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Fw: Bashar: Self-Judgment and Winning and Losing

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  • Mary
    Hi everybody, I know this group doesn t share too much channeled material and the reason for sharing this is just for the value of what it says and it seems to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003
       Hi everybody,
      I know this group doesn't share too much channeled material and the reason for sharing
      this is just for the value of what it says and it seems to go along with some of the subject matter that comes up lately

      Bashar: Self-Judgment and Winning and Losing

      Q: It's funny that you opened with the synchronicity.

      B: Funny! All right.

      Q: Funny. And then talking about the separation -- because today,
      more than I've felt in a long time, it's been like a frustration.
      In my heart I feel I want to do something pretty strongly, but
      then everything on the outside says - it's like hurdles or
      challenges or whatever…

      B: Outside! Outside? Outside. Outside where?

      Q: I feel I'm going in two different directions and I don't know…

      B: You are going in one direction. One direction.

      Q: It seems like I'm working against myself then, because I do one
      thing, but everything else piles up. So it…

      B: What is it you want to do?

      Q: Well for instance, tonight I wanted to come here. Then my car
      broke down, I was having trouble getting a ride. It was like:
      "Should I go? Shouldn't I go?" So I just... I could have gotten
      my car fixed tonight, but I said, "To heck with it." The last
      time you said, "Don't should" or something, so I said, "I want
      to come here."

      B: All right. Very good!

      Q: Whether I should fix my car or not.

      B: Then understand you have given yourself -- not because you came
      here, but simply because you allowed yourself to act without making
      it necessary that other incidents in a sense all perform the way you
      expect they should, before being willing to act. Because you have
      allowed yourself to do that, you are beginning to change your own
      habits. And you can continue to do so.

      Q: Yes, I was thinking it would be good if... is there any way I
      could give it a shot in the arm when I decide which way I should go,
      like… just to…

      B: Understand, understand, understand: there is no "which way you
      should go." Any way you go is your right direction. Because you are
      going there. Do you follow me?

      Q: Yes.

      B: You are not on a path; you are a path. You cannot be off yourself.
      So wherever you are, you are on your path. As soon as you choose to
      stop judging all the different ways you can be a path, you will not
      need to create the need to make a decision. You follow me? You are
      creating a need to make a decision, instead of allowing yourself to
      be where you are, and trusting that where you are reflects where you
      want to be. That you have already made the decision to be there --
      or there is no way in the universe you would be there. You cannot be
      somewhere you have not chosen to be. It is not possible. Do you
      follow me?

      Q: Well, I find myself in situations that I really don't think I
      chose to be in.

      B: That is not possible. You may not like it there, but you chose to
      be there because of the way you choose to think of yourself. Do you
      follow me?

      Q: Yes.

      B: If you are choosing to think of yourself as someone who can be
      battered back and forth by the tides of whim in the universe, then
      that belief about yourself will throw you into the tide pools, and
      you will swirl around wondering what you are doing there -- not
      thinking you would ever possibly choose this: "I could never have
      made this choice; it has nothing to do with what I think my life
      should be about." You are judging, judging, judging at every step,
      every corner, and those are the dead ends you are finding. You are
      running into your own judgment.

      If you would release the idea of judging yourself wherever and
      whenever you find yourself to be, then you will find that those
      paths that you become are not, in and of themselves, dead ends.
      You will walk through the illusion of the wall, and on the other
      side you will find that you are right back where you started. Do
      you follow me?

      Q: Yes. Thank you. Um…

      B: One moment. Simply -- simply, simply, simply -- lighten up on
      yourself. Do not take yourself so seriously -- well, you can if
      you wish.

      Q: I think you told me to trust, and I thought it another one of
      those trust things -- but it felt like I was fighting myself.

      B: All right. But you can also trust that you know what you are
      doing, even when you are fighting yourself.

      Q: But I won, ha, ha.

      B: You always win. Understand that. All right?

      Q: Okay.

      B: You always win. And in a sense more than that, you simply always
      are. You do not have to make it a win. When you make things a win,
      you are assuming you can lose. And it is the fear that if you do not
      win, that there is an alternative that creates it for you. Because
      your fear is stronger, it is the strongest overriding belief -- more
      than the idea of simply just being. You follow me?

      Q: Why is that?

      B: You tell me.

      Q: Oh, okay.

      B: Why? Why should you choose that idea? Why should you choose to
      believe you have to win, thereby creating the idea that you might
      lose? Well?

      Q: Hard to say.

      B: No, 'tis not. How has it served you?

      Q: I guess I must not have trained myself with that, or something.

      B: All right. How has it served you to do that? How has it served
      you to feel like you can lose?

      Q: To get to the point where I don't have to win or lose.

      B: Very good. Thank you. Then allow it to have served you, and
      you will be done with it.

      Q: Sounds good.

      B: All right. Thank you.

      Q: Thank you.

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