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Fw: 13 Libra The Angels of Opening Hearts

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    13 degrees Libra The Angels of Opening Hearts Also known as The Angels of ‘Rigolon’ Beloved, we open hearts. We give assistance when it is important to
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      13 degrees Libra

      The Angels of Opening Hearts

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Rigolon


      , we open hearts.

      We give assistance when it is important to connect with others in love, kindness, help, and understanding.


      R… This sound is the sound of the virtue of freedom and independence. It has a golden color, the note of C, and primarily is the air element, so it is felt with a sensation of ease. The left nostril is formed from this virtue.

      The mastery of this virtue gives clear inner guidance that is in complete harmony with Divine Providence, so no mistake is ever made. Because the divine virtue of free will is the extension of Divine Mind operating within each being, a high state of maturity and ingenuity is gained through this virtue that allows quick understanding of all knowledge.


      I… The sound of this letter is the virtue of cause and effect, which is the karma law. ‘On the mental level, this is analogous to memory, remembrance and conscience. In the emotions, this corresponds to the astral matrix with all of it’s functions’. The ‘astral matrix’ is the connecting link between the physical body and the feelings. Therefore, the mastery of the virtue of cause and effect controls the connection between the body and the soul.

      It is a known fact that the astral matrix, and with it the whole body, is kept alive by breathing. With the initiation into karma law, which is the knowledge of cause and effect, you are in the position to get under your perfect control the breath with all of it’s aspects and ways of application. All mystical abilities are subject to the mastery of breath. On the material world, everything that has shape, measure, number and weight can be understood and mastered with this virtue.’

      The color of this virtue is light opal, the musical note is G, the element is earth so it has the sensation of weight, and the left kidney is created by this oscillation.

      To meditate on this virtue, as with all the letters and their virtues, see yourself as a tiny dot in your solar plexus with the rest of the body as an infinite swirling universe all around you. Meditate on the meaning of the virtue with your intellect, in a Theta brainwave state of deep inward thought. In this case, meditate on the virtue of cause and effect.

      Do this with a sensation of the element, in this case a sensation of weight, filling the body. See the color shining forth from the area of the body that is formed by the virtue. In this case, see light opal shining from the left kidney. Hear the musical note, in this case G, and feel yourself having mastery over the law of cause and effect.

      By performing this meditation with a vivid imagination, a connection is made between universal mind and individual mind, so that they become one.

      "I and the Father are one."

      "All that I do, ye shall do and more."



      G… This letter symbolizes the divine virtue of grace and mercy. When a child of God creates the reality of opening hearts according to inner guidance and wisdom for the purpose of manifestation, it is always energized emotionally by the feelings of divine mercy and grace. This emotion is the feeling of beauty and perfection manifesting in form, which is the bringing of heaven to earth. It is this feeling which magnetizes the imagined reality into actual form on the physical plane.

      This virtue has a deep grass green color, the musical note of F, and is of the water element so it has the sensation of coolness. The left eye is formed from it.


      O… The sound of letter O is the sound of the initiation into the original principle of divine justice. ‘Mentally you will be able to give expression to the absolute legality of harmony in all four basic qualities of the elements. You will have a high power of judgement and the ability to comprehend spiritually any legality, any interference by Divine Providence for the sake of justice. You will never be able to condemn anyone unjustly. This will bring about the abilities to create any change in the emotional situations that you find yourself in and to have absolute success and happiness on all levels.’

      The ability to control emotions is the ability to control the element of water and magnetism, which is the ability to attract. It is also the ability to manifest anything on the physical level. This virtue has an ultramarine blue color, the musical note of C, and is the earth element so it has the sensation of weight. It formed the throat and windpipe.

      L… The letter L represents the sum total of all the divine virtues. These virtues taken together are the splendor and majesty of Divine Consciousness. By mastering the virtue of unity with all of the divine virtues, it is possible to create the splendor and majesty of heaven so that it manifests in the intellect, in the feelings, and in the reality of the physical world. This gives morality, mastery of emotions, great courage and endurance, and the drive for self-preservation in self and others.

      The color of this virtue is olive green, the musical note is F, the sensation is the air element of ease, and the organ formed by it is the spleen.


      O…By becoming one with the virtue of justice, the ability to open hearts is always used according to ‘the absolute legality of harmony’. The mastery of this virtue also gives absolute success and harmony in any project that is undertaken.

      Divine Justice is predicated on the Highest Law of All. It is the Law of One and this law states that we are all one, and that when one is harmed, all are harmed. Likewise, when one is helped, all are helped. Whenever a heart opens, the entire web of life is infused with love in the same way that sound carries in water.


      The Law of One

      We are all one.

      When one is harmed, all are harmed.

      When one is helped, all are helped.

      Therefore, in the name of my being, of who I AM, and I am one with all there is, with all beings, masters, saints, prophets, and with the Christ,

      I ask that only that which is the highest good of all concerned

      Happen here.

      I give thanks that this is done.




      N… This sound is the sound of supreme happiness and fulfillment. Supreme happiness is the process of heaven manifesting successfully into earth expression. This virtue gives control over the mental matrix, which is’the spiritual bonding material which connects the emotional body to the mental body, i.e., to the spirit. The mastery of this virtue reveals to the child of God all the mysteries relating to connecting the emotions with the mind, i.e. the mental matrix, and bestows the ability to comprehend, see, sense and contol, the mental matrix with its sphere of action, either in regard of self or others.’

      The color of supreme happiness is dark red, the musical note is A, and it is of the water element of feeling so it has a cool sensation. The liver is formed from this virtue.



      In whatever situation you find yourself in, and no matter how cold and unfeeling the participants have historically been, or how hopeless it seems, with attunement to the divine virtues inherent in our name, and with our help, the door of each heart WILL open.

      Sometimes, if a heart has been extremely damaged,numbed out, and inaccessible, it may take some time, but it can be done. As long as there is life, the heart can be opened.

      Divine Providence has ordained that all hearts are to be healed. From the beginning of time we have opened hearts and miracles have flowed. The love of open hearts attracts heaven to earth.

      At this time, the time of the Alpha and the Omega, great healing is immanent for many, for this is the time that has been foretold when IT SHALL BE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

      We understand that you are being introduced to so many orders of angels that it may be difficult to remember which ones to ask when a need arises. Just remember that there is an order of angels for every need, and when you ask for help from Divine Consciousness, the appropriate Angels come to you automatically from within.

      It is important that the introductions have been made, for in your subconscious mind everything is remembered.

      So we are the Angels of Rigolon, and we open hearts. We open all hearts. Even the hearts of animals are opened by us.

      If your own heart has been wounded, and the door is locked and you wish for it to open, call on us and we show you the loving light that shines through your own heart and keeps you alive.

      If someone you know is lost in the deepest dungeon of a closed heart, call on us and watch the wonders of our healing.

      We are the Angels of The Open Heart, the Angels of Rigolon.





      The 20th day of the 28 Day Moon Cycle

      The Moon Angels of Ecstasy and Dance

      Also known as

      The Moon Angels of ‘Etsacheye’


      All of the beings and angels of the moon sphere serve in the realm of emotion and feeling.

      As you know, the key to manifestation on the physical level is EMOTION.

      Emotions are divine energy flowing in a magnetic way, so that the LAW OF ATTRACTION pulls together realities out of the infinite possibilities of Divine Mind.

      THE EMOTION OF ECSTASY is the key emotion for the production of heavenly states of being upon the earth.

      It is the will of Divine Providence that on the 20th night of each moon cycle, as many of the children of God as possible dance The Dance of Ecstasy.

      This permits the proper flow of rhythmic magnetic energy to attract permanent conditions of heaven on earth for one and all.

      As this is done on a regular basis, the manifestation of heaven on earth is magnified and held stable.

      Suggestions for ecstatic dancing are as follows:


      Dance at night, if possible, and dance under the moon in natural surroundings with sounds of nature as music.

      Bugs singing, beating surf, wind rustling the trees, birds calling, and rivers flowing etc. enter the ear and stimulate the production of certain glandular chemicals for dancing in ecstasy.

      Additional music is wonderful, especially if the music is composed of notes in the pentatonic keyscale. These are the black keys on a keyboard. These oriental notes stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system corresponds to the right brain and the state of intuition and feeling.


      Keep light natural or low. At night, dim light such as starlight, moonlight, and candlelight or firelight allow the body to produce melatonin, which is an important body chemical for ecstatic dancing. Bright artificial light inhibits the production of melatonin. Melatonin is necessary for youth and for deep restful sleep.


      Dancing alone is as sacred as dancing in a group. Both are extremely powerful for attracting heaven on earth.

      If you are dancing in a group, allow everyone to dance, including children and old people. Those who are disabled dance in whatever way they can, even if it is only by tapping a finger or swaying their heads.


      Group dancing in a circle is very powerful. The steps to the dance and the body movements are unique to each person, as they find their own alignment with Universal Rhythms. Dancing with eyes closed much of the time is helpful to some people in order to maintain inner focus.

      In the time of heaven on earth, each community or tribe has a permanent dance circle in a beautiful place. A fire burning in the middle of the circle helps the optic nerve stimulate the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus with the flickering firelight.

      If your community builds a covered space for ecstatic dancing, make it round with a dome or pyramid roof with a skylight to let in the natural moonlight. If the roof is a pyramid, be sure to align it to true north. Use natural earth, stone or wood for floors, or natural fiber rugs, and keep everything as beautiful as possible.

      Art, symbols, gently billowing cloths, and plants reflect higher qualities; as it is written, "As above, so below". If you are dancing in a square or rectangular space, round it off to make a circle as much as possible with hanging cloth, pillows, screens, furniture, or plants etc. or do it in your imagination. The circle anchors powerful healing energy.

      The sound of flowing water is magical.


      The key to ecstatic dance is emotion brought about by attunement to feelings of Divine Virtues.

      This stage of the moon cycle is one of reaping what one has sown during the first two weeks, so feelings of gratitude, resting, accomplishment, security, satisfaction, and happiness etc. are natural.

      Powerful ecstatic emotions of gratitude and happiness generated during the dance strongly attract ecstatic conditions into the earth realm.


      In any place, at any time, it is possible to create in your imagination the seashore with crashing surf, calling birds and blissful wind; deep in the forest with singing bugs, hooting owls, and laughing rivers; or a wonderful cave overlooking the desert, with flickering firelight; or a beautiful round temple filled with objects and symbols of divine perfection.

      When you meditate on the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name, and call upon us, the following is gained:


      E…We spiritualize matter, and with our aid and instruction it is possible to dynamize thoughts and feelings to take on a life of their own.


      T…We help seekers apply magical rituals and practices to gain mastery over the elements,


      S… in order to gain perfect control over other people and evoke clairvoyance and the gift of prophecy for the highest good of all concerned.


      A…We inspire the children of God to be in tune with wisdom of the most profound truths, coming through magical exercises, dance, and ritual.


      Ch…Practical application of rhythm removes obscurity and awakens clarity.


      E…These dances of ecstasy awakens intense cosmic love,




      E…and intuition which taps into the original rhythms of life.’


      The rhythmic magnetic pulsation of Ecstatic Dancing every 28 days, on the 20th day of the moon cycle, attracts good health, weather, crops, and blesses every aspect of consciousness and form on earth. As the children of God attune to the natural rhythms of Divine Mind in manifestation, this act is given priority for the health, well being, and protection of all on this day of each moon cycle.


      Performing ecstatic dance on the 20th day of each 28-day moon cycle is one of the most important rituals for the establishment and maintenance of heaven on earth.





      Names, phrases, or sections, in Italics or single quotation marks are quoted
      or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon, [The Practice of Magical
      Evocation ISBN 3-921338-02-6 and The Key to the True Quaballah, ISBN
      3-921338-13-4]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany. These
      books have detailed information on the meanings of the letters on all four
      levels of will, mind, feeling, and form, and all of the beings of the
      zodiac. For serious study of the ancient language and easy reference, you
      can purchase these books online at:


      Previous angel messages and instructions on the ancient language, and the
      TIBETAN EXERCISE OF PARADOX, can be found at:



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      this site.]


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