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  • birdof@paradisenow.net
    Hi, here is something interesting: there s a website called http://www.goodworksonearth.org owned by William Schive (who creates palindromes among other
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      here is something interesting: there's a website called http://www.goodworksonearth.org owned by William Schive (who creates palindromes among other things).

      He "was so moved by the article "Every Child, Every Bomb" that he sent out an edited (enlarged) version of it to his email list at http://www.goodworksonearth.org.

      As Marilyn from The Healing circle writes, "William Schive is "a friend of mine who takes words/names/etc. and makes new words out of them according to Linda Goodman's 1987 book "Star Signs". Almost every word tells the story of a person's life by making the words from the person's name, etc. William Schive is the owner [of http://www.goodworksonearth.org] and I'd appreciate it if you'd check out his website and the name arts, start arts, etc. It is amazing."

      Below is William Schive's version of Every Child, Every Bomb by Terry D. Kester and other (mostly related) articles.


      P. S. Don't you just love his copyright notice:

      "All Rights ReServed World Wise
      All Wrongs ReVersed World Wiser"


      >Subject: Name Art of LESLEY STAHL, Every child in the world is paying the price of every bomb dropped by our USA on the Nation of Iraq, BUY NOTHING EASTER WEEKEND, you be the Corporate Rape Cop - StarLightning News Flashes from Good Works On Earth - Copyright 2003

      > Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 16:58:19 -0800
      > From: "William F. Schive" <lexigram@...>
      > To: lexigram@...
      > *
      > * This is Good Works On Earth's message of
      > * Three Twenty Eight Two Thousand Three
      > *
      >** Main Attraction : the Name Art of LESLEY STAHL
      > *** http://www.goodworksonearth.org/lesleystahl.html
      > *****
      > ********
      > **************
      > **********************
      > ************************************
      > Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth
      >We have received the following information and now share with you.
      >We have editied here and there to make it more easily readable and applicable to our specific mailing list.
      >You can make the calls for peace. We have made it easy, below.
      >If you don't like the USA dropping bombs and napalm, make the calls.
      > by Terry D. Kester
      >Every time a 2000 lb. bomb is dropped and explodes in Baghdad,
      >every time, with every bomb, all of the babies and the children
      >within a 1000 meter radius bleed from the ears.
      >Every time. Every bomb. Every child. Every day. Every night. Every bomb. (and yes, adults too).
      >They bleed from the ears because of the horrible, horrible pressure
      >created by the explosion.
      >They bleed from the ears because this sudden burst of horror and
      >noise and pressure causes a horrible, painful imbalance in intracranial
      >pressure, in the fluid within the skull that surrounds the brain.
      >The baby cries and keeps crying - the pain continues and continues
      >and continues and then another bomb explodes.
      >The mother of the baby cries too. She cries because of her fear, and
      >because of her pain and because she can't comfort her baby. She can't
      >even feed her baby because her teats are dry. Because of her trauma,
      >because of the bombs, her breasts stop producing milk.
      >And the father cries too. Cries because of his pain, his bleeding ears
      >and because he is powerless, he is a man and he is powerless to
      >protect his wife and his children, powerless against the armada of
      >bomb after bomb after bomb.
      >This is what "shock and awe" is.
      > Inserted link : http://www.goodworksonearth.org/shockandawe.html
      >This is the "liberation" that Bush speaks of.
      > Inserted link :
      >Who is the axis of evil? Who is creating evil?
      >Who are the terrorists?
      >We are the ones with the weapons of mass destruction and we are the
      >ones using the weapons of mass destruction in this techno-nihilistic
      >war, this Wolfowitz War that this weak, foolish man, President Bush, has
      >brought us in my name, in your name!
      >Call NBC, CBS, FOX and CNN) and simply ask them to tell us about
      >the people of Iraq, the children, the REAL results of the bombing,
      >to stop telling us just the "military POV", to stop the cheerleading,
      >to stop using the euphemisms for killing. (support for ABC).
      >Ask for the vice president of news.
      >CNN 404-827-1500
      >NBC 212-664-4444 Tom Brokaw 212-664-4214
      >CBS 212-975-4321 Dan Rather 212-975-6677
      >FOX 212-452-5555
      >ABC 212-456-4001 Peter Jennings 212-887-4874
      >Today, every day, with every bomb, call the white house at
      >202-456-1414 and tell them to stop this war, to stop it.
      >This is the white house switchboard number.
      >They will cut you off or switch you to the comment line.
      >Leave your comment. Call this number because a person will
      >answer, call again and again and jam their damn phone lines.
      >Be courteous when you connect with another human on that phone
      >Call the Majority Leader of the Senate - 202 -224-3135
      >Call the Minority Leader of the Senate - 202- 224-5556
      >Call the Speaker of the House - 202-225-0600
      >Call the Minority Leader of the House - 202-225-0100
      >Call your Senator and your Representative -
      >Their Capitol switchboard number is - 202-224-3121
      >6 calls a day - 12 minutes of your time.
      >Call their local offices near you.
      >3) Get your organization, every peace organization, to spread the word
      >to create a massive boycott, a huge boycott, a strike for Easter,
      >the time of awakenings and healings and ascensions of awareness.
      >On Easter weekend, starting with Good Friday, April 18th ....
      >No movie tickets, no restaurant dinners, no gasoline, no soft drinks,
      >There is shock and awe across the land for the corporate rapists.
      >Next, stop buying any product that is made by corporations
      >raping Mother Earth and her living creatures, including us!
      >The only country that has used chemical weapons of mass destruction
      >in Shock and Awe is the United States. We have already used napalm.
      >Remember, we used chemical weapons of mass destruction in the
      >beautiful country of South Vietnam? Remember the lies told to us
      >by our 'leaders' during the Vietnam 'War?'
      >The following is from Congressman Dennis Kucinich :
      >"This Administration has never made its case for war against Iraq.
      > It is an unjustified war, which the Administration continues to
      > misrepresent and exaggerate. The most recent example is the
      > Administration's characterization of international coalition support
      > for this war."
      > "This morning, President Bush once again exaggerated the extent
      > of support for the war stating that the coalition of countries
      > supporting this war is larger than the 1991 Gulf War. What Bush
      > failed to mention was that back in 1991, all of the 34 coalition
      > members offered military force, by contributing troops on the
      > ground, aircraft, ships or medics. "
      > "This war involves the troops of only the U.S., Britain, Australia,
      > Poland and Albania. Not even the three members of the Security
      > Council that support the war, Spain, Italy, and Bulgaria are
      > committing military support."
      > "This Bush Administration has been adding coalition member to
      > their list based on statements of �moral� support. As the Washington
      > Post reported last week, if this type of criteria was used back in
      > 1991, the size of the coalition would likely have topped 100 countries."
      > "Further, the total cost of the Gulf War to the United States was around
      > $4 billion dollars. This time, the President has come to Congress
      > requesting a $75 billion bill, all of which will be paid by U. S.
      > taxpayers. Clearly, military and economic support from countries is
      > far more important than statements of 'well-wishes'."
      > "This war must end now. It was unjust when it started last week, and
      > is still unjust today. The U.S. should get out now and try to save the
      > lives of American troops and Iraqi citizens. Most importantly, ending
      > the war now and resuming weapons inspections could salvage world opinion
      > of the United States, which has been deteriorating since the talk of war
      > began. After all, the greatest threat to the United States at this time
      > is terrorism, which is breeding from this war."
      > Just one more Bush lie, that last link is.
      >Have you heard about Oregon's Life in Prison for Prostesting Law?
      > Oh thank God for patriots!
      > How can we have freedom if
      > people insist on using those
      > freedoms? That's the
      > question that Oregon State
      > Senator John Minnis has
      > pondered and his solution is
      > life imprisonment for war
      > protestors. According to the
      > Democrat-Herald, Minnis
      > original bill "would have
      > broadened the definition of
      > "terrorist" to include anyone
      > who disrupts government
      > business, public gatherings
      > or highway traffic.
      > "The vague definition
      > included most peaceful acts
      > of civil disobedience and
      > attached a steep price:
      > Those convicted would face a
      > mandatory life sentence
      > without the possibility of
      > parole, a fate generally
      > reserved for the most
      > heinous murderers."
      > Minnis' orginal proposal has
      > been amended so that it
      > would affect anyone who
      > intentionally causes the
      > death of another - kind of like
      > the laws that already exist
      > against murder. The bill is
      > opposed by both the ACLU
      > and local law enforcement,
      > who probably don't need the
      > extra headaches.
      > It's amazing to me still that
      > someone would think life
      > imprisonment is an
      > appropriate punishment for
      > disagreeing with this
      > country's foreign policy.
      > Remember: dissent - it's not
      > America without it.
      > 1:04:30 AM 03-27-2003
      >Source page : http://blogs.salon.com/0001196/
      >The miracles are the tiniest things so small folks pass them by
      > without coment or gratitude.
      >The miracles are so large folks walk right into them, then say,
      > 'Excuse me,' walking on their way, unawares of the strangers
      > they pass by as 'just another stranger.'
      >The miracles are everywhere in every size and shape and occurence.
      >Ongoing gratefulness for all allows the eyes to see in peace these
      > miracles ongoing in the nowments.
      >At anytime you find yoursElf in any kind of difficulty whatsoever,
      >mental or physical or emotional or even soufu l .... or .....
      >at anytime you become overwhelmed with joyful, tearful Love
      >in the seeings of these miracles ... and you find yoursElf falling
      >on the floor in tears of joy, you can do somple things for composure:
      >Recall ~ I HEAL I IN AN INHALE ~ as you ....
      >Breathe in quietly, with the full awareness of Love is the only energy
      >powering all energies ...
      >Imagine your heartlight glowing bright ...
      >Go about your business.
      >Works every time.
      >while you slowly inhale
      >seeing your heart light glowing brightly
      >feeling gratitude truly felt
      > You can forgo the aspirin.
      >Those four keys, in any order of doing, work magic.
      >We are awakening and healing America. Pass the healings, please.
      >Thank you for being aboard The StarLightning Express.
      >My prayer for Christopher :
      >"Christopher William Samples comes home to his
      >mother's lap so the two are with peace with their hearts.
      >So be it.
      >So it is."
      >Just as Elizabeth Ann Smart is now sharing her tale of healings,
      >so too will Christopher return home to his mother.
      >Notes from previous messages :
      > Have you gone here yet?
      > http://www.adbusters.org/campaigns/boycott_america/
      > Go to the boycott and you will see the numbers have arisen dramatically.
      > DRAMATIC ALLY ... Your dollar vote or veto in all spendings.
      > Dramatically so.
      > Subscribe to the Forest Voice
      > http://www.forestcouncil.org/
      >I wish to make one more point before ending this sharing ...
      >If you visit Arianna Huffington's writing on the corporate folks and
      >their doings, you will see she offers a way to
      >solve these things ... with your dollar vote. She points out that our
      >current fellow in the Oval Office says, we are
      >either with him, or against him.
      >Okay, I am against his ways, and his cutting of diplomacy, and killing
      >of innocent people in the name of his brush
      >wars, his sea wars and his Kabul wars and I pray he never initiantes his
      >Korea wars .. though, we now know Mr.
      >Bush is capable of doing so.
      >Arianna Huffington suggested a way that we could show Mr. Bush whether
      >or not we are with him, or against him.
      >It is what she called a straight up or straight down vote.
      > http://www.goodworksonearth.org/ariannahuffingtoncorporatewarhawks.html
      >The 16th Amendment was never ever ratified.
      >The tax system of this country is voluntary.
      >Will you continue to pay for this pentagonism that has crushed us under
      >murderous products and killed innocent
      >folks in so many countries, put us into ungodly debt, and is decimating
      >our children's future?
      >Mr. Bush now has our government taking your earnings and giving them to
      >a religion you might not support. Yes, I
      >know, they say it goes only for food and such things folks need to
      >live. Yes, I know, they say the money does not go
      >to further the religious programmings.
      >Read Arianna Huffington's article .... then vote.
      > http://www.goodworksonearth.org/ariannahuffingtoncorporatewarhawks.html
      >I Love America.
      >I Love Americans who have Love in their heart.
      >I forgive Americans who have hate in their heart.
      >I empower the first however I can.
      >I give no power whatsoever to those who hate and kill in 'my name.'
      >I am an American, and proud of it.
      >I have sent our work to five presidents, I have sent my work direct to
      >the Director of the Secret Service, to
      >Congressmen, Senators and other world leaders. I have mailed our work
      >to Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti and other
      >world leaders in the interest of peace. The Secret Service knows who I
      >am, I have shared this work with them.
      >They know I am no threat to the President of the United States. The IRS
      >knows who I am, I have been off the tax
      >rolls since 1986 personally, and I have been the cause of Good Works On
      >Earth attaining approvals of that agency
      >to operate in the world with their tax-exempt status. The highest level
      >of the Internal Revenue Service knows who
      >we are at Good Works On Earth.
      >These folks and their institutional records know that while we might
      >rail against the policies of this country at this
      >time, our best intentions are favorable to America, as are our actions.
      >In this, I have great peace, and hope. I am alive, doing the work. If
      >this were truly a dictatorship, these folks would
      >have quietly killed me by now and you would have never known about it.
      >Now, if we can just get rid of corporately directed psychological
      >programming in our schools (including the banning
      >of their pHARMaceutical drugs being forced upon our children) and
      >pentagonism in our societal solutions, we will
      >make this a heaven on earth without religions with mad god dogma's and
      >doctrines tied to sin is in one.
      >Peace Be
      >Will I Am
      >Keeper of the Words Sword
      >Good Works On Earth
      >a 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation performing our namesake
      > ~~~~~~~~~~~
      > NO RAW WAR ON
      > Letter Perfect Palindrome
      > Copyright 2003 goodworksonearth.org
      > Please feel free to share these five lines freely
      > Please keep all five lines unchanged in the sharing
      > ~~~~~~~~~~~
      > KNOW BUSH'S
      > KNOW WARS
      > It is in the soundings, and the spellings.
      > Our language is sacred
      > Those four words were inspired by Richard Wiget of Delta9.
      > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > Visit the Star Art of ARMAGEDDON
      > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > Yeshua ben Joseph is reported to have said,
      > "The power of life and death are in the tongue."
      > Visit us at :
      > http://www.goodworksonearth.org/
      >Please share this message with any you know are of a Loving heart and
      >who can claim peace is real despite the lies still extant upon Mother
      >Earth with a few of her clans and tribes and religions.
      >nota bene :Every soul upon Mother Earth is of a Loving heart ... some
      >still do not know this and so they still dramatically act their liar dramas.
      > Hear the news with Lesley Stahl
      > Search Good Works On Earth's web site
      > Human searched research search engine
      >To subscribe to the Good Works On Earth mailing list :
      >Say the word : lexigram@...
      >Include a note letting us know how you found us.
      >To be removed from these maiilings,
      >simply reply using the words remove or unsubscribe in your reply.
      >Swifter than an omega pison you will be hestory re our mailings
      >while we wish you peace upon the paths of your friendships.
      >Double Pun.
      >Just in case you hadn't noticed.
      >Say the word : lexigram@...
      >Include a note letting us know why, if you will.
      >We are not perfect and your feedback may change things for the better
      >And remember to dance a bit now and then, even a little jig.
      >You might say we are the Dancing Fools at :
      > Good Works On Earth
      > Copyright Two Thousand Three
      > All Rights ReServed World Wise
      > All Wrongs ReVersed World Wiser
      > Posting date : 03-28-2003
      >This full message can be shared with this link :
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