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Fw: Friday October 12

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Friday, October 12th *10 Men, 18 Tzotz The Sacred Number 10-Lahun: Planetary, Spirit’s intention becomes physical form. Manifest. Men-Eagle: Eagle operates
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2001

      Friday, October 12th

      *10 Men, 18 Tzotz

      The Sacred Number 10-Lahun: Planetary, Spirit’s intention becomes physical form. Manifest.

      Men-Eagle: Eagle operates from the emotional or psychic world. Eagle shows the way to the larger dream of expansive consciousness, the higher mind. It gives the ability to accomplish tasks or to meet the challenges before us. Crown chakra. Direction: West Colour: Black. Element: Dusk, Autumn, Earth. Planet: Jupiter.

      Galactic Month of 18 Tzotz: Journeying on the magical path to great wisdom.

      Galactic Year of 10 Caban-Star Navigator: Steering our dreams towards fruition. Self discovery comes by gaining insights from inner and outer events. Caban lives in the spirit realms and is centred in Universal Consciousness. Caban has the ability to express cosmic information in a more accessible form. Transduce. Direction-East, colour-red.

      Light Pulse of Cimi. The meaning of life and the mysteries surrounding it. It symbolises the death of the form. Cimi is deep and contemplative, searching for the truth to life’s immense questions. The non-physical world of spirit and dedication to spiritual ideas. An obligation to community and the world.


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      From Cyrus the Astrologer


      The Moon opposes Uranus at 10:15 AM and

      sextiles Mercury at 12:34 PM.

      The ability to bridge deeper understanding between people gathers momentum.

      This aspect energises the Uranus-Sun-Saturn alignment and allows us to attune to the energy on emotional and intuitive levels.

      Emotional depth-work is recommended. Let your feelings flow in a safe and non-destructive way so that they naturally heal and transform...do not suppress or bypass them. Use eye movement while feeling emotions, paying close attention to your feelings while moving the eyes back and forth, left to right and back again, over and over, in the same way the body does naturally while dreaming in sleep.

      This time is a most potent combination of mental energies involving the Sun, Saturn, Uranus and Mercury. Mercury and the Fourth Ray are creating new relationships and forms for mental expression. The energy of Saturn works to create patterns and structures where these ideas take on power and dynamic focus of manifestation. We have the chance to give abstract ideas practical expression. A clear flexible vision is required so that the new incoming concepts and ideas bring benefit to our evolutionary unfolding towards enlightenment.

      The ability to see relationships between the macrocosm and the microcosm is strengthened. Fourth Ray quality of relating the higher abstract concepts about energy can work effectively through the lower rational mind. This function serves to give important new ideas practical expression. Saturn adds structure, potency, and a sense of personal responsibility, which is so essential to planetary restructuring.


      The blending of the Fourth and Seventh Rays give keen perception into new forms, patterns and prototypes which are better suited to the new paradigm. The intuition is strengthened, helping with our collective goals and bringing them into clearer focus


      Juno, Pluto-Pallas and the Earth are also energised.

      Eternal values express themselves through the power of the Divine Feminine, which is the reality of emotion and feeling.  World Servers have a chance to become a channel for the inner aspirations of all, bringing greater insight and understanding into world events.


      The Moon in Leo is inconjunct Mars at 8:16 AM.

      The Sun squares Mars

      Mars aligns with Castor.

      Castor: To write or create.

      Jupiter aligns with Canopus.

      Canopus: The path finder.

      On the personality level, this influence centres on our instinctual response patterns to outer events.

      The Sun-Mars alignment functions to unite Love-Wisdom in a way that focuses on the challenges encountered by the Pathwalker along the way, purifying the personality. Courage and compassion help us to bring energy from the solar plexus to the heart centre, allowing the power of the lower self to come under the influence of the Soul.

      On the Soul level the energy serves to transform the form nature into a useful vehicle for group endeavour. Crystallised elements within our Self-consciousness are elements of the form nature that are being transformed. Our Self-consciousness involves our self-centred emotional attitudes and prejudices and these qualities are being transmuted so that our personality aligns with our Soul-purpose.

      Contributing our talents and efforts harmoniously towards such a purpose leads to the creative use of form. Leo and Aquarius are both signs on the Fifth Ray making for natural ease of movement of these energies.

      This allows us to work in group formation with a minimum of difficulty in order to accomplish our collective planetary goal of UNITY.




      *The Mayan Calendar

      Sheldan Nidle

      PO Box 880151, Pukalani, Maui, HI 96788, U.S.A

      Mayan-Pleiadian Cosmology

      Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

      Hauk’in - Centre for Solar Initiation - PO. Box 1351 Mt. Shasta CA 96067










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