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Fw: Just to Share Celestial Wisdom Card Drawn for Myself Today, 06/02/03

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  • Patti Garrett
    To all the special people on this wonderful network: (Polly, while I would love to follow thorugh with your idea, I have no idea of all the people s names who
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2003
      To all the special people on this wonderful network:
      (Polly, while I would love to follow thorugh with your idea, I have no idea of all the people's names who are members of this elite group, so do you think you could share that information with me--just first names please--so I can add them to these daily messages?  Some people post daily or almost daily while others post rarely or not at all, so because I want to do this in a democratic manner, do you think you could share the first names of all the member of this group with me, if they are in a file that is easily accessibel, that is?  If not and it is too much trouble for you to do this, just skip doing it and know that unless I go back with the few files I have filed away, I do not remember all of the names of the group members here.)  
      I hope all of you are having a wonderful day.  It is cloudy again here, and rain in expected once again, believe it or not.  I was hoping for at least four or five days of sunshine, but I guess life being life, you just don't always get what you want, do you?
      Anyway, I just wanted to get this information out now before I got busy doing something else and it slipped my mind. 
      For today, the card I drew for myself was: " Allow", a card I drew before a while ago, but which I apparently need to rethink today, according to something Sharae mentioned to me about messages needing to be restated when they are needed.  So I am just going to repeat the information about it now, just to ensure that maybe it will sink in this time.  The definition of this is:  "to grant, give, or yield; to admit, approve, or concede; to sanction; to accept as satisfactory, true, or valid.
      Because it was only a little over a week that I drew this card for myself, I will not repeat the meaning here, but I will restate two parts of it which I think is the message the Universe might be trying to send to me which is:
      ""Within the word allow is the word low.  The greatest gear in a car's transmission gives the greatest concentration power.  Allowing can be an invincible vehicle for transforming situations.  Concentrate on collecting your power when at your lowest ebb.  It can give you the extra strength needed to move through adversity. Try it!
      "When you let go of judgment, all things are possible." 
      Then because I had drawn this card earlier, I then drew a second one, so I would have a different one for today, and it was entitled:  "Flow", which is defined as:  "to glide along smoothly, to flow fluidly; a current of rising water."
      And the meaning of this card is:
      "When this card appears, it indicates a time to go with the flow.  Take things as they come.  Do not be resist or be disruptive.
      "A flow of abundance and positive happenings will  abound, if you allow yourself to be carried forward.
      "Every moment flows into the next, moving, changing.  Be open to a change in your plans.  An easier course is at hand.  Be aware of a gentle flowing of positive progress.  Rise above the obstacles, and allow the Universe to carry you to your right and proper place.
      "Allow flow to flow through you.  You stop the flow by holding on too tightly.  As you step into the rive of life, the choice of what to do next is you?  Are you going to Sink?  Swim?  Float along?  Or just go with the flow?
      "Relax and let go.  Resistance can only hinder you at this point in time.  Be aware of a subtle energy available to you now, if you allow it to happen.
      "Do not press your will.  Catch the  current of Spirit and let it guide you; be open to reap the rewards along the way.
      "Note that being "in the flow" does not give you an excuse to be "asleep at the wheel."  It requires conscious intention for positive distinction.
      "Do not be carried away by others' desires for you.  Follow your own river of life, not someone else's."
      And now for the card I drew from The Course in Miracles box, today the card stated:  "You are the work of God, and His work is wholly loveable and wholly loving.  This is how a man must think of himself in his heart, because this is what he is."  This was taken from the Text, Page 7.
      Once again, I have a lot to ponder about and contemplate on today, so I will go for now.
      Once again, do have a wonderful, special day.
      Much love and peace to all, 

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