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Fw: Tuesday October 2

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Tuesday, October the 2nd 13 Chicchan, 8 Tzoz Sacred Number-13: Ox Lahun. Ascension. Return to source to collect energy for the next intention. We ascend to
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      Tuesday, October the 2nd

      13 Chicchan, 8 Tzoz

      Sacred Number-13: Ox Lahun. Ascension. Return to source to collect energy for the next intention. We ascend to source in order to collect new energy for the next intention of creation. Live. Chicchan: The Celestial Snake: Chicchan can rise to an exalted form bringing hope, higher truths and embodying spiritual ideals or It can fall into the depths of the underworld in the watery darkness. Direction East. Colour: Red

      Chakra: Crown. Element: Dawn, Spring, Water.

      Galactic Month of 7 Tzotz: Journeying on the magical path to great wisdom.

      Galactic Year of 10 Caban-Star Navigator: Steering our dreams towards fruition. Self discovery comes by gaining insights from inner and outer events. Caban lives in the spirit realms and is centred in Universal Consciousness. Caban has the ability to express cosmic information in a more accessible form. Transduce. Direction-East, colour-red.

      Light pulse of Ben-The Pillars of Light. Ben initiates ideas and intentions awakening selfhood. It is globally conscious and likes challenges. Solar plexus. Direction-East, colour-red .


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer.


      The full Moon in Libra-Aries occurs at 9:48 AM.

      Jupiter sextiles Venus and opposes Mars

      Mercury is retrograde.

      We are on the verge of a

      planetary spiritual awakening and the call goes forth for deep self-examination.

      This is a wake-up call.

      It is also a recognition that we are connected with a vast array of

      beings who can assist us if we call on them.

      This is the time to examine our own lives and

      priorities as citizens of Earth in this time of transition.

      As the past has shown, our present predicament has been largely caused by the indiscriminate scramble for wealth and power at the cost of the quality of human life the fair distribution of planetary wealth and resources. An evolving humanity, uplifted by the present evolutionary jump, is now coming together through vision, inspiration, devotion, and passion to create the channels for Spirit to flow into the world.

      The planetary cycle that started in August is intensifying the religious polarisation in the world and a major restructuring of the world economy.

      An opposition from Mars in Capricorn to Jupiter in Cancer brings the challenge of East and West into focus.

      The full Moon chart contains a Cardinal Grand Square involving the Sun, Jupiter, Mars and the Moon and a Grand Sextile. The Fire Grand Trine involves Pluto-Pallas, Juno and the Moon. The Air Grand Trine involves the Sun Neptune and Saturn. The large number of lunar aspects mean that the energies are experienced in an intense and powerful way, especially on the emotional level.

      The Cardinal Grand Square, when handled poorly, could lead to a situation fraught with inner tensions that trigger stressful situations. There is a sense of internal friction and pressure. The dynamic convergence of forces can bring extra spiritual fuel needed to focus in a new purpose and greater social awareness of perspective, balance and poise.

      It can also evoke antagonism and discord, becoming a vortex of negative energies. Much depends on the free will of Humanity. The cardinal nature increases the already impatient, vigorous energies and may stir us to quick and often poorly planned action. The tendency to start things without completing them requires the lesson of self-control, consistency and focus. Cooperation, keen planning and consideration of others are critical for ultimate success in fulfilling our objectives, avoiding the pitfalls of impetuous moves and bad timing.


      In the Air Grand Trine, the right use of will and power bring together the Plan. The Heart of the Sun demonstrates the focus of illumination, unveiling the true nature of the Soul, which is inclusive, creative, sustaining love. We have the chance to sacrifice separative aspects of the personality for the purpose of ascension and healing. Active intelligence fuses with spirit causing the mind to become a spritualised vehicle for the expression of Universal Consciousness, channelling the field of service in practical ways.

      The mental-creative energies of the Fire Grand Trine combine with emotions and feelings, bringing a fusion of intellect and emotion. This influence is bringing forth clear perception, intuition and expressing the Divine Feminine. The power of ideas to transform reality is manifested through the transmutation negative aspects of our mental expression and removing blocks to our creative expression. This brings the opportunity to work with others to produce creative group endeavour.

      The ascent of the Divine Feminine is balancing male-female polarities to produce harmony and cooperation.


      "Be ye transformed through the renewing of your mind."

      War is the externalisation of the unresolved war of dualities within the Self. Peace begins within.

      As above, so below

      The keynote for Libra is:

      "I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force."

      As we experience the Full Moon in Libra-Aries, Libra first invites us to rest awhile in the equilibrium of two opposing forces and acknowledge that within this balance there is an internal conflict. For in Libra we must choose one or learn the power of synthesis.

      Will justice or retribution prevail? Will the Soul of Humanity triumph over the personality?

      The first vision of the spiritual path is glimpsed and is identified as the ultimate goal of the Disciple. The path is the ‘razor-edged path between pairs of opposites’. The qualities of balancing, weighing values and achieving equilibrium between opposing forces are the gifts of Libran energy. In Libra we sight and begin to tread the Path. This requires the development of a sense of values, an understanding of the spiritual laws that govern us on Earth and the power to use our analytical skills. There is a seesaw experience that appears confusing as we seek to be entirely human, creating inner conflicts and forces that urge us towards our divinity.


      Libra holds the balance between East and West. As right relations develop between the Orient and the Occident, they are being achieved through Libra and the legal profession. The appreciation of law is destined to reach maturity in Libra becoming the custodian of ‘positive righteousness’ rather than merely an instrument of arbitrary enforcement.

      Peace and understanding has an avenue through Jupiter and Venus.

      Jupiter’s primary purpose is one of fusion. It is instrumental in blending the lesser dualities of head and heart, mind and love, in order to produce Wisdom. It is primary focus for the energies of the Ray of Love-Wisdom, and acts as a vehicle through which the Ray of Consciousness may externalise the Divine Plan in our solar system.

      The resolution of duality through synthesis in the evolutionary process brings the restless mind of the personality into a state of stability. This allows the mind to integrate the various aspects of the personality so that eventual Soul infusion is made possible and peace can be externalised.

      Venus is the focus of synthesis, the resolution of polarity and the blending quality which aids in the resolution of duality. It is the energy of Venus which promotes diplomacy and establishes Right Human Relations between all people and between nations. Venus’s great potency lies in its ability to bring about harmonious relationships within pairs of opposites, furthering creative manifestation on all levels.


      Libra is considered the New Year of the Soul Life and we can call upon our individual Souls for help and assistance. The following is a prayer that invokes the Soul's presence.

      This invocation is useful in times of stress and confusion. Each sound has a purpose and it is the sound that brings forth the manifestation. Each line calls forth three centres within our bodies which resonate with the Unified Field, bridging matter and Spirit. The invocation is followed by three Oms.

      I am the Soul.

      I am Light Divine.

      I am Love.

      I am Will.

      I am Fixed Design.

      Libra rules the interval between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages. The end of the twentieth century has seen Libra becoming ever more powerful in the planetary horoscope as Humanity (the World Disciple) prepares for initiation.



      *The Mayan Calendar


      Mayan-Pleiadian Cosmology, Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

      Hauk’in - Centre for Solar initiation - PO. Box 1351 Mt. Shasta CA 96067



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