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  • birdof@paradisenow.net
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2003
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      >Von: Karla Refojo [crefojo@...]
      >The planets are up to some very unusual stuff right now and for the next week. This kind of thing only happens every few millennia (the last time was 2400 years ago
      >Basically the time between from April 20th and May 15th or so is very auspicious and perhaps the most auspicious in this lifetime. The reason is that 5 planets (Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury & Venus) will be exalted together, and the 6th - the moon - will also be exalted in the beginning of May. In addition two planets from the Indian astrological system (Rahu and Ketu) are also exalted.
      >Whenever planets are exalted it's a good time to do things associated
      >with that planet's energies, but when all these major planets are
      >exalted...well...you get the picture. This time should be used to
      >start any new venture, business or home projects. Daunting and seemingly
      >impossible tasks can be accomplished using this auspicious time.
      >This planetary configuration will be at its absolute peak at around 3pm EDT on Friday, May 2nd. If you ever have any intention to perform any kind of focused intention, puja, yagna or any form of prayer, gratitude, or meditation, do it then... it won't come around like this again for a long time (like the year 4400 or so).
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