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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      From: Dove
      Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 1:21 AM
      Subject: [doveofo] Dove Info 99% Accurate say Congressmen

      Hello Dear Friends,

        Today, highly-placed members of Congress stated that Dove's
      information is 99% accurate.   Two gentlemen in our program's phone
      network spoke with Congressmen today and discussed whether Bush Jr.
      will be leaving office, whether it's true that members of Congress
      are also leaving, and various other topics about which I've written.

        The two gentlemen in our program have long DISAGREED with my Dove
      reports about what has been going on in our country.  These two
      fellows were very surprised to hear the Congressmen say that "… Bush
      Jr. is …ALL BUT GONE…".  These Congressmen also confirmed that the
      members of Congress are due to be gone very soon, as I have stated is
      required per NESARA's government restoration processes.  Rather than
      a question of  "IF" it's happening, it's just a question of EXACTLY
      WHEN, according to the Congressmen.  By the way, WE will be having
      NEW ELECTIONS as required by NESARA.  The court orders for our
      government's restoration include transitional positions to carry our
      country in VERY GOOD HANDS to our new elections.

        I thank our two fellow phone networkers for sharing the results of
      their teleconference with the Congressmen today.  I've had similar
      feedback from highly placed members of the White Knights in the past.

        The government restorations are based on correcting some grievous
      actions of past politicians.  In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt
      committed some serious acts AGAINST the American people.  With just a
      minor change to the War Powers Act in 1933, he made the American
      people the ENEMY of the federal government.  Yes, I know it's
      shocking to consider, however, it was just part of a massive number
      of plans which led to the intrusion of the federal government into
      every part of our lives.  I'm told the White Knights will explain all
      of this to the American people when they discuss the history of
      NESARA and the government restorations ordered by the U.S. Supreme
      Court rulings in the farmer's and Farm Claims lawsuits.

        I'm hearing that the banking snags in the U.S. are nearly all fixed
      now.  In addition, the White Knights are very close to having all the
      SECURITY actions fully complete.  This means that once these things
      are completely ready, the door is opening for mass deliveries and
      NESARA very soon.  I'm hearing that the SECURITY actions are designed
      to remove the interference that has plagued our mass deliveries of
      the prosperity programs.

        I'm very grateful to all our White Knights for their FIERCE
      determination to announce NESARA and save our country and the world
      from the disastrous plans of the new world order.  A year ago, there
      were many emails on the Internet discussing the Clinton proposed bill
      submitted to Congress which would have SIGNED OVER the `sovereign
      nation' status of the United States to being a SERVANT of the U.N. 
      During that time I recall that there was considerable "official"
      discussion of the new U.N. world governance charter, BUT we were also
      told that the almighty U.N. charter would be made public only AFTER
      the U.S. Congress passed the bill giving away the U.S. sovereignty. 

        However, there were a few LEAKED reviews of the infamous, secret
      U.N. charter and I distinctly remember a FEW of the key elements:
         1.  There were ZERO ELECTED officials in the U.N. one world
      governance hierarchy.  This meant that there was ZERO need for the
      U.S. Congress; essentially our Congress would be replaced by a U.N.
      ruling body in which ZERO person was accountable to any citizen of
      any country.   The intent was to totally ABOLISH elections and
      accountability to citizens.
        2. The U.N. OPPOSED private ownership of property; meaning the U.N.
      intended to ABOLISH the private ownership of our homes.  Why?  Think
      how DISempowered and insecure we would feel if we lacked the right to
      own our homes.  
        3. All water and air belonged to the U.N. under this proposed
      governance charter.  Just imagine for a moment the extremes to which
      that could be taken.  What would stop the U.N. from taxing every
      single person for breathing air or drinking water?
        4. The U.N. would have the final authority on how children were to
      be raised and could overrule parents.
        5.  The U.N. wanted its own independent source of revenue.
        6.  The U.N. wanted its own standing military force and to decrease
      all other military forces; and there were MANY MORE such perilous
      elements in the U.N. new world order charter.

        Out of obvious self-interest, the U.S. Congress REFUSED to pass
      Clinton's bill of signing the United States over to the U.N.  We can
      thank Congress for that one act because it gave the White Knights a
      year to get NESARA ready for implementation.  We were told by a
      Senator last Fall that the USS Cole attack was ordered by our own
      government in an effort to punish and pressure Congress to pass the
      bill to sign over the United States into servitude to the U.N.  The
      history of top federal government officials using terrorism against
      our country to achieve their goals indicates it is a ploy of both
      political parties. 

      There were MANY elements to the proposed U.N. one world governance
      charter which clearly would have removed all our Constitutional
      rights.  I mention this subject tonight because we are hearing from
      Bush's people in the White House that in a LAST DESPERATE bid to grab
      power, Bush Jr. is trying to figure out how to SUBJUGATE the United
      States under the ILLUSION of one world governance.  I say ILLUSION
      because there is ZERO one world governance – it FAILED last year. 

        Bush Jr. mistakenly thinks he can somehow pull off this ridiculous
      SCAM and tell the American people that he has the power to single-
      handedly abolish the Constitution.  Well, Junior, you are WRONGO in
      the Congo!  Even a SIXTH GRADER knows that the Constitution is the
      SUPREME LAW of the LAND and SUPERCEDES the mere human in the oval

        Bush's ILLUSION is truly an example of the mad Naked Emperors of
      D.C. thinking that if they ballyhoo about what wonderful clothes they
      are wearing, the American public will fail to notice the Naked
      Emperors are walking around nude in their cubic zirconia tiaras and
      tattered silk pumps!  Folks, I'm beginning to wonder if these corrupt
      D.C. officials and their lackeys need to see a head doctor – they are
      seriously delusional.

        My White Knight sources tell me they are well aware of Bush's crazy
      illusion and he will BE REMOVED from office just as NESARA requires. 
      The White Knights have been quietly consolidating the TRUE POWER in
      the United States in order to carry out the U.S. Supreme Court's
      findings that the U.S. federal government MUST BE RESTORED to proper
      Constitutional functioning.

        Yesterday my White House source confirmed that LAST WEEK Bush Jr.
      was STRIPPED of all his powers.  I speculate that with all the legal
      evidence of Bush's TREASON, it was necessary to STRIP him of his
      powers.  Yes, Folks, there are many legal processes occurring  based
      on the mountains of evidence proving the treason of the corrupt D.C.

        What we will learn when all the TRUTH is told by the White Knights,
      is that both the Clinton and Bush administrations have intended for a
      long time to attack Afghanistan.  They just needed an excuse. 
      Because the Treasury Banks portion of NESARA was due to be announced
      at 10 a.m. EDT on 9/11, the corrupt D.C. officials ordered the
      terrorist attacks at 9 a.m. to stop the NESARA announcement and their
      removal from power.  They have used the media to keep the truth from
      coming out and exposing the true terrorists:  our corrupt D.C.

        We will learn that the CIA was in collusion with Bin Laden and I am
      sending you a document which shows this collusion.  We will learn
      that the corrupt Bush administration was involved in ordering the
      terrorist attacks of 9/11 and other terrorist actions (anthrax
      letters, etc.) which were organized and staged by their stooges in
      the U.S. government black ops groups.

        Let's continue our prayers, meditations, and energy work invoking
      the Great Divine Unconditional Love PERMEATING the Washington, DC,
      and Pentagon areas, our White Knights and all their activities
      worldwide.  I will meet you for our group energizing at 10-10:30 p.m.
      EST.  Let's continue our unified focus:
         "NESARA NOW!!!!  NESARA NOW!!!!  NESARA NOW!!!!  NESARA NOW!!!!"

        To JOIN the Dove egroup, simply send an email to:
      And REPLY to Yahoo's request for confirmation.

        What we all will see is:  The PRICE OF FREEDOM is ETERNAL
      VIGILANCE.  We need to come up with better ways to monitor and hold
      accountable those we allow to have the privilege of holding power in
      our government and representing us, We the People.

        Blessings and Love,
          Dove of Oneness


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