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Fw: Monday October 8

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Monday, the 8th of October *6 Batz, 14 Tzotz Sacred Number 6 Uac: Time-Space, the creation of cycles of time based on the cosmos. Flow. Time moves in cycles.
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      Monday, the 8th of October

      *6 Batz, 14 Tzotz

      Sacred Number 6 Uac: Time-Space, the creation of cycles of time based on the cosmos. Flow. Time moves in cycles. Creation is in a constant state of becoming. Batz-Monkey: Monkey operates from the emotional and psychic worlds. It shows many interests and is communicative, demonstrative and curious. Direction: West. Colour: Black. Chakra: Throat. Element : Dusk, fall, Earth.

      Galactic Month of 14 Tzotz: Journeying on the magical path to great wisdom.

      Galactic Year of 10 Caban-Star Navigator: Steering our dreams towards fruition. Self discovery comes by gaining insights from inner and outer events. Caban lives in the spirit realms and is centred in Universal Consciousness. Caban has the ability to express cosmic information in a more accessible form. Transduce. Direction-East, colour-red.

      Light Pulse of Cimi. The meaning of life and the mysteries surrounding it. It symbolises the death of the form. Cimi is deep and contemplative, searching for the truth to life’s immense questions. The non-physical world of spirit and dedication to spiritual ideas. An obligation to community and the world.




      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer


      The Moon opposes Chiron at 7:51 AM.

      Chiron creates events that bridges separations. It often brings about major transformations by allowing us to relive and feel the feelings of buried preverbal experiences. We are learning to reorient our lives towards greater understanding and compassion

      Step by step we are learning to integrate the personality (physical, emotional, lower mental) with the Soul. The personality and Soul are polarities. Chiron brings to light the conflict between these polarities and brings healing. All conflict can be harmonised into higher synthesis using the energy of Fourth Ray.

      When this is done on an emotional level, it is called emotional depth-work. In this kind of work we acknowledge our separative wounded emotions as they come up,  feeling them and thereby transmuting them into positive heart centred feelings. This allows splits and dissociations in the personality to be healed, enabling us to take responsibility and act with integrity. On an energy level, the pain of separation, experienced in the solar plexus, moves up to the heart, where unification occurs.


      The Moon aligns with Galactic Centre and trines Mercury at 12:23 PM.

      This is a chance to channel expressions of the past into new opportunities for Soul unfoldment. Soul attunement is giving us guidance in the correct way of expression in outer world in order to bring harmony.

      Resolution through release enables the cultivation of progressive attitudes which are healing. Connections to Galactic Centre suggest the potential to make massive changes in the direction of human affairs. We have the chance to attune to Galactic centre and access information which can bring evolutionary progress in human affairs both personally and collectively.

      The influence allows for the smooth integration between the past, present and future. This integration comes through psychic attunement and acceptance of our individual responsibility towards Humanity.


      The Moon goes void in Gemini at 12:23 PM.

      We can use this time to resolve conflicts that may be beneath the surface. This is a good chance to withdraw from external activity if possible and do some emotional dialogue. Emotional dialogue, using techniques of emotional depth-work, is an essential step in our Soul attunement.  All emotional work entails uncovering feelings and letting them flow in a safe and non-destructive manner, so that healing and insight occurs.

      The two lives that are referred to as Castor and Pollux in this sign symbolise all the sets of dualities that Gemini is working to synthesise and resolve. Of great significance at the individual level is the duality the personality and the Soul.


      Jupiter aligns with Sirius.

      Sirius: The Mundane becoming sacred.

      This contact highlights some common areas of crisis and transformation in our lives. There is a transformation of our personal desires and the way in which we express our personal, emotional and sexual lives. There may be some changes of diet and attitudes toward the physical body, leading to a healthier physical vehicle.

      We are learning to train the mind so that it is receptive to inclusive, heart centred perspectives and opening it to our intuitive perceptions. This brings about the flow of consciousness from the Higher to the lower self.

      This produces a heightened awareness of life that eventually serves to transmute all sense of separateness from our essential Oneness. As we are learning to sense our unity with the Creative Source, several wondrous things are beginning to happen.

      We are becoming less influenced by the fear of loss. These fears can range from the most petty materialistic concerns to our greatest apprehension, the fear of death.

      We are becoming more receptive to those impressions coming from higher realms. Such contact with these supernal beings are giving us inner guidance and direction.

      A sense of inner freedom is achieved when the personal will is aligned to the Will of the Universal Source. The Path of Soul alignment is helping us to become co-creators of our destiny.

      The Moon enters tenacious, intuitive, domestic Cancer at 6:19 PM.



      *The Mayan Calendar


      Mayan-Pleiadian Cosmology, Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

      Hauk’in - Centre for Solar Initiation - PO. Box 1351 Mt. Shasta CA 96067




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