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Fw: Wednesday October 10

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Wednesday, October 10 *8 Ben,16 Tzotz Sacred Number 8-Vaxac. Galactic. The outer reality begins to take form. The reality is refined, based on a continuing
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      Wednesday, October 10

      *8 Ben,16 Tzotz

      Sacred Number 8-Vaxac. Galactic. The outer reality begins to take form. The reality is refined, based on a continuing input of evolving realisations and intentions. It is the process of physical manifestation in motion. Harmonise.

      Ben: Pillars of Light. A brilliant pillar of light connects the Earth with the cosmos. Ben is at the forefront of conscious thought and ahead of its time, beyond the entrenched and accepted ideals of society. It knows of newer and broader horizons. Direction: East. Colour: Red. Solar Plexus. Element: Dawn, spring, water. Planet: Mars.

      Galactic Month of 16 Tzotz: Journeying on the magical path to great wisdom.

      Galactic Year of 10 Caban-Star Navigator: Steering our dreams towards fruition. Self discovery comes by gaining insights from inner and outer events. Caban lives in the spirit realms and is centred in Universal Consciousness. Caban has the ability to express cosmic information in a more accessible form. Transduce. Direction-East, colour-red.

      Light Pulse of Cimi. The meaning of life and the mysteries surrounding it. It symbolises the death of the form. Cimi is deep and contemplative, searching for the truth to life’s immense questions. The non-physical world of spirit and dedication to spiritual ideas. An obligation to community and the world.

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      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer

      The last quarter Moon begins in Cancer at 12:20 AM.

      The Moons sextiles Venus at 12:43 PM and squares Mercury at 1:47 PM.

      Chiron squares Venus at 6:18 PM and sextiles Mercury at 8:50 PM.

      The long void Moon period between 1:47 PM and 10:54 PM gives us a chance to go deeper within and attune to spirit.

      The last quarter Moon phase makes this time the most productive for completions and gaining results.

      Purity and clarity of motives set the tone for the day and can have tremendous spiritual implications on how we go about our daily lives. This is an excellent time to attune in to our deepest most profound self.

      The call is going out for consistency and responsibility in group endeavour. Only the empathy and integrity established through inner synthesis is capable of bringing true reconciliation.

      Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde and drawing ever closer in alignment. Because of the retrograde condition of these planets and that of Mercury, there may be difficulty in communication. We often know what we want to say but not how to say it. Or at least we don’t know how to say it in terms that make sense to those of different cultures or social groupings than our own.

      Because of the planetary retrograde condition, the smallest thoughts can carry with them the full weight all past thoughts attached to them, making it more difficult to reach the essence of understanding. There is consequently a great deal of repetition.

      We are learning that thoughts are things and the things we don’t say can create just as powerful an impression on the collective as the things we do say.

      The lesson is to purify our thinking process.

      Transformation within is the emphasis with Pluto retrograde. Linking the personality with the Soul attunes us to the Spirit. Divine love can then express itself here on Earth. We are called upon to transmute all factors in the life that impede the progress of the Soul and the expression of Spirit. We are feeling the struggle of humanity within ourselves and the need to overcome within ourselves all that lowers the consciousness of the collective.

      The present planetary alignments are greatly intensifying the Shamballa Force.

      The secret of will comes from the recognition of our divine nature. It is evoked by the Soul, dominating the mind and controlling the personality. It is also linked with the ultimate triumph of good. There is an expression of a focused desire for peace and for an end of trouble. This type of effort Humanity can give. World Servers are called upon to bring greater light of understanding in issues of the present crisis.

      "Focused, determined, enlightened public opinion is the most potent force in the world."

      Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Press Ltd., London

      Behind this will is the quality of Spiritual Will. 2000 years ago in the Garden of Gethsemane, the Christ contacted the Shamballa Force on behalf of evolving Humanity. This Shamballa Force is available for right usage. At this point in our evolutionary unfolding, it may be used in the form of group endeavour. It is a unifying, synthetic and requires great care and understanding in its use.

      Part of this understanding comes to us as we begin to learn the meaning of Divine Love. Love, as usually interpreted, works out as kindness to the form side of life and to the personalities of those around us, allowing us to fulfil our obligations and not obstruct in any way the activities of others. It expresses itself in a desire to end abuses and to bring about happier material world conditions. It manifests as mother love, love among friends, buts rarely as love among groups and nations.

      Only DIVINE LOVE is powerful enough to bring groups and nations together and prepare for the new civilisation

      Divine Love can be described as the Will to Unity. It is expressed as the will to synthesis, producing coherence and magnetic attraction. This is a Unity seen from the beginning and existing for ever, embracing past, present and future.


      It is this DIVINE LOVE that the Saturn-Pluto alignment is bringing to the consciousness of evolving Humanity and to all World Servers.

      This DIVINE LOVE is expressed through intent in the context of group endeavour.

      The Moon enters dramatic, idealistic, creative Leo at 10:54 PM.


      *The Mayan Calendar


      Mayan-Pleiadian Cosmology, Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

      Hauk’in - Centre for Solar Initiation - PO. Box 1351 Mt. Shasta CA 96067




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