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Fw: [doveofo] Progress for Us; False Info from White House

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    ... From: Dove To: doveofo@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2001 11:30 PM Subject: [doveofo] Progress for Us; False Info from White House My
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2001
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      From: Dove
      Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2001 11:30 PM
      Subject: [doveofo] Progress for Us; False Info from White House

      Hello Dear Friends,

        There have been sporadic deliveries of our prosperity programs in
      the last two weeks.  The White Knights are very determined to get the
      mass deliveries of all the 50+ programs out as soon as possible.  The
      good news is that with each interference attempt on our deliveries,
      more of the opposition's forces are caught and removed from being
      able to cause more problems.  This week's small numbers of deliveries
      did smoke out more trouble-makers and we are hopeful the big mass
      deliveries are very close now.

        There has been action in other places which is helping move us
      forward to being fully ready.  Most of you probably heard Bush Jr. on
      the news claiming that the closure of the Bank of America and the Sun
      Bank in Florida was related to freezing "terrorists' money".  That's
      a cover story Bush Jr. and crew put out to try to hide the truth.

        You see, there were strange things going on in Florida.  All the
      banks in the other 49 states did the NESARA computer systems
      implementations and bank personnel training weeks ago.  We had that
      confirmed by many U.S. bank personnel as well as D.C. sources. 
      However, something stopped it from happening in these two banks in
      Florida apparently.  Let's see, does this have a familiar ring to
      it?  "Strange things going on in Florida…."  Hum, when was the last
      time we saw strange things happening in Florida?  Oh, yes, it was
      last November, December, and January.  Let's see, what's the common
      denominator here?  Why, it's the Bush Family with Jeb Bush, Governor
      of Florida, the missing link!  What a surprise that the Florida banks
      were lagging behind in getting their NESARA systems and training
      done!  Another delaying tactic by those masters of delaying tactics,
      the Bushs.  However, it only bought them a day, and the White Knights
      used the day to consolidate more power.

        On another front, you've all seen leaders of some of the G8
      countries visiting with Bush Jr. right?  The G8 are described
      as "eight of the main industrialized democracies" including the U.S.,
      France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, Russia, and the United
      Kingdom.  Leaders from these countries routinely meet several times a
      year in the "G8 meetings".  Bush Jr. is claiming all these meetings
      with other G8 leaders are to discuss his `war on terrorism'.  But
      actually Bush Jr. is discussing  PROCLAIMING war on WE the People of
      the United States.

      Bush Jr. and his corrupt buddies, Tony Blair of the UK, Putin of
      Russia, and apparently the heads of France and Germany, seem to think
      they can SCAM the entire world into believing there is a "new world
      order governance" being implemented.  My information is that Bush Jr.
      is trying to get all the G8 nations to join him in trying to declare
      the totally BOGUS new world order.  However, Bush Jr. is having some
      problems because some of the G8 leaders are hesitant about buying
      into this lunacy of Bush's.  That's why Bush Jr. made the speech
      about other countries being with him or against him.  He was trying
      to pressure the countries who are questioning the wisdom of this
      global SCAM idea.  Give it up, Bush Jr..  You're beating a dead
      horse; the new world order scam DIED last year.  Did someone forget
      to tell you and your corrupt buddies?

        From what I'm hearing, Tony Blair will be ousted from power very
      quickly after NESARA and the worldwide monetary and banking changes
      are announced.  I KNOW this to be a FACT because I know who will be
      replacing him, and so does Tony Blair.  I'm guessing that there are
      also plans to replace the heads of France and Germany and this is why
      they are discussing Bush's lunatic SCAM idea with him. 

        I'm hearing from our insiders in D.C. that Bush Jr. was planning to
      try to do his SCAM announcement of the new world order tomorrow,
      Thursday night.  I seriously doubt he will actually do it and if he
      tries, he will be so very, very embarrassed and terribly sorry, as
      well as unsuccessful.

        The next major announcement worth watching will be the NESARA
      announcement(s).  The White Knights are keeping the details about
      WHEN extremely quiet and plan to suddenly spring it on us.   By the
      way, the White Knights also change the details about our mass
      deliveries several times a day to keep our deliveries more secure.

        Regarding our prosperity programs and Farm Claims, some have
      written to ask if they can get into these programs or Farm Claims. 
      The programs and Farm Claims about which I write have been CLOSED for
      over a year or more, so there is zero way for anyone to get into
      these programs.  I am told there will be NEW programs in the future;
      I'm told there will be some kind of public info about these in the
      U.S.  I know that there are supposed to be more prosperity programs
      in OTHER countries, also, however I LACK any details about these at
      this time.  We will just have to watch and see how this unfolds. 

        Keep the faith, Folks, we are closing in on our big moments. Let's
      continue our prayers, meditations, and energy work invoking the Great
      Divine Unconditional Love PERMEATING the Washington, DC, and Pentagon
      areas, our White Knights and all their activities worldwide.  I will
      meet you for our group energizing at 10-10:30 p.m. EST.  Let's
      continue our unified focus:
         "NESARA NOW!!!!  NESARA NOW!!!!  NESARA NOW!!!!  NESARA NOW!!!!"

         To JOIN the Dove egroup, simply send an email to:
      And REPLY to Yahoo's request for confirmation.

        Today was a day of dealing with trouble-makers.  We are on the
      verge of our big moments and today brought us that much closer!  GO
      for IT, White Knights!
        Blessings and Love,
          Dove of Oneness

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