying of great truth,"As above, so below." The reverse is also true, "As below, so above." Therefore, if a person is looking at an inspiring picture: their feelings, their concepts, and their will are molded and shaped accordingly.

      Picture imaging has such great power that those who wield it reap the results of influencing all who gaze upon their works forever after. The pictures remain and continue to influence people long after the artist has finished with the making of it.

      Therefore, it is of the greatest importance to the web of life that we are invoked, through free will, to guide and inspire the making of pictures.

      We ask all of you who work with picture making in any medium to invoke our aid and use your attention to be aware of our presence. Our guidance protects you from all that would compromise your inspiration and safeguards the perfection, influence, and purity of your work.

      Remember in all that you do, that the idea is to produce that which is the highest good of all concerned. We emphasize this because it is not a "higher" good that is sought—but the very highest, the very best, of all. With our help, this is not only possible, but easy and exciting.

      Picture making is a path of enlightenment for the one who creates and for all who see the final results.

      We guide both the creation and the destination.

      We have ways of making sure that these pictures reach anyone who is meant to see them at the proper time and the proper place.

      Analyze the letters of our name to understand the Divine Qualities with which we work.


      Call on us for our help.

      The call of humanity for healing and enlightenment is greater now than ever.

      The inventions for dispersal of pictures to the masses are in place and are getting more amazing in the future. This work is an important part of the Divine Plan.





      Day 14

      14th Angel Message

      DELIGHTED are we to again share time with you in thought and feeling.

      We are here to explain how it is, that when God-man and God-woman discover themselves in the PLACE OF TEACHING,

      that great CREATIVITY must spring forth in order to reach each and everyone that comes before them to be uplifted.

      It is in this place, THE PLACE OF TEACHING, that the ability to "link up" with the creative and all- knowing aspect of UNIVERSAL MIND develops.

      It is discovered by the TEACHERS that teaching is possible,

      but it is often a delicate and tricky job, requiring the utmost skill and attention,

      for it is GOD Awakened teaching GOD Asleep.

      It is awakened man and woman reaching out to man and woman in-process of awakening.

      Truthfully it is, that those seeking the TEACHER are still dreaming.

      Although it is true that they are aware of dreaming, in this awareness, known in your terms as "lucid dreaming," they struggle to awake.

      But the dream is strong.

      Sleep holds them dearly and the TEACHER appears in their dream as an exciting and encouraging archetype.

      The dreamer sees the TEACHER as a separate entity from self,

      just as the dreamer sees God as separate from self.

      The dreamer usually perceives the TEACHER and GOD as being one in consciousness.

      This awareness triggers an intense longing for UNITY with GOD also.

      This longing grows and as a result, certain biochemical changes occur in the sleeping person's body temple.

      At some point, as the intensity of longing for the "awakeness" of union with GOD increases, the body temple will indeed "awake",

      just as it does in the "normal" sleep that you experience in your everyday material world when it is time for you to awake.

      So the TEACHER must uplift the awakening person through LOVE and


      increasing their desire for TRUTH

      - even while they are dreaming the DREAM of separation.



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