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Fw: 11:11 Honolulu Church of Light Sunday Service

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Subject: 11:11 Honolulu Church of Light Sunday Service

      11:11 Honolulu Church of Light Sunday Service
      Reverend Fred Sterling

      LIVE Internet Broadcast
      Sunday, November 11, 2001
      8:45 AM Hawaii Time - Meditation Music/9:00 AM Hawaii - Church
      Service Begins
      10:45 AM Pacific
      11:45 AM Mountain
      12:45 PM Central
      1:45 PM Eastern
      6:45 PM GMT

      Dear Inward.com Members,

      On 11:11, we invite you to join us at our Sunday Church Service. On
      this auspicious day, lightworkers around the world will reclaim
      peace on Mother Earth. The tragedy of 9/11 has awakened many to
      their spiritual light. And we, the lightworkers, are taking action
      by creating a sanctuary of peace within the self through prayers and
      meditations. Collectively, our light of peace unfolds on Mother
      Earth like the petals of a rose. In this essence of beauty, we
      stand united and strong with our brothers and sisters as the human

      I have included a special message from Reverend Fred Sterling, and
      also emails posted by Barbara Wolf which portray the lightworkers'
      vital role in the Shift.

      We thank you for your love and support, and hold you in the
      Creator's Light.

      In gratitude and love,
      Rev. Carol Morishige

      When Will the Angels Step In?
      By Rev. Fred Sterling

      Has the world truly been derailed, or are we facing the most awesome
      opportunity ever presented? Many in the world are resolute in
      focusing on the wrongs inflicted upon our homeland, and I must admit
      that I also feel the pull for justice to prevail. At the same time,
      I know that left on our current course, we may never see the end of
      this turmoil.

      There are many who have harsh words for those of us who feel that
      prayer can bring us answers. Still, I mustered the courage to not
      "fit in," and decided that I would call on the Angels to guide this

      Here is what happened:

      As clearly as anything I've heard before, I heard a tiny voice speak
      to me. It said:

      "Dear one, we only wait for the world of the human to discover that
      we are amassing in strength around your planet. Your calls have been
      registered, and action is beginning. We don't have the right to
      interfere in outcomes, yet we do have the power to guide. We have
      stood fast with your American president, and tried to guide his
      every action.

      We know the world believes in us, yet many are still shy about
      calling us by name. Many say prayers as though they don't want
      anyone to know where those prayers originated. It is all right. We

      You ask: "When will the angels step in?"

      Your answer lies in the question. "When" is now - it is always now -
      and it is in your collective thoughts that we begin to manifest our
      work. We feel the passion in many of you, and we respond in kind. We
      lead you toward each other and let your voices become as one. We
      send your light into the Creator's energy, and allow for the pain
      and sorrow to be absorbed. We allow our love to enter those who ask
      and in this, we are present on your journey.

      When will we step in? We never stepped out. You just quieted your
      calls until you had a reason to be heard. We always listen, so speak
      in truth, trust and passion to us in the way you want to see the
      outcome, and in that way we will respond."

      Did I really hear an Angel, or was the need to do something so
      overpowering that my imagination just ran rampant? All that I can be
      sure of, is that I felt better after that tiny voice made me feel
      its reality. Perhaps if we all started to call simultaneously, the
      angels would feel our love, and would guide the decision makers to
      become part of the solution instead of adding to the problem. And
      just maybe, we could find peace in a world we may have never truly
      understood until now.


      Hello, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.
      Global Meditations Network.

      November is a special moment for bringing PEACE, LOVE, AND LIGHT to
      humanity and Mother Earth.

      This will be featured on the web site page,
      http://www.globalmeditations.com/Menu.htm, with links to several
      pages of information. I will be continually updating.

      Scientists of THE GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS PROJECT will be testing the
      effects of the world coming together to meditate on November 11, 11
      a.m-11:15 a.m. Please join the world for this important event.
      http://www.globalmeditations.com/novUK.htm has updated news from
      HIDEO NAKAZAWA of JAPAN, "We Hiroshima World Peace Prayer Society
      Members join in THE GREAT PLANETARY COMMUNION - 11:11:11:11 - with
      the prayer: "May Peace Prevail on Earth." We send vibrations of
      infinite love, infinite forgiveness and infinite healing from
      Hiroshima to humanity and Mother Earth.
      Scientist and author of "Messages from Water" MASARU EMOTO of JAPAN
      will hold a large festival on November 11, and he and his group will
      join in the November 11 prayer for world peace. http://www.hado.com/
      Nov. 6-10, in JERUSALEM, a gathering organized by Michael
      Lightweaver and Hagit Raanan will concentrate on a VISION OF
      TRANSFORMATION. Please see
      http://www.globalmeditations.com/novjerus.htm for information and
      meditation times.
      http://www.globalmeditations.com/birthing.htm has Maggie of Cyprus'
      dreams of birthing, which coincide with Michael Lightweaver's
      similar concept for November. On the same site is channeling sent by
      Standing Elk/Golden Eagle where sound is mentioned.
      From New Zealand comes another email asking everyone to use sound
      during the November 11:11 meditation.
      Nov. 9-11, at Campo Escuela Iztaru, Cartago Iztaru, COSTA RICA, The
      Second Iberamerican Web of Light Gathering of 150 Lightworkers from
      Latin America and Spain is a summit conceived as a "Great
      Communion". Contact: ritmica@...

      Nov. 10, Costa Rica, Jerusalem, Paris, and many places worldwide
      will join in meditation (one hour). Please read
      http://www.globalmeditations.com/nov11costa.htm for details.
      Synchronized times in local times:
      Costa Rica: 07:00 hrs.....Paris: 14:00 hrs....
      Jerusalem: 15:00 hrs....Argentina 10:00 hrs....Peru 08:00 hrs
      Vivienne Mary Shama Cruickshank of NEW ZEALAND asks everyone "to
      send a focused beam of unconditional love and peace to the Earth and
      all who inhabit her" on November 11 at 11 a.m.
      Jahn Starr, lightstarr00@..., asks that "the vibration of SOUND
      go out around the Planet to break away the last pieces of the old
      vibration of discord and separation and to bring in more fully and
      activate more completely the frequencies for LOVE, PEACE AND
      Ricardo Ocampo of Anahuak Networks, anahuak@...,
      "THE GREAT PLANETARY COMMUNION is 11th November at 11:11 am and pm,
      local time in all places of the planet. Let all of us, all of us,
      all of us, hold our hands around the planet and swing our Mother
      Earth in our arms with deep Love.

      Every group of people will create a Web of Love around the Planet
      and this energy will gradually transform the thoughts and behaviour
      of humanity, changing violence by Love, disunion by Harmony, pain by
      Joy. Love will open the hearts of all beings, healing the fears,
      wrath, separation, etc, to bring all the new energies, ... Love,
      tenderness, compassion, tolerance, friendship, humility, honesty,
      help, gratefulness, respect, loyalty, unity, solidarity, compromise,
      optimism, trust, detachment are possible if we commit ourselves.
      Can you imagine us creating these??? ALL TOGETHER, HOLDING HANDS???

      If we all concentrate efforts and we all practice the same
      meditation, the LAW OF MANIFESTATION will immediately precipitate
      Love in our Planet.

      The power of Thought is real....Love is energy. Peace is energy. And
      when we do meditate in Love and Peace, we fill our body, our mind
      and our spirit with Life. Our heart is connected with the heart of
      humanity. Millions of people will be joining together in this very
      moment, sending Light and Love to the Planet.

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