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Fw: [doveofo] Hidden Agenda Exposed! NESARA goes to TOP Priority!!!!

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Dear Lovingpurelove members, Please understand that I forward these to you for the highest and purest purposes of seeing divine will manifest for humanity. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2001
      Dear Lovingpurelove members,
      Please understand that I forward these to you for the highest and purest purposes of seeing divine will manifest for humanity.  I always read these Dove messages with this in heart and mind.  I have no way of substantiating or understanding any specific charges that show up, nor know any of the specific benefits of the financial programs being discussed.
      I am purely interested in seeing the end of greed & corruption, domination, and aggression, meaning that hearts need to purify and align themselves with the Unified Field, enjoying a love for all life and the universe without greed or bias.  So the prayers continue for:
      N:  Divine Happiness within the Unified Field
      E:  The blending of human consciousness with Omnipresent Divine Consciousness
      S:  The subtle, refined spirit of Divine Will within each one
      A:  The Divine rays of wisdom & enlightenment
      R:  Perfected Freedom & Service
      A:  Wisdom & Enlightenment embraced by all humanity
      I have absolutely no idea what "Dove" knows and doesn't know. 
      These messages inspire me to put forth my prayers for everyone.
      To me White Knights are all the beings that work to bring spiritual perfection into our living experience.
      Some people have involved themselves within a money and power game that opposes their pure inner being and causes harm and deplorable conditions for others and are finally beginning to see that love, harmony, purity, and beauty are the most valuable treasures we can cherish and share with one another on earth.
      Still, if any do not want these sent here, please say so.
      With love, Polly
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      From: Dove
      Sent: Friday, November 09, 2001 7:15 PM
      Subject: [doveofo] Hidden Agenda Exposed! NESARA goes to TOP Priority!!!!

      Hello Dear Friends,

        In these days of bringing forth world change, there are many
      elements being stirred up.  Unfortunately, many people's agendas
      about OTHER parts of the world and other things have influenced WHEN
      we are receiving the wonderful NESARA blessings for our country and
      our prosperity program blessings.

        I was frankly livid when I learned today that certain parties were
      purposely HOLDING BACK our NESARA announcement(s) in order to work on
      another agenda of theirs!  I'm absolutely incensed that our American
      people are having to suffer the economic burdens of credit card debt,
      mortgage debt, and totally illegal IRS taxes, AND continue to be
      TERRORIZED by the CORRUPT U.S. government officials in D.C., because
      of a few men making the WRONG decision to work a side agenda. 

        It is ABSOLUTELY WRONG, WRONG, WRONG to put anything ahead of our
      NESARA blessings for this country!!!!  HOW DARE anyone DEPRIVE our
      people of the great blessings of NESARA!   HOW DARE these people HARM
      our country as they have!

        I tell you TRUTH:  for at least a MONTH, there have been people in
      Orange County, California getting letters that enable them to have
      ALL their credit card and mortgage debt removed from their
      shoulders!  HOW DARE these MERE men DEPRIVE the rest of the citizens
      in our country of these great financial benefits in these HORRENDOUS
      ECONOMIC TIMES!!!!  How DARE they put the world financial situation
      at greater risk!

        The name Alan Greenspan is MISSING from the list of the men who
      have done this to our people.  Greenspan is INNOCENT of this.  So,
      take the LIES coming from the White House which are blaming Greenspan
      and stuff those LIES down the garbage disposal.  Greenspan is
      INNOCENT of the REAL delays even though he was coerced by the
      opposition in some things. These other men have been causing the true
      delays due to their SECRET agenda.

        It turns out that these certain parties made the ERROR of secretly
      putting the Afghanistan situation in higher priority than our own
      country receiving NESARA's blessings!  Representative Ron Paul was
      RIGHT, although he was bound by gag orders from telling the whole

        For months, I had a nagging feeling about some things that just
      failed to make sense.  Last night, it became clear there was an
      unknown agenda operating.  We SHOULD have had our mass prosperity
      deliveries last night but certain parties kept it from happening. 
      Once the mass deliveries are DONE, then NESARA is INSTANTLY DE FACTO
      public LAW; it's one of the ways NESARA can be implemented.  Because
      their other agenda ENDS when NESARA is announced, these few men kept
      secretly delaying our mass deliveries and NESARA.  Then, this
      morning, ALL the FACTS fell into place.   The right people now have
      all the facts and can begin to set things right.

         I have reason to believe that some of the elements that have been
      delaying both NESARA and our prosperity blessings will be cleared up
      in the next few days.  Right now the ONLY  acceptable agenda for our
      country is to have NESARA announced IMMEDIATELY and end the terrorism
      thrust upon our country by certain U.S. federal government officials
      in D.C.

        There is ONLY ONE PRIORITY for the USA and the world:  to get
      NESARA announced so we can REMOVE the TRUE TERRORISTS and thus
      SAFEGUARD everyone in our country.  NESARA kicks off massive
      worldwide improvements which help everyone.  With NESARA announced,
      ALL the dark agenda federal government agencies, which have been
      interfering with our prosperity deliveries, WILL BE STOPPED from
      causing further problems.

        After NESARA, it will be easy to schedule and carry out our
      prosperity deliveries FREE of interference.

         I say to the White Knights:  NESARA MUST BE announced by or on 
      11/11/2001!!!!  I have given the White Knight intelligence groups ALL
      the reasons WHY there needs to be IMMEDIATE announcement(s) of

        To the opposition headed by the Bushs and their cohorts, I say: 
      The game is over; all your tricks are exposed.  Everything is now
      known.  Pack your bags; you are leaving.

        Folks, things are in a bit of a stir and most info must be kept
      secret.  However, with these hidden agendas cleared out of the way,
      OUR COUNTRY'S agenda of NESARA is being put into TOP PRIORITY
      position and this ensures our prosperity deliveries will reach us

         There are some of our White Knights who need our loving prayers,
      meditations, and energy work supporting them.  Two of our great White
      Knights need special support from us this weekend as they clear up
      certain issues.  They are our GREAT White Knight of Supreme and World
      Court Justice, and our wise, STRONG White Knight hero of proven
      military success renowned for his high personal integrity and putting
      his country and PEOPLE first.  These two key White Knights must clear
      up some important situations so that NESARA and our prosperity
      blessings can come to all of us as quickly as possible.

        I'm asking that we do some extra support of our White Knights this
      weekend as these critical issues get sorted out.  Let's continue our
      prayers, meditations, and energy work invoking the Great Divine
      Unconditional Love PERMEATING the Washington, DC, and Pentagon areas,
      our White Knights and all their activities worldwide.  I will meet
      you for our group energizing at 10-10:30 p.m. EST.  Let's continue
      our unified focus:
         "NESARA NOW!!!!  NESARA NOW!!!!  NESARA NOW!!!!  NESARA NOW!!!!"

         To JOIN the Dove egroup, simply send an email to:
      And REPLY to Yahoo's request for confirmation.

        I heard from a friend that an official at the U.N. is being given
      copies of Dove reports without any reference to Dove as the writer. 
      This U.N. official initially said months ago that the Dove info
      was "far out", but in recent weeks he has said that my info
      is "correct" and he is surprised this kind of info is being sent
      out.  My philosophy is simple:  my reports of the TRUTH are helping
      free us of the corruption strangling our world.
        I hope to have more news tomorrow. 

        Blessings and Love,
          Dove of Oneness

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