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Fw: 12 Libra The Angels of Love Miracles

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    12 degrees Libra The Angels of Love Miracles Also known as The Angels of Afrei Beloved, We give initiations and help with the mastery of Love Miracles. We
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2001

      12 degrees Libra

      The Angels of Love Miracles

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Afrei’


      We give initiations and help with the mastery of Love Miracles.

      We teach those who call on us how ‘to produce many wonders in the mental, feeling, and physical world by the dynamization of divine qualities, especially of divine love and mercy’.

      As you know, the first letter of our name represents all wisdom and enlightenment, which unites the intellect with the purity of all original ideas. This divine virtue makes it clear that all life is ONE LIFE, and that what affects one affects the whole. This virtue also enables a person to KNOW which divine virtues are needed to restore harmony to any situation.

      The dynamization of any divine quality is done through strong emotion.

      The understanding in the intellect that all life is connected as a web of energy that mutually sustains itself becomes the feeling of LOVE in the heart. The strong feeling of LOVE is the greatest POWER.

      It is the second letter that we wish to draw attention to now. The letter F, in ancient scripture, represents the harmony and legality of all visible worlds. Throughout the ages, seekers of spiritual mastery have learned that harmony IS legality and legality IS harmony. Therefore, in situations of chaos and suffering, call forth , through the power of divine law, miracles of love to dynamize whatever divine qualities are needed to restore harmony.

      Divine Power and Consciousness are everywhere present. Stand on the rock of Truth, and call forth Divine Law, and through your sonship or daughtership with Almighty Creator, the harmony that is the legal right of creation MUST manifest. Love and Mercy makes this possible, so call on us to inspire you with love. We help you magnify this love so greatly that the resulting powerful magnetic force attracts whatever is needed to any situation to restore harmony.

      The act of knowing the truth and ASKING that it set you free is as important as turning on the light in your home to dispel the darkness. Wishing that the light will turn on of itself does not work. The ACT of turning on the light is equivalent to the ACT of ASKING for your heart to be filled with LOVE and for divine harmony to be restored. That is why your scriptures repeat over and over, in every way imaginable, that the act of ASKING is prerequisite to divine intervention.

      It is in the understanding of Free Will that this admonition makes sense. Every situation is the effect of causes set in motion by the use of free will. What is caused by free will must be healed by free will. The act of ASKING is the use of free will to unleash the power of the mighty heavenly hosts.

      The heavenly hosts are not allowed to intervene by themselves. They must be asked by the free will of a son or daughter of God. The act of asking angels is the equivalent to the act of asking someone in the physical world. As above, so below. Clearly state what you are wanting to happen and ask that it be done. It is a simple concept to grasp, and yet the doubt, confusion and guilt experienced by some people makes it difficult for them to do sometimes.

      The third letter of our name is R and represents freedom and independence. You must use your independent free will to ask for harmony to manifest as a legal right of creation. The letter E follows this and is there to remind you that the power to fulfill your request is everywhere present. It does not come from somewhere, it comes from everywhere. It is not for you to worry if God or the angels hear your prayer, your prayer is heard by the All-that-Is everywhere.

      The last letter of our name is I. The letter I represents the Law of Cause and Effect. We have explained this to you very carefully and now we will shed a little more light upon this subject. Manifestation happens on four levels at once. They are the level of will, mind, feeling, and the physical world.

      At the level of "will", if you are blocked from asking for help—if for any reason you don’t do it—the first level is contaminated. If, for example, you think that it won’t work to ask, or you think you are unworthy, or you simply believe that it is wrong to intervene in situations with personal will, the first level is contaminated. Will is electric and is the power aspect of God. God wills through you, and you are actually Manifest God on the physical level. That is what all of your spiritual Teachers have been trying to tell you: That you and God are one, and that NOT using your will to create freely in the world is a misuse of your co-creative power.

      If your mind is confused and unclear about WHAT you are asking, the second level is contaminated. That is why we are telling you that HARMONY IS LEGALITY. Asking for harmony brings about the highest good and asking for the highest good brings about harmony. There should be no confusion about this.

      Do not worry yourself with WHAT is the highest good. That part of yourself which fills all of space and is one with God knows precisely what is the greatest harmony for all concerned. Just asking for harmony from your INDIVIDUAL SELF, the one that experiences time and space, will trigger your UNIFIED SELF to do exactly what needs to be done in the web of life.

      If you are feeling doubt and fear, the third level, which is the level of emotion, is contaminated. As you know, feelings are magnetic. Like attracts like. Doubt and fear attract more doubt and fear. In feeling Divine Love, only Divine Love is attracted to you. We, the Angels of Afrei, are exquisitely attuned to Divine Love and, therefore, when you feel Divine Love, you automatically draw us to you. Furthermore, we help you when you ask us to fill you with the feeling of Divine Love.

      You cannot expect the fourth level, the level of material reality, to manifest in and of itself separate from will, thought, and feeling. This is why we are bringing you these angel messages. We are helping you stand firm in the of use personal will, to understand clearly what you are asking for, and to fill yourself with Divine Love,

      so that you can manifest miracles on the physical level as your spiritual teachers have told you that you would do, and must do, in these latter days.

      "All that I do, ye shall do and more."

      By understanding that harmony is the law of the universe, it is easy for you to feel Divine Love. You will feel good about asking for harmony to manifest in any situation. We come and carry forth your request into manifestation, and many other orders of angels do also.

      By meditating on the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name, and calling on our help, the ability to FEEL and USE the power of LOVE to attract harmony to any situation is gained:


      A…Wisdom and Enlightenment brings the gifts of understanding, artistic talents, eloquence, and occult powers.

      F…The understanding of the harmony and legality of all manifest worlds brings perfect understanding of analogy, and the "as above, so below" law.

      R…The virtue of Freedom and Independence allows each person to follow inner guidance, and attune individually to Divine Providence.

      E…The mastery of the virtue of Omnipresence is the ability to experience oneness with all life.

      I…The virtue of Cause and Effect gives the right to every person to create heaven on earth for themselves and all other beings.

      It is our purpose to teach you the power of Love to produce miracles.

      Feelings are the attractive magnetic force of the universe. The most powerful feeling is LOVE.

      Call on us, the Angels of AFREI, the angels of the Miracles of Love.




      The 19th day of the 28 day Moon Cycle

      The Moon Angels of Emotional Harmony

      Also known as

      The Moon Angels of ‘Ezheme’


      We teach the children of God about the relationship of emotions to the laws of harmony that govern the Universe.

      The ORIGINAL law, from which all other laws come, is the LAW OF ONE that states "When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all are helped."

      In the mastery of emotions, the understanding of this law is of utmost importance, because emotion is magnetism and attraction. Emotion is the precursor of manifestation on the physical plane and therefore emotions determine whether the physical realm is heaven or hell.

      Harm done to anyone, self or other, harms the entire Web of Life.

      A child of God must understand emotions, and render them not only harmless, but make them gloriously beneficial to self and others. Emotion IS magnetism. Beautiful emotions magnetises beautiful realities into being.

      These following understandings of the nature of magnetism, emotions, and the water element are important:

      1…Emotions MUST FLOW. Positive emotions become more positive by flowing, and negative ones heal and become positive by flowing in a safe and non-destructive way in an environment of all encompassing unconditional love. Negative feelings become more toxic if they are bottled up, denied, disassociated from, bypassed, or medicated away.

      It is difficult to meditate on the positive feelings of the Divine Virtues when negative feelings are begging to be heard, felt, and healed. Trying to avoid and hold back this healing process takes tremendous energy and is exhausting. Doing this suppresses the immune system and causes disease. It is important to heal negative emotions when they come up.

      Bottled up or denied negative emotions go inward into the subconscious and are held in the body tissue. There they not only cause dis-ease and suppress the immune system, they are acted out sub-consciously in self-defeating ways without conscious awareness.

      Negative feelings must be allowed to flow IN A SAFE AND NON-DESTRUCTIVE MANNER, for it is in flowing that they are healed. Find a safe place and feel the negative feelings without acting them out destructively. Cry or scream into a pillow in order not to alarm others. Do not break anything, or harm yourself. Use eye movement like you do naturally in dreaming. Moving the eyes back and forth over and over shifts the emotional energy between the two hemispheres of the brain and allows it to process intuitively, emotionally, and rationally.

      Strong over-reactive negative emotions almost always go back to an old unresolved emotional traumatic event. Many of the most painful events happen in very young childhood.

      By allowing negative emotions to flow freely, the memory of the original wounding event is often remembered. By reliving the painful memory over and over in your mind from beginning to end, and feeling through all the feelings each time; healing insights arise and the emotions heal naturally.

      Using rapid eye movement, moving the eyes back and forth like the body does in dreaming sleep, shifts the flow of emotional energy back and forth between the two hemispheres of the brain so that the energy is processed in a whole brain manner.

      Allowing negative emotions to flow and process in this way brings healing. This is how you heal negative emotions and prevent negative emotions from harming yourself or others.

      2…Once negative emotions are healed, meditating on the Divine Virtues arouses wonderful feelings of happiness and power. This is done effectively in a wholebrain manner by using the ancient will-thought-feeling-and-sensation technique of the ancient language as explained in these messages.

      The stronger the positive feelings, the stronger the magnetic power of attraction. These powerful feelings of the divine virtues bring heaven to earth by forming reality in the physical world.

      Learning to control the mind so that it focuses on the beauty and perfection of the Divine, allows a child of God to walk in the path of the miraculous.

      It is in this second step that we teach the children of God to understand the laws of harmony of emotion through analogy. In every moment, in every situation, the most harmonious feelings flow when the mind sees Divine Life expressing itself through everything in existence.

      We encourage you to meditate on the letters of the ancient language, and thereby become masters of consciousness.



      By meditating on the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name, and calling on our help, the following is gained:





      E…We show you how to spiritualize matter, obtain clairvoyance, and understand the mysteries of manifesting new realities.


      Z…We help seekers with the ability to gain general mind expansion, talents, and abilities such as eloquence, abstract ability, and grasp of high tantric magic.


      H…We teach all levels of the symbolic expressions of the ancient language, the power of the word.


      E…We evoke the highest forms of intuition and confer the ability to transfer consciousness and transform ordinary consciousness into cosmic consciousness.


      M…We initiate masters of feelings, vitality, and the change process in order to help understand the laws of fluidity.


      E…We teach seekers to intensify their ideas and visions into material form.’



      Every 19th day of each 28-Day Moon Cycle we flood the earth with feelings of the beauty of Divine Will, Divine Intelligence and Divine Ideas. We also flood the earth with feelings of Divine Love and Mercy, and Divine Beauty in everything that exists.

      These feelings attract heaven on earth for all life.




      Names, phrases, or sections, in Italics or single quotation marks are quoted
      or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon, [The Practice of Magical
      Evocation ISBN 3-921338-02-6 and The Key to the True Quaballah, ISBN
      3-921338-13-4]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany. These
      books have detailed information on the meanings of the letters on all four
      levels of will, mind, feeling, and form, and all of the beings of the
      zodiac. For serious study of the ancient language and easy reference, you
      can purchase these books online at:


      Previous angel messages and instructions on the ancient language, and the
      TIBETAN EXERCISE OF PARADOX, can be found at:



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      this site.]


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