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re: Pam Young / Doreen Virtue extract

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  • birdof@paradisenow.net
    Hello again :-) someone posted this in reply to Pam and I will shamelessly copy him here...
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2003
      Hello again :-)

      someone posted this in reply to Pam and I will shamelessly copy him here...

      > Have you heard of Doreen Virtue, "Messages from Your Angels
      > What Your Angels Want You to Know"?
      > http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-handle-form/104-0065681-3834344
      > If you haven't heard of it, I urge you to, beg, borrow, steal, or
      > buy it. I find it a wonderful book. The author says that parts of
      > the book are the result of channeling of the Angels' words through
      > her. The difference in style between these parts of the book and
      > the other parts is truly remarkable.
      > I'd like to share with you, an extract from the book. I'm sure
      > the publishers (Hay House Inc) won't mind. When I first read this
      > introduction I was truly amazed. Anyway here it is.
      > --
      > Introduction - by the Angelic Realm
      > You who seek answers will find them, as you consult your own angels
      > while reading our words. We are those who are among you night and
      > day, and who steadfastly refuse to see you in any way except by the
      > holy light that burns within you. We are your unwavering friends,
      > your ceaseless companions, and your continuous comrades. We, your
      > angels, hover slightly above you only because we are unmired by
      > Earth's soiled viewpoints about existence. Where you may see
      > hopelessness, we always see hope. Where you may see ravaged scars,
      > we always see health. Where you may experience prolonged agaony,
      > we always see the way out of pain.
      > We are your champions, your allies, your greatest admirers, and
      > your dynamic coaches. We are your angels, and we shall love you
      > throughout eternity. How could it be any other way? Without love,
      > we would all cease to be. And since God's handiwork can never be
      > erased or confiscated, love can never diminish. And love, you
      > understand, is who you are. Your love is unwavering, like a steady
      > flame, undaunted by the wind around it. Your love is happiness, is
      > peace, is immortality, and is abundantly cared for.
      > You need not travel an arduous or treacherous journey to arrive
      > home. You are already there. All your needs are provided for, as
      > we seek to help you climb the wall to escape the products of your
      > own nightmares. We are in the self-made prison with you, urging
      > you to choose escape. We help you traverse the walls, and safely
      > transition to your realization of complete freedom -- freedom
      > from all worries, cares, and concerns ... if you so choose.
      > For some among you would choose otherwise, believing that pain
      > is inescapable. Or rather than pain is a necessary component to
      > this process that you call "life". Yet, we are here to testify
      > otherwise. That other choices can and do exist, and you can
      > simply erase the bad effects of other choices with your body
      > and mighty will. You, who are all-powerful, have this "escape
      > clause" scripted within your very being.
      > Pain is one means to grow -- yes, this is quite true. Yet, you
      > have heard us angels counsel you on other variables at your
      > disposal. For, ultimately, you are already "grown". You are the
      > product of Divine creation, and as such, you are already
      > completely formed in all ways. Your learning, then, is illusory.
      > "Learning" is actually "unlearning", where you forget your ego
      > established ideas. You lessen the pull of the ego, and gradually
      > replace its lens with that of your higher self. You grow by
      > unlearning the ego's perilous thought system and recalling your
      > Divine origin. Do you need pain to unlearn this, when pain is
      > the ego's primary creation? Surely, you witness the circular
      > reasoning that the ego uses to keep you fascinated with its
      > growth loop. Nothing can permeate the ego's defense system, and
      > your escape is merely to step away and remember love.
      > Divine love always has been, and always will be, the answer that
      > you seek. No matter what form it comes packaged in, this fact is
      > inescapable. Nor would you want to escape love's holiness, and
      > its pristine appreciation for who you truly are. Here is the
      > all-encompassing womb you have been seeking. Here is the holy
      > kiss and embrace that you crave. Here is the soulmate of all
      > soulmates: It is your own Divine love.
      > Learn then, through unlearning mistakes in consciousness that
      > formerly told you about mistakes in your creation. Grow, also,
      > through recalling your holy origin. Learn and grow gently,
      > through unlearning pain and remembering love, and you shall
      > unravel the entanglements that once snared you. Let not one
      > more moment slip by without an awareness of the pulsating love
      > that beats steadily within you like a drum's rhythms, perfectly
      > synchronized with God's outpouring of joy.
      > You are God's greatest triumph, and as you revel in your
      > recovered awareness of this plain fact, allow us angels to slip
      > off all layers of painful soot collected through your travels.
      > Allow us to dust away sad memories and unpleasant journeys.
      > Your new aspects await you, as graceful as a ballarina, as
      > gentle as a lily pad, and as secure as any fortress. You are
      > home, you are safe, and you are loved. Now and always.
    • luvpotion121
      This message from the Angels is pure manna. Thank you for sending it Ulla. I hope Pam will feel strength and renewal. Love to all, Polly
      Message 2 of 2 , May 1, 2003
        This message from the Angels is pure manna.
        Thank you for sending it Ulla. I hope Pam will feel strength and

        Love to all,
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