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Fw: Just to Share Celestial Wisdom Card I Drew for Myself today, 06/01/03

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  • Patti Garrett
    Calling Beautiful Polly, Gaelle and all the rest of you wonderful angels on this group: I apologize for being so late with this information, but I went to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003
      Calling Beautiful Polly, Gaelle and all the rest of you wonderful angels on this group:
      I apologize for being so late with this information, but I went to class before church and then to church so I was supposed to be ready to leave here at 8:45 a.m.--which I was not because everything I touched when I first woke up today, starting with the alarm clock which I immediately turned off, rolled over and went back to sleep.  So I started my day of behind and all day I found that the faster I tried to go, the behinder I got--which got me to now.  I still have not even read any part of the paper, which is really a first for me, but since my day has been the day from down below, I have just been taking it easy since I got back from church and the grocery store.  I know Mercury is no longer retrograde, but something is most definitely going on around me or in my planets because this really has been the most awful day I have had in a while.
      Be that as it may, back to the subject at hand--today's card. For today, I drew the card, "Responsible," which is defined as: " being answerable or accountable; to be able to distinguish between right and wrong; to think and act rationally; trustworthy; dependable."
      And this card means:
      "It is more important to be responsible than it is to take responsibility.  This is especially true
      if you are taking it away from someone else, thus allowing them to not be responsible for
      their own actions. 
      "Be responsible for your own choices and your own actions.  And it follow then that you
      should allow others to be accountable for their choices and actions.  Your friends and
      family will experience what they need to experience, no matter what you do.  So just allow
      them their own life lessons so they can grow and become the person they were meant to be.
      "How you respond to situations is up to you.   Trust yourself. Beware of putting yourself
      in a state of denial.  You do have choices, you know.
      "Don't be so busy taking care of everyone else that you forget to take care of yourself and
      your own needs.
      "No one can challenge your security if you accept responsibility for your own self and your
      own life.  Never let yourself choose to be a victim.
      "When you draw this card, pay close attention.  This is a very good time to put your own
      abilities to good use.  So take time to take a good look at all of your options and pay 
      careful attention every time you have to make a choice about anything."
      After the day I had today, maybe I just really need to sit back, take it easy and get my
      ducks in a row for a while, or at least for a few days, until whatever is going on in my
      life is made clear to me so I will , hopefully, know what to do to keep all of this
      confusion and chaos from happening tomorrow.  How do all of you positive thinking
      people handle days like this when everything around you seems to be going crazy and going
      out of control?  Do any of you have any tips that might help me learn to handle days like
      this in a better way?   
      And now for the card I drew from The Course in Miracles box for today; it stated:  "To be
      in the Kingdom is merely to focus your full attention on it.  This was taken from the Text,
      Page 108. 
      With that said, I will say "so long" for a while because I really need to eat a snack--which
      I need because I did not eat lunch since we had wine and cheese after church.  Then, because
      it is always my ritual to read the paper on Sunday afternoon, maybe I will feel less stressed
      if I just take some time to relax and do that now as I don't think I have really relaxed at all
      today--at least not yet.
      I wish for each of you a very special, beautiful, angelic day and a wonderful, love-filled,
       joyous evening and night.
      Peace, love and light to all,

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