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A Letter to the Seeker of a Greater truth and a Deeper Love for God

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  • DrSABrown
    Dear Friend in Spirit, The greatest philosophers of the ages stand high above the heads of their fellowmen. They are always looked upon as the redeemers of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2003
      Dear Friend in Spirit,

      "The greatest philosophers of the ages stand high above the heads of their
      fellowmen. They are always looked upon as the redeemers of the human race,
      who bring the Word of God into this world again and again, especially when
      mankind is at its lowest spiritual ebb. But the ECK Masters are far greater
      than philosophers ,for they teach from the heart that man should do for
      himself. The minister and the priest teach that the organization is greater.
      No great philosophy has ever come from an organization, but from an
      individual whose research has been a personal study of God and ITS ways."

      "One must come to the understanding sooner or later that in each period of
      growth in life, there will be a certain teaching designated for a particular
      area. It is similar to the educational system of this country, where by the
      child receives a kindergarten education, later a grade school, then junior
      high and senior high teaching. If he wishes, college or a university degree
      can be his, and thence to a Master's or Doctorate degree."

      "It is also said to be like that of a parent to a child; when the child
      grows into the age of maturity there is no further need for the parents.
      Each of us must make our own way through the universe, to see and enter into
      the knowledge of life itself-in our own way, in the only way we know and
      understand. We may have knowledge of the Divine gained from the ECK Master
      who gives his methods and techniques. If we get the teachings directly from
      the Supreme Being, by our own individual efforts, through our simplification
      of personal techniques worked out by our own understanding, we enter the
      true path in our own way." "The Flute of God" by Paul Twitchell pp. 5-6.

      One of my greatest challenges in speaking with others is their inability to
      grasp that Eckankar, the Religion of the Light and Sound of God is only an
      outer teaching consisting of the books, lectures and discourses given by the
      Mahanta, the Living ECK Master of the time. The teachings of ECK however are
      timeless teachings which none can enter except through the path of his own
      heart. One doesn't need to study the outer religion in order to receive the
      inner teachings, which are available to all within their given state of
      consciousness. The Path of ECK is the Path of Love, the Path only accessible
      through your own heart.

      When one chooses to align the inner teachings with their study of an outer
      teaching is their choice. In time, their own time, though, all will come to
      the realization that the spiritual student in the human body must have a
      master in the human body-that this is a fixed law of the ECK or Holy Spirit.
      "No matter how inspiring a book or the written word may be it is not a guru,
      and should not be taken as such.
      Unless the spiritual teacher who is responsible for the written works is
      living, his writings are only reference points. The teachings of the
      Ascended Masters are of little use to anyone because they are inner teachers
      only, and without physical embodiment. In other words, they cannot act as
      channels for the ECK power or Holy Spirit because they have no vehicle
      through which to channel it." The Spiritual Notebook by Paul Twitchell,

      Many speak to me of their resistance to and dissatisfaction with organized
      religion. I can understand this for one must first leave the illusion of the
      social consciousness before he can truly embark upon the unique path of his
      own individuality. Many speak to me of their disbelief in a spiritual
      hierarchy or the so called initiatory requirements. Too them, I always smile
      and nod my head in agreement with their truth, for it is essential that Soul
      first rebel against the authority of the social consciousness before
      entering onto the Path of It's own heart.

      In time, perhaps many lifetimes hence, Soul will leave the adolescence of
      its spirituality and realize that the purpose of life is to become a
      Coworker with God; that Its training to do this requires that It serve an
      apprenticeship with one who has already learned the Ways of God. More
      humbled by Its vast experience of life in the Lower Worlds or Dual Worlds
      and fatigued by the endless repetition of karma and reincarnation, Soul will
      seek spiritual freedom, only too willing to surrender Its many accumulated
      concepts of what God is and God isn't.

      Here, the true seeker is born, one who holds his empty cup up to God and
      asks to be filled. One such as this is far different from those who demand
      that God be an extension of their concept of IT and that their idea of the
      spiritual hierarchy be the way in which God governs ITS many worlds. I have
      often found myself at first puzzled why the idea of a spiritual hierarchy is
      so antithetical to so many. Then, I recognized that their background was
      imprisonment within the many rigid rituals of outer organizations. It is
      natural for them to reject that which so constrained the natural movements
      of their heart. Yet, some have long left the sense of victim hood and
      forgiven themselves for having entered those prison bars. These approach the
      sacredness of their heart with humility and merely ask to hear the Voice of

      Some still find great difficulty, through the screen of vanity that
      characterizes those who place greater emphasis on individuality than on
      coworkership with God, to even consider the probable ludicrosity of an
      omnipotent God coexisting with Its parts, Soul, in a democracy within ITS
      inner worlds. The idea of a spiritual hierarchy does not fit well with their
      concept of themselves being equal. Yet, they fail to recognize that it is
      their concept of themselves and not the knowing of Soul that creates their
      great resistance. Born within the mind's false concept of itself or what
      some call ego, the individual proceeds as if his thoughts of who he is are
      who he is. And time must pass before this artificially assumed equality will
      yield to the true equality of Soul, the microcosm of the Macrocosm, the atom
      structure and God of Its own microcosm.

      Yet, few if any can reach this place beyond the mind until they first free
      themselves from the mind and it is here that so many spend countless
      lifetimes convincing themselves of the impossibility of experiencing
      spiritual freedom using the very mind that imprisons them as their means of
      escape from its bars. Alone and humbled by countless lifetimes of failure to
      free themselves from the wheel of Awagawan, the unending reincarnations
      through the many signs of the Zodiac, they experience the deep cry of the
      seeker for the Voice of God. For many, this is a Dark Night of the Soul
      described by Sr. John of the Cross and felt as profoundly deep feelings of

      The seeker gradually arrives at the crossroads of surrender which he has for
      so long avoided in his experience of one illusion of consciousness after
      another. The bliss consciousness of oneness with God has long been left
      behind. For he has well learned the limitations of merging with the
      Universal Mind and rejecting his spiritual responsibility of his own
      individuality. Inherent in the pursuit of Cosmic Consciousness is the deep
      rooted fear that his unworthiness deems him unacceptable to face the
      challenges of making his own choices throughout eternity. His inner ear
      begins to hear the Call of Soul and life brings him through the final stages
      of purification where he is ready to meet his destiny and find the outer
      manifestation of the mastership which awaits him within himself.

      When the student is ready, the Mahanta appears and he is guided to meet the
      outer form, the Living ECK Master. Now he must meet the final test and one
      which he fails many times before succeeding. He must recognize the Outer
      Master and in so doing recognize the outer representation of the inward
      ruler ship that is his destiny as a Son of God as well. Few understand that
      their rejection of the Outer Master is also their rejection of their own
      mastership. So my friends, Stephen says that there is no hurry and he is as
      happy for you in one choice as in another. Soul Itself chooses the moment of
      Its realization, for that is the freedom which It has been given by God.

      My gifts to each of you are without expectation and demand. They are freely
      given from my heart to yours. Your acceptance, rejection or consideration of
      them lies solely within your domain of consciousness and is of no relevance
      to mine. No true Master or his Inner Circle of Initiates ever seeks to place
      a seeker's foot upon his Path to God. Each must follow in the footsteps that
      are aligned with his own heart beat. My responsibility is to follow my own
      heart and share the Hu love song with those whose hearts yearn for Its
      melody. Ya Hu ya Hu ya man Hu, la illa ha illa Hu. Oh Hu, there is no divine
      reality but Hu. Whether Christian or Muslim, this love song can be sung.

      The gift of contemplation is a service to all. Sit for a moment and repeat
      these words a few times, "I know my stillness." Now close your eyes and
      contemplate your love for your children, yourself and God. Gaze gently at
      the blank screen of time and space within your spiritual eye and on the
      pronounced hue. Practice this for 20 minutes a day and you yourself will
      grow closer to the inner voice for which you have so long listened in your
      aloneness with the Alone.

      Much Love in Spirit,

      Stephen (Dak976 at Yahoo Messenger)
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