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~*~ 'Beginner's Method' For Improving Mind, Body and Life ~*~

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    ~*~*~ `Beginner s Method` For Improving Mind. Body and Life ~*~*~ ... This is a forwarded message {MysticAmbrosia333 is not the author} (This is perhaps the
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      ~*~*~ `Beginner's Method` For Improving Mind. Body and Life ~*~*~

      This is a forwarded message {MysticAmbrosia333 is not the author}

      (This is perhaps the easiest effective method of it's kind
      avaiable free to beginners all over the World)

      I would like to share a very simple and easy
      `Beginner's method' which has given promising results
      in improving Mind, Body and Relationships. The trials
      with this method were conducted on a wide cross
      section of people over last 2 years. See the benefits
      being derived from this method at the end of this post.

      No training is required for practicing it. You can
      start just after reading this post.

      I personally found remarkable results from this
      method. I shared with many others and they were also
      able to gain significantly. Unexpectedly some people
      reported relief from some health problems.

      I have no services or products to sell. My motive is only
      to share a very easy but effective method which any
      person can practice at home without any training.

      I am 60 years and retired as Deputy General Manger
      (Engineering ) in a large paper mill in India. Now I am
      living in Rensselaer USA.

      This method is a pre-school version of the rigorous
      method developed by the great Budha 2500 years
      back. There have been many such methods, books,
      teachers and trining institutions since thousands of years.
      But only a small precentage (may be 10 % by optimistic
      estimate) have been able to utilize these methods in
      their life time. Great majority of population have not
      even touched such powerful methods all through
      history and suffered unnecessariiy. Even the few who
      make a beginning with some proven method, are seen
      to stop practice of the method they have learnt sincerely
      and lose whatever they gained initially. Why?

      One reason is - the mountains of negative thoughts
      accumulated and reinforced by repetition in the mind
      over a long period. Another is - the methods are too
      demanding for beginners to even dare to make a
      beginning. They are not tailor made to attract the
      beginnres and give them a quick taste of the benefits
      so that they sustain the practice. Lastly it is because of
      the inherrent resistance of the mind of a human being
      to any change in habits of thinking and behaving.

      The simplified `Beginner's method' is purposely made
      simple and easy. It is completely flexible. It
      enables any person make a humble beginning and
      keep the practice going, at one's own sweet will. It
      gives concrete benefits soon after starting the
      practice. Thus it motivates one to continue the
      practice in some fashion or other and continue to
      gain benefits all through life.

      It certainly makes any person a better human being -
      mentally, physically and in improving relationships.

      I am trying to spread this uniquely simple method and
      effective method to as many people as possible during
      my life time. My web site:
      ` http://www.geocities.com/suryamchenna ' detailing
      the development and rationale behind this method
      has gained some recognition over last 1 ½ years.
      This site is ranked # 1 by Google for the search words
      - controlling the mind - among 996,000 pages selected.
      It is recognized as one of the New age meditaions in
      Open Directory.

      Some persons who gained concrete benefits from it are
      propagating it as a service to others. About 12000
      copies of the abstract of this method have been
      sponsored by the beneficiaries of this method and
      distributed to public so far.

      The principle of the `Beginner's method'
      The `mind' wanders very often without concentrating
      on what we see, hear or do. Thoughts about past
      events or future likely ones continuously jump into
      our mind without invitation or permission. They distort
      our correct understanding of present situations and
      people. This leads to avoidable difficulties in all
      aspects of life. The easy `Beginners' method' improves
      mental concentration benefiting Mind, Body and
      Relationships remarkably.

      In this method, one has to mentally concentrate
      on the concrete sensation of coolness one feels indide
      the nose whenever breath goes in. It can be practiced
      for brief periods any time, any where, in any posture ?
      while lying in bed waiting for sleep, when sleep is
      broken, soon after waking up, while walking,
      doing any work.?so on as explained later.

      The main features of the method are here.

      Easy method for Beginners!
      Do it at any time !

      Any place or posture is OK!

      Combine it with any other process already being
      practiced. This will surely add strength to it.

      Need not spend time, effort, or money!

      Does not need training or guidance. Just reading
      this abstract is enough to start the practice at home

      You will feel convincing benefits even with
      casual practice.

      Scientific Proof of improvement:
      Take a close up photo of your face when you
      begin this method.

      Take again after 6 months of casual practice of this
      method and compare the two photos.

      Your face now looks more bright, healthy, peaceful
      and smiling. Far better than before! For sure!

      Is is not said " the face is an index of the mind? "


      Beginner's method
      The breath process goes on all the time. Engaging
      the mind in feeling breath, is the essence of this

      Every time breath goes in, you can feel slight
      coolness inside the nose.

      Feel this coolness repeatedly.

      Let the breath go in and out naturally ? slow or fast.
      Do not try to change it.

      Mentally count every time you feel the coolness.
      1-2-3-4?so on.

      After some time, the mind wanders and counting stops.
      Don't worry, it is quite natural.

      Count the ingoing breaths again from 1.

      As simple as this !
      Now close our eyes and enjoy the
      coolness of a few ingoing breaths.


      When to practice?
      Begin in the easiest possible way one can imagine!

      Begin the new practice of counting of breaths when lying in
      bed trying for sleep. You will get sound sleep quickly.
      You will feel fresh on waking up.

      Try to fee the coolness of ingoing breaths a few times as
      soon as you wake up. You will become more fresh and be
      cheerful whole day.

      You will get used to counting breaths in about 2 months.
      Then stop counting! Just feel the coolness of ingoing breath.

      Feel this coolness any where, any time - at home,
      office, walking, exercising, traveling, waiting,
      listening, watching TV or computer, when tired or
      angry ?so on.

      Does not matter if you forget about breath for some
      hours, days or even weeks. Progress made is not lost.
      Start again when you remember about the coolness.

      Benefits being enjoyed by practicing this method

      Quick and sound sleep every day *
      (Works like magic for getting sleep, attracting many
      towrds this method. Chronic sleep difficulties also

      Mental tension eliminated *
      (able to work hard and long without tension)

      Self-confidence improved

      Uncontrolled anger eliminated *
      (people famous for their short temper at home or
      work wonder where it has gone!)

      Patience improved

      Relationships improved *
      (some cases of dramatic improvement of relationships
      between spouses living unhappily for decades reported)

      Fresh and energetic all the day

      Mental concentration improved (*)
      (reported by soft ware programmers)

      Postponing habit reduced

      Unwanted thoughts reduced *
      ( many cases of control over obsessive thoughts
      causing tension reported. Need not be under tyranny of
      troublesome thoughts any more)

      Over weight reduced *
      ( 3 cases of sustained reduction of weight due to
      self control over excess eating reported)

      Face become bright, healthy, peaceful and smiling *
      (invariably seen in all practitioners after
      6 -9 months of practicing for a few minutes
      before sleep, lying in bed. A photo before and
      after 6 months of starting this method will prove it
      beyond doubt)

      Health Problems relieved as a bonus!
      High Blood Pressure *
      ( many cases of daily dose of medicine
      reduced to half dose once in 3-4 days as well as
      great relief from anxiety)

      Migraine headache *
      (One case of weeekly suffering for 30 years
      cured completely. 3 more cases of 80 -100 %
      sustained relief)

      Smoking addiction *
      (One case of 30 cigarettes a day reduced to 5
      per day over 8 months solely because of
      practice of this method. Many cases of drastic
      reduction. One case of developing aversion to
      smoking. )

      ( one case of stammering for 40 years cured.
      Two cases of eliminating halting speech reported)

      Nervous shaking of hands


      High sugar problem
      ( two cases of slight reduction of sugar after 9-12
      months of practice of this method in blood reported

      (some cases reported)

      ( one person under medication for depression for
      7 years completely cured in 4 months. He has been
      off medication for last 6 months and feeling fine)

      (*) Star marked benefits have been reported by many
      people giving high confidence of the effectiveness of this
      method for such problems.

      Enjoy Life with your mind under your control
      After 6 to 9 months of frequent practice during many
      mentally idle moments in a day, the mind comes on it's own
      to enjoy coolness of breath. It also likes to feel breath when
      feeling tension.Your Mind and Body get relaxed even while

      What a wonderful change in a mind used to perputual
      wandering beyond any control!

      Very few negative thoughts enter or continue in the
      mind. Instead, positive thoughts will dominate. This
      leads to better actions, achievements and


      You can know the power of this method only by
      trying it. You can try it today a few times while in bed
      trying for sleep. Also a few times when you wake up
      but not feeling like getting off the bed.

      After you settle down in this method you will realize
      the untapped power of your own mind. It lays a
      strong foundation for any other advanced mental
      practice. Plenty of techniques are readily available these
      days - books, teachers and institutions.

      If you stick on to this method even without regularity
      you will feel a great difference.

      Training your mind with this easy method and enjoying
      a happy and successful life is in your own hands.

      Good luck and God bless all those who try this method!

      C S Rao


      An appeal:
      When you gain some benefit by practicing this method,
      share this abstract with your family, friends, colleagues
      and business associates.

      =E-mail them the web site address.
      =Download the 2 page abstract (in MSWORD) from the
      web site and forward it.
      =Make bulk copies of the downloaded abstract and
      regularly display in schools, colleges, hospitals,
      libraries, reception centers, religious centers and
      such places in your city for people to pick it up
      on their own. The cost is negligible for the life
      long benefits many will gain.

      Thank you !

      ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ MyStiC AmBrOsiA ~*~*~*~*~*~*~


      http://profiles.yahoo.com/MysticAmbrosia333 {See My Groups & Links!}
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