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~*~ Re: Hi Mystic Ambrosia ~*~

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  • *~ MyStiC AmBrOsiA ~*
    ~*~ MyStiC AmBrOsiA Wrote: ~*~*~*~ Hi Ross...! You are so right~on the button...! Way too much time glued to the internet~computer... I had to have a break and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2003
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      ~*~ MyStiC AmBrOsiA Wrote:

      ~*~*~*~ Hi Ross...! You are so right~on the button...!
      Way too much time glued to the internet~computer... I
      had to have a break and DO somethings Actively for the
      cause of Universal Peace... instead of spending so
      much time forwarding posts on the violently insane and
      corrupt Prez Bush and company... I forwarded tons of
      informative posts... now ACTION from out spiritual
      core is urgent for us all so attuned... We who Know...
      have to Educate and help Awaken others... or else
      devastation and holocaust will engulf our entire
      Mother Earth and ALL of Her Creatures~Innocents...! {
      I will still forward informative posts... but balance
      in life in needed for me now}

      My health was going downhill fast and I needed
      reflective walks in nature, much meditation and
      exercise...also my apartment is going to be inspected
      by my landlady and the government housing agency on
      May 7th ...and sooo much needs to be done...! I had my
      carpet truck~mounted steam cleaned... and I need to
      get other repairs done around here...such as a working
      garbage disposal... when that is not working I cannot
      use my kitchen sink...the water won't go down. I am
      uneasy about the hard~nosed coldness around here
      lately from the "matainence crew", my landlady and
      also some violent cat hating insane man who lives here
      and who is threatening the lives of my cats and
      myself...he says all cats are demonic and cats are the
      temple of satan and that my cats have been scratching
      his car and he will kill them and that I and my cats
      are evil {my cats never go outside}. This man is
      always red in the face and roaring~screaming and
      saying how he loves to murder...! He says he spies on
      me through my windows and will shoot my cats through
      the window and possible shoot me through the eye...!
      He sits around also in my landlady's office and hangs
      around with the maintainence crew. So many are going
      over to the "dark side"... the USA has become this
      kind of place under the Bush administration

      Many people are catching this insanity and cruel
      violent hatred...the USA has become the major
      Planetary Evil attracting many evil entities to urge
      on evil people to horrendous acts...! Ross... we must
      be the exact opposite... embodiments of deep spiritual
      Peace... Divine Love... Loving Service ... Wisdom...
      Helping to Awaken others to their Highest Spiritual
      Nature... The arrogant, immoral and selfish consumer
      greed of the America masses manifested Bush and his
      cohorts and their mentality type as our USA
      president..it is the mass Karma of America...this has
      to be Changed and Transformed... and it is the
      responsibility of we who are of Peace and deep
      meditation and loving universal Oneness and
      Sacredredness of ALL Life... we have to help Awaken
      and Educate others... or we are not embodying what we
      are here for... and we will have let down all of the
      Innocents ~ All Creatures ~ Trees ~ Mother Earth and
      the Spiritual Nature of ALL...! I wish we could ALL
      meet together... and start a spiritual voluntary
      simplicity community of organic vegans working for
      Peace and Spiritual Illumination for ALL Beings...

      Yummie... your veggie vegan feast sounds so good...!

      Ross...my dear friend and brother... have you gone to
      Peace Pilgrim's website...? I highly urge Everyone to
      do so...! Read her entire book online "Peace Pilgrim:
      Her Life And Work In Her Own Words"...and you can also
      call the phone number of the Peace Pilgrim office
      given on the website and they will send you FREE this
      entire spiritually illumined Book that Peace Pilgrim
      wrote from her journal just before her death. They
      will also sent you along with this awesome inspiring
      book, the pamphlet "Steps To Inner Peace" by Peace
      Pilgrim..... all FREE...! Please do call and ask them
      for these...! Here is the link:


      {{{{{{{{{Love Light & Peace Hugs My Brother!}}}}}}}}}

      ~*~*~*~*~*~ MyStiC AmBrOsiA ~*~*~*~*~*~



      ~*~ Ross Dogus Wrote:

      --- rossdogus <rossdogus@...>

      > Hey Mystic Ambrosia, are you ok? Haven't had alot of
      > time myself. Have
      > been super busy covering with survival type stuff
      > which is good because
      > I really need to keep everything here secure
      > especially for the puppers.

      > Am figuring you kinda have the blues and needed a
      > break after putting so
      > much energy out and then sometimes it seems like
      > it's to no avail.
      > Anyway, just hoping you're ok.
      > love, light and peace
      > Ross
      > P.S. just made up some asparagus, broccoli,
      > jalapeno, onion and "garden
      > burger" vegie meatball spagetti. Wow, did it ever
      > come out good.

      *ALL IS ONE~MAGICK!*Ambrosial Infinite!*Love All Creatures!*Be Vegan!*
      * ALL IS THAT Supreme Ambrosial Infinite Light ~ Pure Consciousness Which Shines As The Immortal Inmost Essence And Fabric Of ALL That Exists And Beyond! * THAT In Which ALL Universes Seen And Unseen Exist And Dissolve & In Which ALL Gods & Creatures Enjoy Their Respective Powers... THAT am I *

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