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Fw: Thursday October 4

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Thursday, October 4th *2 Manik, 10 Tzotz The sacred Number 2-Ca: Polarity, duality, separation of light from the dark. Stabilise. Manik: The Hand That Heals.
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      Thursday, October 4th

      *2 Manik, 10 Tzotz

      The sacred Number 2-Ca: Polarity, duality, separation of light from the dark. Stabilise. Manik: The Hand That Heals. Freedom versus responsibility. Manik lives in the realm of reason and mental activity. Chakra: Heart Centre. Direction: West. Colour: Black. Element: Dusk, Fall, Earth.

      Galactic Month of 10 Tzotz: Journeying on the magical path to great wisdom.

      Galactic Year of 10 Caban-Star Navigator: Steering our dreams towards fruition. Self discovery comes by gaining insights from inner and outer events. Caban lives in the spirit realms and is centred in Universal Consciousness. Caban has the ability to express cosmic information in a more accessible form. Transduce. Direction-East, colour-red.

      Light Pulse of Cimi. The meaning of life and the mysteries surrounding it. It symbolises the death of the form. Cimi is deep and contemplative, searching for the truth to life’s immense questions. The non-physical world of spirit and dedication to spiritual ideas. An obligation to community and the world.


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer.


      The full Moon phase continues in Taurus.

      The Mars-Jupiter alignment continues.

      Mars aligns with Vega. Charismatic, magical.

      Jupiter aligns with the fixed stars Canopus (The Path Finder) and Sirius ( The mundane becoming sacred).

      Many of us may feel distressed at times because the world situation and our personal lives seem to be encountering challenges. Many things that used to work for us are not doing so anymore.

      These energies are an incredible blessing.

      The old ways of life have never brought us the deep fulfilment, satisfaction and joy that many of us have always searched for.

      We are learning to let go of the old forms which limit us or don’t fit anymore, so that we can clear a healing path towards the new. We have come to believe that the material world is the only reality. Feeling lost, empty and alone, we have tried to find happiness through addiction to external things such as money, material possessions, relationships, work, celebrity, food or substance abuse.

      We are now beginning to remember our deepest spiritual connection and are looking within for the source of our satisfaction, joy and fulfilment.

      We are learning to tap into a still deeper level of creation that is in the best interest of our survival as a species. The aspiration for freedom is the real core of our being and is often the sole realisation of our immortal potential in everyday life, giving us the strength to rise above any given situation.

      In the coming months we are called upon to generate more focus and concentration in penetrating all obstacles before us. We are witnessing the triumph of the human spirit.


      The Moon enters Taurus at 2:01 AM.

      Taurus can help us centre ourselves so we can handle our material obligations and focus on the practical demands of life.

      The plan of Spirit and the purpose of Deity is for humanity to have visions and possibilities of freedom and to experience synthesis. In order to achieve this freedom, vision, and ultimate synthesis, we are learning to realise a certain level of illumination, for it is illumination that dissipates the fog of world glamour.

      Glamour symbolises a polarisation away from, and a distortion of, the Will of God. Glamour causes a distortion of ideals, causing the mind to become closed. There is separative thinking, causing people to live in fear or repression. Systems are created in which the few impose their will upon the many. This causes the economic system to become skewed so that individuals do not have freedom of time, creativity, or expression. This often leads to conditions where life is no longer constructive and the Fourth Ray (The Ray of Humanity) of The Art of Living can no longer be properly externalised.


      It is for this reason that Taurus is the sign of illumination on the Soul level and the main channel for the Fourth Ray. Taurus is and will be prominent in the unfolding life of Humanity (The World Disciple) in the emerging paradigm. For Taurus, along with its rulers Venus and Vulcan, is the sign that forges the instruments such as the thinking mind to engage in constructive and harmonious living.


      The Moon in Taurus squares Neptune at 1:41 PM.

      Subconscious influences are often very strong with this transit and views can become distorted. Old points of view can be misleading and the next several hours may not a good time to make major decisions or start a course of action that needs level-headed thinking.

      The influence can lead to the creation of mental patterns that seek to empower the personal desire nature. These desires and impulses are centred in the solar plexus and lead to blockages and frustration because these desires are conditioned by glamour and are not attuned to our Soul-purpose. It is important to transmute these separative aspects of ourselves into heart-centred ones through emotional depth-work.

      Emotional-depth work allows our personal desires and impulses to come under the influence of the Third Ray of Active Intelligence, clearing a pathway in the life for the right use of will and power.

      On the Soul level, we are called upon to attune to the indwelling presence which  forms the threefold aspect of the Soul or Will-Love-Intelligence(Atma-Buddhi-Manas) - more particularly, that aspect of the Soul which is Love. It is this aspect of our Self that we pray to and evoke for healing, nurturing and spiritual inspiration.

      We are called upon to let go of our exclusive, strongly dedicated focus on our own spiritual vision and cultivate a reverence for life while maintaining an attunement to the unity of all beings.

      We are urged to in invoke The Law of One (See Law of One or email).


      Mars is inconjunct Saturn at 2:20 PM, intensifying the energies of Saturn-Pluto.

      We are living in very exciting and powerful times. On the deepest level of awareness, a spiritual transformation is taking place. We are being challenged to let go of our present way of life and create on entirely new one. The change begins in each of us and is affecting mass consciousness as more of us become transformed.

      Saturn-Pluto shows a major restructuring of the global economy, and the desire to consolidate in a creative new manner. It stimulates our tenacity, endurance and capability to extend ourselves beyond our perceived limitations. It shows us the way to bring our life down to the essentials, releasing the old to make room for the new.


      *The Mayan Calendar


      Mayan-Pleiadian Cosmology, Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

      Hauk’in - Centre for Solar Initiation - PO. Box 1351 Mt. Shasta CA 96067





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